Monday, April 30, 2012

Fins rookie pool announced

Aaron Wilson of is reporting the Miami Dolphins assigned a $6.438 million rookie pool. Total of their deals cannot exceed $35.41 million.

Tannehill Introduced to the Miami Media

CLICK HERE to see Ryan Tannehill's first press conference as a member of the Miami Dolphins

Mandich invited to Dolphins mini-camp

Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post is reporting the Miami Dolphins have invited Tight End Nick Mandich, the son of the late Dolphins great Jim Mandich to mini-camp. Nick played at Southern Connecticut last season and caught only 12 passes for his DIV IAA school. Classy move by the Dolphins front office and organization.

Watch Ryan Tannehill

For those who haven't watched or seen many Texas A&M games in recent years, we have complied some game clips of new Miami Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill in action so you can get a sneak peak of what is coming to Miami.


Vs Baylor


Peter King at Sun Life Stadium gives insight on the Dolphins Draft

Peter King spent Day 3 of the NFL Draft at Sun Life Stadium with the Miami Dolphins and getting to know Ryan Tannehill. CLICK HERE for VIDEO of his thoughts on the Miami Dolphins draft, his insight on why Lamar Miller fell, and what he has got to know about Ryan Tannehill.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Grading The Draft

Yes, the draft grades are starting to roll in. CBS Sports Pete Prisco gives the Dolphins a B+, while Rob Rang gives them a C-. John Czarnecki gives the Phins a C and NFL Draft guru Mel Kiper also gives Miami a C. And what do these grades mean? Exactly squat. Nothing. Someone's guess. That's it. You can't properly grade a draft for at least three years. You can guess, but like the draft itself, grading is a crap shoot right now. Oliver Luck was a very good college QB, but was a complete and utter bust in the NFL. Who's to say his son Andrew won't follow in his footsteps?  Not likely, but you never know. It's also not likely that some guy picked at the end of the 6th round with a compensatory pick will take his team to 5 Super Bowls, win 3 of them and be in the Hall of Fame someday, but that's what Tom Brady has done.

So, if you want to see my grade, check back with me in a few years, but I will say I feel good about what the team did in the draft for the most part. I think Tannehill, given time can develop into a solid QB. They addressed some needs, such as taking Jonathan Martin to play right tackle. Even as a rookie playing a new position there is no way Martin could be worse than Marc Colombo. One thing that disappointed me a bit was that they waited until the sixth round to address the wide receiver position, but I guess you can't get everything you want.

Watch Ireland/Ross/Philbin call Tannehill and tell him he has been selected

CLICK HERE to see VIDEO of what it was like in the Dolphins War Room just before they sent in the pick and officially made Ryan Tannehill the 1st round pick of the Miami Dolphins.

List of 14 un-drafted players signing with the Dolphins

Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post has compiled an "UNOFFICIAL" list of the 14 un-drafted free agents the Dolphins will be signing.

* Texas A&M receiver Jeff Fuller (Ryan Tannehill’s No. 2 receiver)
* Arkansas St safety Kelcie McCray
* Arizona St linebacker Shelly Lyons
* Pitt defensive tackle Chas Alecxih
* Penn State receiver Derek Moye
* Missouri defensive end Jacquies Smith
* Notre Dame running back Jonas Gray
* Oregon State linebacker Cam Collins
* Boise State defensive lineman Jarrell Root
* Temple offensive lineman Derek Dennis
* Purdue safety Albert Evans
* Portland State offensive tackle Dustin Waldron
* BYU center Terence Brown
* UMass OL Josh Samuda
* Tennessee State DB Joseph Wiley

Get to know TE Michael Egnew

Terez Paylor of The Kansas City Star did a nice interview with new Miami Dolphins Tight End Michael Egnew about being drafted by the Dolphins and what his draft experience was like. CLICK HERE to read about it and learn a little bit about one of the newest members of the Miami Dolphins family.

Tannehill Time?!?

It's high time that Dolphins fans get off the ledge and off of our GM's back. Ireland has given South Florida fans what they have wanted for years. We can talk about how well we feel about this draft until we are blue in the face, for whatever the reason, whether it be the QB in the first round, or drafting two Canes. I believe that the draft was a B-. However I understand the theme as I have understood it for weeks now; No number 1 receiver , pass catching TE's and an extremely accurate QB that has a decent arm. Lets talk about that QB for a second.

Regardless of where I thought he was going to be drafted, the Dolphins looked hard-pressed to draft Ryan Tannehill at 8. I have said for weeks that we can trade down and still have him in the middle of the round, however among the flurry of first round trades it just seems like the Dolphins didn't care to think smart with the pick...they just wanted to make the fans happy. The real question is now, do we sit him a year or do we start him. The truth is unless Bush can put the team on his back and the defense start playing well early, the team is going to struggle, especially offensively. So the question has to be asked when do we play the rookie, he says he knows about 75% of the playbook after an interview with NFL network's Jeff Darlington at FinFest, so he has a leg up on his competition. So why wait? His starts in college at this point are immaterial, and if by game one its a close race between the three QB's why not give him the start because after all, isn't he the QB of the future?

Total Breakdown of Dolphins 2012 Draft by the experts

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald has complied all the opinions from the "experts" and Jeff Ireland on each and every Miami Dolphins draft pick from the past few days. A MUST READ! CLICK HERE to check it out.

Also the thought process on why the Fins did go after WR's earlier than many had expected and who are some free agents still out there that the Dolphins could be looking at. And why Philip Merling was finally let go this past week.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ireland has been forgiven

Jeff Ireland just had a great NFL draft. There is not a pick I disagree with. I wanted Coples over Tannehill, but, the fact Ireland got Olivier Vernon made not getting Coples a great move.

The Dolphins finally got their first round quarterback they’ve been dying for. Notice I didn’t say Tannehill, I said “first round quarterback”, Tannehill fills that need nicely. I personally hope he develops into a franchise quarterback; if he beats out Matt Moore or David Garrard, then start him. If he doesn’t beat them out, then he sits and learns.

