Let's be honest....Indy has no shot in hell this week!

That's right folks, Miami is gonna roll this team. Every matchup favors the Dolphins. The Colts defense is horrible and I don't care if Tannehill, Moore, Devlin, or Don Strock is playing QB for the Fins this week the Dolphins will run the ball with success and also move the bal via the air well on this team.

On defense the Dolphins should have their way with the Colts lackluster o-line. Luck will be on his back more than a teenage runaway at a porn shoot in California. Yes, Luck will make his fair share of plays. He is a quality player who is on the brink of being the next superstar in this league. But he has little help. I don't see Reggie Wayne being a problem for the Dolphins secondary. Colby Fleener isn't playing. I don't see how Indy will score much this week. Lord knows Brown and Ballard aren't gonna run on Miami's defense.

They can play this game in Indy, Miami, or on the moon! It won't matter! The Dolphins are gonna win going away. The Miami Dolphins are red hot right now, they have a ton of momentum and confidence! Whether its Tannehill or Moore it doesn't matter because the team believes in BOTH players! There is no QB drama or issue.

Dolphins Win Big!

Miami 37   Indy 13


  1. 37-13? You're nuts Mike! I think the Phins will win, but more like 20-17. Indy plays well at home, just ask the Packers.


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