Peter King praises Tannehill

If you missed Peter King's Monday Morning QB column then you missed his praise of Ryan Tannehill. Here is what Peter had to say about the young Miami QB

10. Another young quarterback's adjusting to the league quickly. Remember when the draftniks said it'd be a smart idea for whoever picked the inexperienced Ryan Tannehill to stash him on the bench for a full season so he could learn the position better? What you see in Tannehill now, after a two-week stretch in which Miami lost in overtime at Arizona and won at Cincinnati, is a confident player who doesn't get flustered when the pocket breaks down -- as it did under pressure from Michael Johnson and Geno Atkins Sunday in Cincinnati.

The rookie out of Texas A&M has been a 64 percent passer in the two games, and you can see he doesn't get jittery when he feels pressure. "It's not that complicated,'' he said from Cincinnati after the 17-13 Miami win. "I'm just getting more comfortable as the weeks go on. What I was happy about today was I was able to make some good checks at the line [audibles], and I like the fact we made good decisions.''

The best decision by Miami may have been trusting Tannehill with a big job.