The Dolphins drafted Jonathan Martin in the second round. Martin is a great pick, he’s a LT that had a top-20 grade but fell because of the run on pass-rushers and Defensive players in the 1st round. Jonathan Martin is athletic and fits the west-coast-offense. Martin will be Jake Long’s replacement; Long will be EXPENSIVE after this year. I believe Jonathan Martin will be that athletic pulling guard we need, but Martin will only be a guard for one year. I think Martin will play LG and the coaching staff will move Richie to RG, we have Murtha (who I like) to man the RT spot, Pouncey in the middle, and Long at LT. That will be a good offensive line. Good pick.  

The Dolphins drafted Olivier Vernon in the third round. I’m a huge fan of the Hurricanes, but I believe I’m pretty un-bias. Olivier Vernon is a freak of nature, but I’ll admit I never saw him dominant, but that had more to do with scheme. If we use him right, he’s another Cameron Wake. Olivier Vernon will be a pro-bowler.

With their other third round pick, the Dolphins drafted Michael Egnew. Michael Egnew put up some big numbers at Missouri. Egnew is an athletic TE who is also a seam-threat. Michael Egnew will be a good weapon for us; we don’t need to use him in a traditional TE way. Michael Egnew can line up like a WR and do his thing. But what does Michael Egnew signing mean to Anthony Fasano. I like Fasano, so I hope they do a lot of different formations with Egnew, Fasano, and Clay.

The Dolphins drafted Lamar Miller in the fourth round. Lamar Miller was a STEAL!!!! I watched the Canes like I watch the Dolphins, Miller is a first round draft pick that got a raw deal. Lamar Miller has Daniel Thomas vision, between the tackles, and Reggie’s speed. Miller will be the punt-returner this year, and next year he will become one of the best running backs in the league. Lamar Miller is the smaller, quicker, faster version of Arian Foster (yeah, I said it, and I believe it with every fiber of my being). To remain un-bias, I have a man-crush on Lamar Miller, dude is a BEAST!!!! Get his jersey’s now…

The Dolphins draft Josh Kaddu in the fifth round. Josh Kadduis a LB out of Oregon. I have no idea who he is. But some scouting reports say he’s a solid tackler, played DE and had a decent pass-rush, and he was good in pass-coverage. Josh Kaddu makes sense because we need someone to cover the TE’s in our conference alone.

The Dolphins drafted B.J. Cunningham in the sixth round. B.J. Cunningham is a WR from Michigan State. I have no thoughts about B.J. Cunningham, but, I will say this—I wanted Tommy Streeter.  

In the seventh round the Dolphins drafted Kheeston Randall (DT) and Rishard Matthews (WR).

I personally think this was a GREAT draft. Me personally, I forgive Jeff Ireland for every stupid thing he’s done or said. Mainly because he drafted two Canes that will help us bring Miami Dolphins football back to glory.

I will now give Ireland the benefit of the doubt from now on… Who’s with me?

5th, 6th and 7th Round Selections

In the 5th round of the NFL Draft, the Dolphins made a trade and dropped down 10 spots to pick up an extra seventh rounder. With that 5th round pick, the Dolphins selected Oregon outside linebacker Josh Kaddu.

With their 6th round pick, the Dolphins finally selected a wide receiver when they selected Michigan State’s B.J. Cunningham.

The Dolphins finished up by taking Texas defensive tackle Kheeston Randall and Nevada receiver Rishard Matthews in the 7th round.

Rd 4 Lamar Miller RB University of Miami

In Rd 4 the Dolphins traded up and took Lamar Miller running back THE U

Friday, April 27, 2012

Man Cave Contest Winner: Victor Allen (Jupiter, FL)

After much debate we have come to a conclusion on who is the winner of the Man Cave contest. The judges (myself and the 2 other people who happened to be in the room with me at the time) had a spirited debate on how should the winner be picked. Most prized items and best displayed Dolphins memorabilia/items in the room dedicated to the Dolphins where you watch the games or the best pure "man cave" that has some Dolphins stuff in it. We decided to go with the room solely dedicated to the Fins  and  in a close 2-1 vote the winner was Victor Allen of Jupiter, FL. Congrats to all who emailed  and participated. We were going to put up the pictures of everyone who tried to win, but we got so many it would just clog up our entire site putting up every picture. Victor we will be in touch to get you your prize!

VICTOR ALLEN's Dolphins Man Cave

With the Dolphins second 3rd round pick

Michael Egnew TE Missouri. He can't block a lick but is a pure pass catcher!

3rd round pick and a trade

Olivier Vernon, DE "THE U" is the Dolphins 3rd round pick. They traded the second 3rd round pick to San Diego for SD's 3rd round pick and 6th round pick. With this trade the Dolphins have 5 picks on Saturday

In Rd 2 the Dolphins select Jonathan Martin T, Stanford

In the 2nd round the Dolphins selected Jonathan Martin, Offensive Tackle from Stanford

The Different Opinions on Tannehill

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald has complied all of the different opinions from the various experts on the Dolphins selection of Ryan Tannehill. CLICK HERE to read them all.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

VIDEO: Todd McShay on Ryan Tannheill going to Miami

CLICK HERE to watch Todd McShay break down the Dolphins pick of Ryan Tannehill

Ryan Tannehill Era is Upon Us

The Miami Dolphins select Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill with the 8th pick in the first round. He is the first quarterback taken by the Dolphins in the first round since Dan Marino. And the last time the Dolphins selected 8th they took Larry Csonka out of Syracuse University.

The Miami Dolphins have only selected a QB three times in the 1st round in franchise history. Rick Norton. Bob Griese. Dan Marino. Ryan Tannehill is the 4th!

