A Win Over the Titans is a Must

The Dolphins sit at 4-4, and listed under the “In the hunt” category on every broadcast that lists the very fluid playoff situation. The Dolphins are playing meaningful games a lot deeper into the season than many “experts” predicted. Now that this team has put itself in position to contend for a playoff spot, it is o.k. to raise your expectations a little as a Dolphins fan in my opinion. If you are of the same mind set, a win this Sunday is a must.

 The Titans come in at 3-6  and have lost 2 games in a row. The Dolphins are coming home for a game for the first time in about a month looking to feed off the energy of their home crowd. All the signs would indicate that the Dolphins should win this game. As any Dolphins fan can tell you, those sometimes are the most dangerous.

 Let’s be honest, the Titans do have weapons that ordinarily cause problems for the Dolphins, one of which is a speedy receiver in Nate Washington. Jake Locker can also make plays with his feet and is mobile which also creates problems for the Dolphins defense. All that being said, the Dolphins need to and should win this game. When you look at the Dolphins schedule, and as I have written about previously, this is one they have to have in order to contend for the playoffs. This is not a mystery. There are some tough games on the horizon, and next week at Buffalo on a short week is going to present an issue as well. The season can get away from the Dolphins in a hurry if they are not careful. Reggie Bush and others have talked about this being the time of year where playoff teams rise up and they are right. The opportunity for a playoff spot is right in front of the Dolphins.

 Time to rise