Looking Ahead

The Bye Week of the NFL season is usually where fans can take a deep breath, see exactly what has gone on with their team thus far, and what to look at going forward. The Dolphins at 3-3 have the fan base excited and optimistic as we have been pleasantly surprised to this point. The Dolphins are in a 4 way tie for first place in the AFC East and you can't help but cautiously think about our chances to make the playoffs. A lot of work needs to be done before being a realistic contender in the playoff picture, but for the fun of it lets look ahead to the remaining schedule.

At first glance, there are only 3 games where if we are honest with ourselves we appear to be outmatched. They are the two games remaining with the Patriots and the one at San Francisco against the 49ers. Aside from those three games the home games remaining are against the Titans, Seahawks, Jaguars and Bills. That Seahawks game could be tougher than we first imagined but certainly a winnable one at that. The road games would be at Jets, at Colts, and at Bills. The Dolphins have a punchers chance in all these games especially if they do not turn the ball over. Watching this team as we all do we can also not rule out the possibility of  losing some of these games that they should win.

So what does this all mean? Well most likely nothing because the NFL is a week to week league and so many things change. If the Dolphins continue to build on their strengths and improve in the areas of concern they will be in every one of these games over the 10 weeks remaining after the bye. The improvement of an already blossoming Ryan Tannehill will play a major role in the fate of this team, as will the health of Reggie Bush, the teams biggest home run hitter.

In my opinion, the bye week has come at the perfect time. This week off will allow some nagging injuries to heal(Bush, Marshall to name two) and will enable the coaching staff some extra preparation for what can be a season turning game against the Jets next week.

So what do you think?


  1. I think the Dolphins might pull out four more wins, though more likely only three. The Jets in NJ will be a loss, the Colts have the better rookie QB in a passing league, Titans are a mess (W), Bills will be a split for the season, Hawks-Pats-49'ers = L-L-L, Jags are a W and then you have another L (remember I'm splitting the Bills). That won't fly for the playoffs and it's pretty much the same old Dolphins.


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