Picture from inside Fins War Room

New NIKE Miami Dolphins themed sneakers

These are COMING SOON from Nike!  CLICK HERE 

Did you Know...

Tonight and all weekend that ESPN and NFL Network will be showing the Dolphins War Room LIVE. It's the first time since Jimmy Johnson was the coach the Dolphins have let cameras in their War Room.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012 MOCK DRAFT

OK, we have seen all of these mock drafts for months now and on the eve of the draft we at will put out our one and only MOCK DRAFT. Mike Mayock got a 1 hour TV special tonight to present his, well NFL Network didn't come calling for ours but we will get over it. And unlike others I predict trades in my mock draft since trades really happen in drafts. So for entertainment purposes only, here we go...

1) Indy-QB-Andrew Luck 

2) Washington-QB-RGIII-Not giving a long explanation for either pick. We know these are done deals

3) Tampa Bay (via Minny)-RB- Trent Richardson-They want Trent Richardson, and they will trade up 2 spots to get ahead of the Browns to get the man they want

4) Cleveland-WR-Justin Blackmon-The Browns could trade up for Richardson but I think Tampa wants him so badly they will offer a better deal. Browns need help everywhere on offense and are happy with Blackmon.

5) Minnesota (via TB)-OT-Matt Kalil-Vikings trade down and get the guy they wanted all along with extra picks. To quote Charlie Sheen. WINNING!

6) St.Louis-CB-Morris Claiborne-This is the worst possible situation for the Rams played out. No Kalil or Blackmon, but they still get an elite player.

7) Buffalo (via Jax)-QB -Ryan Tannehill-First major trade of the draft. Bills revamped their defense in free agency and they re-signed Stevie Johnson. While they have needs on the offensive line and at wide receiver, you don't pass on a franchise QB if you can grab him at a low cost. Moving up 3 spots with a team that is dying to trade down won't cost them much at all. Fitzpatrick was bad down the stretch last year and his mega deal he signed has a nice out clause coming up. The Bills can take Tannehill, hurt a division rival  in Miami by blocking them from taking him, and let Tannehill sit and learn while Fitzpatrick plays a year or two more. Bills were very active in free agency and will be very active here as well.

8) Miami-WR-Michael Floyd-Brandon Marshall is gone and someone needs to replace all of that production. Floyd is an easy pick since Tannehill is already off the board. Floyd won't be the next Ted Ginn for Miami. If ends up the leagues next Dwayne Bowe the Fins will take that and be more than happy in the long-run.

9) Carolina-DT-Fletcher Cox-Carolina needs front 7 help and this kid is a beast.

10) Jacksonville (via Buffalo)-OLB-Melvin Ingram-Jags need help at WR and Pass Rush, the WR's are gone but maybe the best pass rusher of the draft is still on the board. They traded down and still got the man they wanted all along. Once again, WINNING!

11) Kansas City-OT-Riley Reiff-KC needs O-line, O-line, and more O-line help.  Easy pick for them

12) Seattle-DE-Quinton Coples-Pete Carroll won't be scared off by all the negatives around Coples he will pull the trigger here and hopes he gets the "elite" skill Coples has but is too lazy to show in every game.

13) Arizona-G-David DeCastro-Kolb or Skelton both are getting killed taking too many hits. They need to protect whoever the starter is.

14) Dallas-S-Mark Barron- He may be the 7th best football  player in this draft and the Cowboys need secondary help. Jerry Jones will be doing back-flips if he can get his man at 14.

15)Philadelphia- CB-Stephon Gilmore-Philly just traded Asante Samuel and Cromartie is in the final year of his deal. They need to re-stock the CB position.

16) Cincinnati (via Jets)-LB-Luke Kuechly- A top and a hot prospect drops. And with 2 first round picks the Bengals can wheel and deal a bit having a surplus of picks so they move up to get a talented linebacker. With the Jets having Floyd off the board and feeling they can get a guy they like later on in this round they are more than happy to trade down.

17-Chicago (via Cincy)-DE-Chandler Jones-This league has become about passing the ball and stopping the pass, so DE/OLB is a must. A guy likes Jones was a 2nd or 3rd round talent in January and has now flown up the draft boards. Bears addressed WR in the trade to get Marshall. With the fear that SD wants a pass rusher they leap-frog them to get Jones. Cincy just gave up picks to move up to get Kuechly, they trade DOWN here and get the picks they just gave up back. Cincy just played this very smart.

18-San Diego-DE-Whitney Mercilus-The next best DE after Jones. Chargers need pass rush help.

19-Cincinnati (via Chicago)-CB-Dre Kirkpatrick-They trade back with Chicago and still get the guy they wanted all along!

20-Tennessee-OLB-Shea McClellin-Titans need pass rusher help and McClellin is the best on the board. Little run on DE's here.

21) NY Jets(via Cincy)-RB-Doug Martin-For all the talk of "GROUND AND POUND" and "WILDCAT" coming out of the Jets these days someone should tell them they don't have a RB! Shone Green stinks and LT is gone.

22-Cleveland-QB-Brandon Weeden-Yes the Browns need a QB and can't afford to wait for Tannehill to "be groomed" and at 28 Weeden is old enough to handle NFL life better. Ex-Minor League baseball player. The "pressure" of being an NFL QB right away won't scare him. Plus the Browns can't afford a team like Miami who lost Tannehill to jump them in Rd 2 and grab Weeden.

23-Detroit-OT-Cordy Glenn-Lions success hinges on Stafford's health. To keep Stafford healthy you must protect him. Easy pick for the Lions.

24) Pittsburgh-OT-Jonathan Martin-The Steelers o-line stinks and Big Ben has taken too many big hits in recent years. They must protect him and Martin does that.

25) Denver-WR-Kendall Wright-You sign Peyton Manning you better give him toys to play with. Period!

26) Houston-WR-Stephen Hill-Andre Johnson gets hurt every year and they have trouble replacing him when he is out. They need another quality WR. Hill is that.

