We Expected Too Much Too Soon

My first reaction after the Thursday night loss to the Bills was, "I fell for it again." I really wanted to believe that maybe this Dolphins team could make a run to the playoffs. The two games against the Titans and Bills would be the test. I had written prior to the Titans game that this two game in five day stretch could put them in good position, but also could send the season in the other direction. The Dolphins stand at 4-6 and the playoffs look like an awfully tall order at this point. At the beginning of the season, all we wanted to see was the start of something we could be proud of again. Do not let the losses discourage that. There is a lot left for us to see this season.

The most important thing to see is how this rookie QB responds to these recent struggles. There is tape on Tannehill now. Teams do not appear to be blitzing him anymore, instead choosing to drop back into coverage and rushing only three. It is Tannehill's turn now to "adjust to the adjustment". His play over these last weeks will go a long way on how we feel about the Dolphins going into the off-season and training camp.

Another important thing to look at is how this coaching staff, most notably Philbin , has this team as a whole come out of this. The Dolphins need to run the ball better, the secondary needs to play better, and they need more big plays on both sides of the ball. The offense seems like they are playing in a condensed field (Mike Mayock said it looks like they play the whole game in a red zone) and the defense can't seem to generate any turnovers (we can all count how many dropped interceptions we have seen). There is talent here and the coaching staff needs to bring it out. This time is crucial to evaluating what is needed going forward.

The off-season will be the time to talk about what else is needed, a big play receiver, much needed help in the secondary, etc. The next few weeks is about getting the most of what we have, and maybe, just maybe, getting back into the playoff picture.