My Disdain For Jet Fans...And My Prediction

I'm not going to sugar coat this...I hate the Jets. I hate the Jets and their stinking fans. Jets fans are the biggest assholes in the sports world, and if you've ever been to a Dolphins Vs Jets game in Miami, you know what I am talking about. My first experience with Jet fans was at the 1982 AFC Championship game. Most opposing fans I have come into contact with are at least somewhat cordial. Sure there is ribbing back and forth, but most are cordial, even in a loss. Not Jet fans. They are the most vulgar, ignorant, loudmouthed fans I have ever met.

They also pout better than just about any other fan base. In that 1982 AFC title game, when AJ Duhe intercepted a Richard Todd pass and ran it in for a TD to seal the game, it was like they vanished into thin air. There wasn't a Jet fan to be found. I was thrown out of the Orange Bowl twice for fighting. Care to guess who the Dolphins were playing on those 2 occasions? These 2 teams and their fans truly hate each other and that is something that will likely never change.

OK, on to today's game. In the first meeting between these two teams, we all know the Dolphins outplayed and should have beaten the Jets. The normally reliable Dan Carpenter missed a FG in the 4th quarter and another in overtime. The big difference between that game and this? The Dolphins won't have to deal with Santonio Holmes on defense or Darrelle Revis on offense. The weather will be a big factor in this game too with rain and windy conditions expected. I think this will come down to who can run the ball and who can defend against the run. And I think the Dolphins will do better in both departments. It will be a low scoring game, and Dan Carpenter will make up for his misses in the previous game.......

Miami 13  NY Jets 10