27) New England-S-Harrison Smith-Smart safety out of Notre Dame. Pats need help on defense everywhere, Smith is a "Belichick type" of player.

28) Green Bay-DE-Nick Perry-The Packers couldn't stop anyone last year, Perry is a top 15-20 guy who has slid a bit and the Pack will jump all over that.

29) Baltimore-TE-Colby Fleener-Todd Heap can't play forever and Flacco still needs more weapons

30) San Francisco-WR-Alshon Jeffery-The 49ers know they need help on offense and will bring in another weapon for Alex Smith

31) New England-DT-Dontari Poe-The kid from Memphis I have falling and Belichick will grab him and be smiling from ear to ear

32 NY Giants-DE-Courtney Upshaw-The Giants love pass rushers and they might trade Osi this weekend so they would need to replace him. Even if they keep Osi they love to have depth at rushing the passer.

FIVE Wild Predictions on things that wouldn't shock me in Rd 1
-The Jets trade up to #3 to get Trent Richardson. They mortgage the future and trade the farm to get an elite RB to bring "GROUND AND BOUND" back to the Jets.

-The Patriots with 2 first round picks trade both and get out of Rd 1 totally

-Ryan Tannehill goes in the Top 6. With teams like Miami, KC, Seattle, and Philly in the QB market, someone goes all in on the kid and moves way up to get him

-IF Ryan Tannehill slips past Miami at 8 watch the Browns with 13 total draft picks this weekend put a package together of picks, starting with the 22nd pick in Rd 1 and a couple others to move up into the bottom part of the Top 10 or just after 10 to grab Tannehill.

-A team that thinks its "close" to winning a Super Bowl like Green Bay, Pittsburgh, or Baltimore makes a BIG MOVE and trade up into the Top 15 to get a guy they really like that they think will put them over the top.


For information on the MAN CAVE contest CLICK HERE

Last Chance! Gotta be in it to win it!
FULL 25 minutes of Jon Gruden with Ryan Tannehill

My Two Cent's

The NFL draft is finally upon us. Dolphin fans cannot come to a consensus on what position we need to draft with the 8th pick; some of the positions that are being considered for the 8th pick are: Quarterback, Pass Rusher, Guard, and now even a Defensive Tackle. I’m not even going to take the Defensive Tackle position seriously for us at the 8th pick; it would be the pinnacle of ignorance and stupidity for Jeff Ireland to draft a DT with the 8th pick when we already are solid at DT.
Some fans would not mind a Guard for the 8th pick, this is not a slight at David DeCastro but we don’t need a right guard for the 8th pick even if he is elite. What we need is a pass rusher or a quarterback, but which one do we choose. Every dolphin fan knows that the phins have not taken a Quarterback in the 1st round since Dan Marino; I think most fans just want a 1st round Quarterback WAY MORE than they want Ryan Tannehill. Is Ryan Tannehill elite? Who knows, is Ryan Tannehill the next Dan Marino? Highly doubt it. Is Ryan Tannehill a franchise QB? He Might be.
Quinton Coples is the top pass rusher in the draft; but, scouts say he has issues with his work ethic. To be fair scouts said the same thing about Vontae Davis and don’t forget Jimmy Wilson. All I care about is whether or not Coples is elite? Yes he is. Coples is comparable to the top pass rushers in the league; Julius Peppers, Mario Williams, and Aldon Smith—SF 2011 1st round draft pick. I can’t be objective because I like pass rushers way more than quarterbacks.
So I’ll give one objective statement: an ELITE quarterback is FAR MORE IMPORTANT to the future of a franchise than an ELITE pass rusher. Coples is elite but is Tannehill elite? Not in my opinion.
My plan would be to draft Coples and see how things fall line…
Just my two cents

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Real Talk for some Dolphins Fans

I am reading what many Dolphins fans are saying on Twitter and various Dolphins message boards and its time to put some of you Fin Fans in line. Some of you are going to learn a little something here so listen up real good.

1) On the subject of Ryan Tannehill; Dolphins fans Calm the Hell Down! Seriously, some of you are blowing a gasket and overreacting about this player. Let's clear a few things up...a) He HAD a 2nd round grade, he currently has a 1st round grade. Meaning if Miami takes him in Rd 1 it isn't some huge reach. Hell, even Dan Marino said if you think he is the guy to lead you going forward its ok to reach a little on that position. The blessing has come from the patron saint of Miami Dolphins football, is that good enough for ya?

b) If Miami doesn't take Tannehill then next year I don't want to hear any Dolphins fans crying when they part with 2 or 3 first round picks and a 2nd round pick or two when they have to move up and take a QB and that QB might be a lesser talent than Tannehill. Don't think it can happen, here is out it COULD play out and the scenario that the Dolphins must avoid.

Jeff Ireland and Joe Philbin are paid to win games and build a winning franchise. To them it is a giant game of chess in which they must think "BIG PICTURE" and think 3 or 4 moves ahead. They are paid to play the "WHAT IF" game when building this team and cover all bases. After this year Matt Moore and David Garrard are free agents. They can both walk and Miami can do little to stop them. So, even if Matt Moore has a big year, he can flip the Fins the bird as he goes and signs with another team. Let's be honest, Miami has tried to replace Moore about 10 times this offseason, I am pretty sure Moore would love to leave Miami. Moore is also a "west coast" guy who lives out there and was born and raised out there, a chance to go closer to home he would also relish. Next years free agent QB class is weak, check that its awful! Nobody to sign that would step in and help not to mention Miami can't land a big free agent anyway, so scratch that avenue of landing a capable QB off the list. Now, say the Fins finish 7-9 or 8-8 this year. They got a real easy schedule (NFC West and AFC South) so its very possible. That would mean they are picking between 12-15 next year in the 2013 draft. Assume a couple teams at the top of the draft need a QB and won't trade down. Assume a couple other teams will also want to trade up to possibly get a QB. That means Miami with only Pat Devlin under contract would have to trade the farm to move up and get probably at best the 3rd or 4th best QB in the 2013 draft class because then they need a QB out of necessity. It also means any team Miami is trading with knows Miami is desperate and would rape the Fins in any trade since Miami has no leverage. Also that means any such player Miami drafts at QB next year, whether it be a Top 10 pick or Top 40 pick might not have the luxury to sit, watch, and learn like Tannehill will have this year if Miami takes him. They might be forced into action from day one. Not to mention that player you are trading up for might be a worse prospect than Tannehill. Oh by the way if you were curious, many draft experts (McShay, Mayock..etc) have stated that Tannehill currently has a higher grade than any QB in the 2013 draft class will next year. Also, Bob Papa on SIRIUS NFL Radio said multiple scouts have told him on Tannehill that they haven't seen someone throw that well "on the run" since Aaron Rodgers and he has a lot of the traits of a young Aaron Rodgers.

Watch this video people.....

now replace the names Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, and Robert Parish with the names Dan Marino, Don Shula, and The Marks Brothers. They aren't walking through that door people. They aren't coming back!  The time to STOP dreaming about the next Dan Marino falling in our laps is now! It's over, it's history, time to move on! Get a grip on REALITY Dolphins fans! Some of you don't want to take any risk on drafting a QB and want to hold out for the next sure thing/Hall of Fame QB to drop from the sky in our lap. It ain't happening! I love when people say Tannehill is the next Ryan Leaf. Yep, he may be. And maybe Coples, Ingram, or Cox are the next Vernon Gholston! There is risk with any draft pick! You can't live in fear of that!

We don't need Ryan Tannehill or Brandon Weeden to be the next Marino.If they are the next Joe Flacco or Tony Romo or Big Ben that is good enough!

Mike Mayock made a point a few weeks back and he is 100% correct. The QB position is so important that it pushes everyone up the draft board. Guys with 1st and 2nd round grades go in Rd 1 (last year perfect example of Locker and Ponder going Top 12.) Quarterbacks with 3rd, 4th, and 5th round grades go in Round 2. That is why there are so many BUST QB's drafted in Round 2. Because they aren't anywhere near a 2nd round grade. Guys like Andy Dalton are the exception and not the rule. Drew Brees was a 2nd round pick damn near 10+ years ago, pointing to that as an example is weak as the league has changed since then. If you as a Dolphins fan are upset that drafting Tannehill means he has to sit one year, just think drafting someone in round 2 or 3 means they might have to sit two or three years!

At the end of the day I don't know if Ryan Tannehill will be any good, and I won't be pissed if Miami passes on him. I trust Philbin/Sherman/Ireland on this call at QB. But the insane logic some of you are using to not take him and are working yourself up into a frenzy over it has become downright silly. 

2) Omar Kelly, just stop! Please just stop. A few weeks back I wrote an open letter on this website to Adam Schein of SNY and SIRIUS NFL Radio. Calling him out on his BS and nonsense he was spewing on his SIRIUS NFL RADIO show about the Miami Dolphins. Adam actually responded, said he liked the article and softened his stance on a few points I made. We had a nice interaction and found some common ground. I didn't totally change his mind on some issues but he saw the opposing point of view a bit more clear. I don't have the energy to write an open letter to Omar, but he said maybe one of the dumbest things I have ever read the other day. I get ESPN the Magazine in the mail the other day and it has a mock draft. Each pick in round 1 who Kiper thinks will get picked, who McShay thinks, and who the "local beat-writer" thinks. Omar says..."Miami will pick Tannehill if he's available. This might be a bit too high for him, but this team needs a QB to appease a fickle fan base." What F'n world is Omar Kelly living in? Appease the fan base? SERIOUSLY? You think Ross and Ireland are trying to appease the fan base? If this franchise was trying to appease the fan base they wouldn't have had 4pm home games the past few years when every Dolphins fan told them it was stupid they wanted 1pm home games because it helped the team with home field advantage and the heat. If they were trying to appease the fan base they wouldn't have had "GATOR DAY" when Denver came to town last year and everyone told them it was stupid. If they were trying to appease the fan base Ross would have just gave Fisher, Harbaugh, and Peyton Manning a blank check and said fill in the number! If they were trying to appease the fan base they would have paid Matt Flynn a couple more pennies instead of low-balling him and offering him back-up QB money. Nothing Ross or Ireland have done are moves that are done with the sole purpose to appease the fan base and what in god's name would give anyone the notion that it would start this Thursday with the 8th pick of the draft!

Now on to the word "fickle." The Dolphins fan base is fickle? Not even close Omar. They Dolphins fan base has been screaming and hollering for a franchise quarterback for over 10 years now. That's pretty consistent if you ask me! Nothing "FICKLE" about it! 

I always say this about Omar; I love Omar and the time and effort he puts in his work. He is a hard worker, maybe the hardest working beat-writer I have come across ever and is dedicated to his job covering the Fins.  But when he say's something stupid I have to call him on it. And he said one of the stupidest things I have ever read.

Ireland In A No Win Situation

Several reports this week state that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is pushing GM Jeff Ireland to draft Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill. Both Ross and Ireland have gone public to refute the reports but the damage has been done. If Tannehill is the guy Ireland wants and he drafts him with the 8th pick, he will end up looking like Ross's puppet in the general public's eye.

Ireland went on a broadcast with PFT's Mike Florio, who first published this rumor to deny Ross is pressuring him to select Tannehill. Ireland said that Ross "is very engaged but he's also very supportive of leaving the decision in the draft up to me and coach Philbin, our scouts and football staff."Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald also reported that his sources within the Dolphins organization deny the report. Peter King of Sports Illustrated also published a report saying Ross was pushing for Tannehill, but now says it's not a lock for the Dolphins to select him at number 8.  

In my opinion, I would like to see the Dolphins select a player that is going to have an impact right away, possibly one of the top DE/DT's. A pass rusher on defense is just as important these days as the QB on offense and the Dolphins need to replace Jason Taylor. Fletcher Cox, Melvin Ingram or possibly trade down a little and get Nick Perry or Quinton Coples would be fine in my book.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Dolphins prepared to pass on Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill

Omar Kelly is reporting that word on the street is  The Miami Dolphins are prepared to pass on Ryan Tannehill with their first pick,and I can actually see it happen.

For one Miami has plenty of options they can trade back for more picks and look to draft USC standout defensive end Nick Perry, Syracuse OLB/DE Chandler Jones, or Baylor's WR Kendall Wright or just stay put and draft either North Carolina Defensive End  Quinton Coples,South Carolina Defensive End Melvin Ingram, or The Fighting Irish Wide Out Micheal Floyd  some even think  Fletcher Cox could be a possibility but I doubt it.

If the Dolphins happen to pass on Tannehill and he is still around before Cleveland's pick at 22 they could very well try to trade back into the first round to nab him if not then look for Miami  to take Arizona State Quarterback Brock Osweiler or Oklahoma State's Quarterback  Brandon Weedon with one of their second day picks.

Dan Marino on WFAN in NYC talking about Dolphins, his role in the Fins Peyton Manning chase and more

CLICK HERE to listen to Dan Marino on WFAN in New York City

Marino weighs in on Tannehill debate

Gregg Rosenthal of spoke with Dan Marino and they chatted about Ryan Tannehill among other things. Marino feels that if the Fins feel Tannehill is there man and the future they should take him at #8 and its ok to stretch a little for a quarterback. Dan also said if they don't feel he is the guy then don't take him and the fans have to be patient. He is pretty much taking the logical stance of if you like him then you don't let him get by you at 8 because the position is too important. And Dan is 100% correct.

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Jeff Ireland speaks to Mike Florio about the PFT Report of Stephen Ross is getting involved with the Dolphins Draft pick

Dwight Stephenson will announce 2nd round pick

The NFL has announced that every 2nd round draft pick in this years NFL draft will be announced by the teams alumni player. For the Dolphins that player to announce the pick will be Dwight Stephenson.

Dolphins work out 2 linebackers on Monday

Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel is reporting the Dolphins worked out veteran linebackers Ernie Simms and Omar Gaither today.

Dolphins release DE Phillip Merling

Per the Sun-Sentinel, The Miami Dolphins will release defensive end Phillip Merling.

Merling, who was drafted as a second rounder in 2008, did not participate in spring practices last week.

In the four seasons he's been on the Dolphins' roster, Merling has made only five starts and 3.5 sacks in the first two seasons. None were collected during the 2010/2011 seasons. 

UPDATE: Jeff Ireland has confirmed that Merling was released this morning.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Stephen Ross Pushing For Tannehill is reporting that sources are now saying Stephen Ross is pushing for Ryan Tannehill. Another report is claiming Ross has actually handed Jeff Ireland a copy of his draft chart. Interesting to say the least but this is the guy who signs the checks and at least he is trying to make the effort to get the guy he wants.

Even though I am still 50/50 on taking Tannehill I really can see many reasons Miami would take him with their first round pick if they have the chance. The chemistry with Sherman,taking a quarterback in the first round something that has not been done since taking Dan Marino and then trying to please a disgruntled fan base, ticket sales, etc.

With a few sources also throwing out that Reiff will not even be a consideration chances of Tannehill  landing South Beach are looking pretty good at the moment with  players like Blackmon, Coples,or even Ingram off the board by Miami's pick  Tannehill could very well be the call come this Thursday.

UPDATE: Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald is reporting that a very high placed source in the Dolphins organization is saying this story about Ross pushing for Ryan Tannehill is 100% false.

Is Tannehill The Right Pick?

With The 2012 NFL Draft  only a few days away it seems as though every so called expert and mock drafts have the Miami Dolphins selecting Texas A&M Quarterback Ryan Tannehill, but is this really the right choice? As I stated before if he is there and we take him I will not be mad but if not I will not shed any tears over it either.

Here is my take, the Dolphins need starters and impact players right off the bat, and I honestly feel that if you take a quarterback in the first round he is most likely going to start from day one (Rodgers aside lol).

But is Tannehill the right pick for the Franchise or for the fans? Should Miami trade up to draft him as some rumors out there say?

I can tell you this Miami should not trade up for him because I do not think the Browns pass on Trent or Blackmon let alone give up picks in a draft where you need all the picks you can get if you are building through the draft like they say.

Anyway there are a lot of options and scenarios out there for Miami anything is possible but I do know this if we do take Tannehill whether we trade up or with the eight pick Jeff Ireland and co. really need to hit the nail on the head with most of their other picks.

Fins and Browns trying to move up for Tannehill

Dan Pompei of The National Football Post is reporting the Miami Dolphins and Cleveland Browns are trying to trade up to #3 for the right to draft QB Ryan Tannehill. Minnesota would rather make a deal with Cleveland because they would only move down one spot and could still draft Kalil or Claiborne.

Jake Long claims he is 100%

In an interview with Jake Long is claiming he is 100% and all of his many injuries have healed. Being that Long is entering a contract year he would have to be an utter fool to admit he was injured or still dinged up. Long wants a long-term deal and will say the right things to make sure he gets one. He ended last year with a bad back, torn right biceps, injured shoulder, and a bum knee. I find it very hard to believe Long is 100% right now. Hopefully he is and hopefully I am wrong, but I just am not buying it.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dolphins have a sleeper QB in mind

Tony Pauline of Sports Illustrated wrote a column of some small school sleepers for next weeks NFL draft. The first name he mentioned was that of QB Dane Simoneau of Washburn and saying the Dolphins are showing interest. Now, like me you have probably never heard of Dane Simoneau. According to reports he is a big-armed passer who can make every throw on a football field and can easily deliver strikes down the field. Look I haven't heard of the guy till I read this article so I won't even say one word about him good or bad. I will say even if Miami takes Tannehill at 8, it wouldn't be horrible for them to "double-down" on the QB position and take a second guy in rounds 4,5, or 6! Moore and Gararrd are gone after this year and the position is just too important in today's NFL not to stockpile guys at.

Stephen Ross becoming "FAN FRIENDLY"

In a move to try and gain support among the disgruntled Dolphins fan-base, owner Stephen Ross is letting a Miami Dolphins fan announce one of the teams draft picks at next weekends NFL Draft.

Hey, Mr. Ross is trying! Nice gesture.

Koa Misi pleads Not Guilty; no word on NFL suspension

The Santa Barbara Independent is reporting that Dolphins linebacker Koa Misi pleaded "Not Guilty" yesterday to 3 felony charges for an incident that took place in California recently in which he was charged with battery. No word yet on if and when the NFL may pass out a suspension and how many games Koa may miss in this 2012 season.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Out of Town Dolphins Fans: DIRECTV cuts price of NFL Sunday Ticket to $200

Yes, you are reading that right. DIRECTV is cutting the price of its NFL Sunday Ticket to $200. It's a 40% cut in price and much more affordable to many NFL fans. In a day of age where everything is getting more and more expensive it is really nice to see a company do something like this that is very customer friendly. So, for you Dolphins fans (like me) who don't live in the South Florida area, you can now see all of the Dolphins games at a very reasonable price.

Don Banks latest Mock Draft is out

Don Banks of CNNSI put out his latest Mock Draft. CLICK HERE to check it out

Cam Wake ends holdout; rejoins offseason workouts

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald is reporting that Cam Wake ended his mini-holdout and returned to offseason workouts. Wake spoke with new head coach Joe Philbin face-to-face and they cleared the air on some matters and Wake decided to re-join the team. 

That is a nice spin on the story, but in reality Wake was holding out for money. And by not showing up to these offseason workouts he was forfeiting his "workout bonus" in his current contract. To obtain that workout bonus money he had to return. Wake really has no leverage in getting a new deal or holding out at this point in time.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dolphins move Home Opener to 1pm

Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel is reporting the NFL and the Miami Dolphins have moved their home opener vs the Oakland Raiders in Week 2 to 1pm. It was originally scheduled for a 4:15 kickoff. MAN CAVE contest

For information on the MAN CAVE contest CLICK HERE

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

VIDEO: Jon Gruden with Ryan Tannehill

CLICK HERE to see VIDEO of Jon Gruden working with Ryan Tannehill

Cam Wake the most held defensive player in 2011

Which NFL player was held the most in 2011 and drew the most holding penalties? Dolphins outside linebacker Cam Wake. And in 2010 Cam Wake tied for the lead in drawing holding penalties. CLICK HERE to read about it.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2012 Dolphins Schedule Breakdown

The 2012 Miami Dolphins schedule has been released, lets look deeper into it. CLICK HERE to view it.

-Only one home game starts at 4:15pm. It happens to be the home opener but after that Miami will have its "home-field advantage" back with the heat. Including Week 3 vs the Jets. Thank you Mr. Stephen Ross

-Miami only has 2 cross country trips this year (at San Fran and at Arizona). The San Fran game works out nice though as the 2 games before them are at home. The 2 games after them are at home. In that  5 week stretch Miami has 1 road game and its that cross country trip. Very nice to have that long trip sandwiched like that.

-Only 1 cold weather game for the Fins. Week 17 at New England. And trying to be objective, that game will probably be meaningless for the Dolphins anyway ( I don't see them as a playoff team this year)

-After Miami's BYE week in Week 7 is the NY Jets. Miami gets 2 weeks to prepare for a Division Rival.

-From Week 11 on Miami has one of the most difficult schedules in the league. Minus Jacksonville in Week 15 every one of those teams is playoff caliber (yes Buffalo is playoff caliber this year folks)

-We get a West Coast team at Home (Oakland) and the game is at 4:15pm. You want those west coast teams to play at 1pm as the time difference hurts them. With a late game, Miami loses that edge.

-Seattle is the ONLY team that has a BYE week before playing us. They will have 2 weeks to prepare for Miami

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Mike Florio with his mock draft Picks 5-8 (Including the Miami Dolphins)

Miami signs WR to 1-year deal

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald is reporting the Miami Dolphins signed WR Legedu Naanee to a 1 year deal.

Dolphins schedule to be released at 7pm

The NFL Schedule will be released tonight at 7pm. Miami has the most difficult SOS (Strength of Schedule) in the AFC East this year. CLICK HERE for a SOS breakdown by ESPN. Come back here to tonight for a total and complete breakdown of Miami's schedule.

Monday, April 16, 2012

WR Naanee tries out for Fins

Aaron Wilson of is reporting that Carolina Panthers WR Legdeu Naanee tried out for the Miami Dolphins today.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Opinion On Tannehill

When it comes to drafting Ryan Tannehill, the opinions on what the Dolphins should do differ from not using their first pick on him at all to trading up to the number 3 slot because Cleveland wants him and will take him with the 4th pick if he is there. And now the rumors are that Philadelphia and Seattle might be interested in moving in front of Miami to pick him. My opinion? If someone wants to use a top 10 pick on Tannehill, go ahead and let them. Trade up to number 3? That is just plain asinine. And if Jeff Ireland even has that thought in his head he should be fired. The guy has 19 games of college experience and wilted against tough competition, but he is worthy of a top 10 pick?

My opinion of Tannehill is that the Dolphins should pass on him in the first round all together. This team has too many holes, too many needs to blow a great pick on a project QB. And if Miami wouldn't get into serious competition for the 2nd pick, it just blows my mind that they would even consider trading up to number 3 to pick Tannehill. The Dolphins need WR help and it's possible Justin Blackmon or Michael Floyd could be there when they pick. They need a pass rusher opposite Cameron Wake. Melvin Ingram could be there or the could trade down and possibly pick Quinton Coples who is dropping quickly on draft boards.

There are second round options for the Dolphins at QB such as Brandon Weeden, who would probably need to start right away considering his age. But even if Tannehill is there when their number is called, I hope the Phins say thanks, but no thanks!

One first round draft prospect sinking like a stone

Sinking like the Titanic 
For months now the names attached with the Dolphins possible 1st round draft choice have been Ingram, Tannehill, and Coples. Well, might be time to scratch Coples off that list. Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald mentions a quote from Mike Mayock today in his column and Mayock feels Quinton Coples shouldn't go in Round 1 and possibly not at all in Round 2.

NFL Network's Mike Mayock said North Carolina defensive end Quinton Coples - who has visited the Dolphins and remains in the mix at No. 8 - "would win the bathing suit competition" but should not be a first-round pick because of questionable effort. In fact, Mayock said he's not even sure he would take him in the second round.

Read more here:

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friday, April 13, 2012

Jason Cole of Yahoo: No Doubt Miami will draft Tannehill

Jason Cole
Jason Cole of YAHOO Sports is reporting the Dolphins will draft Ryan Tannehill. He goes on to say that Philly, KC, and Cleveland are doing nothing more than playing with Jeff Ireland's head trying to get him to panic. CLICK HERE to watch the video.

UPDATE: Report/Rumor out of Cleveland this Friday night that Philly has offered the Browns picks #15, 46, and 51 (their 1st and two 2nd round picks) to move up to #4 to select Ryan Tannehill. Trade wouldn't happen till Browns are on the clock because Philly has to make sure Tannehill is actually there so no team jumps them and takes him at #3.

Dolphins sign LB Gary Guyton

Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel is reporting the Fins have signed linebacker Gary Guyton to a 1 year deal. Guyton will compete for a starters job. Guyton started all 16 games for New England in 2009. Guyton is also known for his special teams play.

Miami $50+ mill under the 2013 salary cap

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald is reporting the Dolphins will have more than $50 million in salary cap space entering the 2013 offseason. That will allow them to re-sign both Cam Wake and Jake Long if they want too.

Jackson is also reporting the Dolphins have put off signing free agent offensive linemen Jake Scott and Kyle Kosier till after the NFL Draft.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mock Draft time again...

As we get close to the Draft we will give ya links to a few Mock Drafts out there. We did this a couple weeks back, so its time for an updated version

Mel Kiper 2-Round Mock  CLICK HERE Mock Draft CLICK HERE



Fins spending time with player who missed all of last season

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald is reporting the Dolphins are spending a lot of time talking with Armond Armstead the DE/DT from USC. Armstead was projected to be a 1st or 2nd round pick a year ago entering his final season of college, but he missed all of last year with chest pains and USC doctors wouldn't let him play.

Fullback Ahmard Hall visits Fins

The Miami Dolphins announced on their website that fullback Ahmard Hall visited with the team on Wednesday. Hall has been with the Titans since 2006 and a starter for them the past few seasons.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 MAN CAVE contest

Ok, we are having a little contest here at and it goes a little something like this. Take a picture of your Miami Dolphins MAN CAVE and send it to us. The fan with the best MAN CAVE wins a brand new New Era Miami Dolphins draft day baseball cap. We will display all the pictures on the website on Friday Night April 27th the 2nd night of the NFL Draft. And myself along with a team of judges (err, whoever happens to be in the room with me at the time) will pick the winner.

It doesn't half to be elaborate or anything like that. Even if you only have a corner of a room dedicated to the Dolphins or a wall filled with Dolphins autographs, take a picture send it in. You never know, if its the best of the bunch we get, you can win!

Email all pictures to

Spread the word of this contest on twitter or any other Miami Dolphins fan-sites or message boards you may visit. The deadline is Friday April 27th at Noon (eastern time) Then that night we will display all the pictures and announce the winner.

Bill Polian thinks Miami should trade up to #3 to secure Tannehill

Former Colts GM Bill Polian believes Miami should part with a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round draft choice to move up to #3 to select Ryan Tannehill. CLICK HERE to read his thoughts on this matter.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Is Cameron Wake holding out?

tweeted that: Miami pass rush ace Cameron Wake, set to make just $650K, is absent for start of offseason work

Adam Schefter tweeted: Dolphins Pro Bowl DE Cameron Wake, seeking new deal, was not present at start of Dolphins' voluntary off season workout program today.

This could be nothing or it could be another piece of drama surrounding the the Dolphins. I personally hope it's nothing but let's be real; Cameron Wake is one of the top pass rushers in the NFL who will be 30 by the start of the season, he has 1 year left on his rookie deal for which he will be paid 650K.

This is a HOLDOUT in my opinion, but I hope I'm wrong. Tomorrow will tell.

Fins were hot for Tannehill before they hired Mike Sherman

Albert Breer of the NFL Network is reporting the Miami Dolphins were very high on Ryan Tannehill before they hired his old college coach Mike Sherman. Breer said Miami probably won't trade up for Tannehill but would take him if he falls to them.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Oooh The possibilities!!

Regardless of whether you want General Manager Jeff Ireland to be fired or not, you have to be licking your chops at the possibilities upcoming on April 26th, and whether you like the man or not as a recruiter, he is superior at talent evaluation than most, and makes his money on draft day. Whether your a fan of the ellusive first round QB's or you want beef on the right side of the offensive line, OR you want another great pass rusher or talent at the WR position, the fact of the matter is, if you think about it no actual direction that Ireland goes in the draft can be wrong.

Now in my mind the BEST thing for the Dolphins to do is trade down, and how is that possible? The meteoric rise of WR Michael Floyd. He can go as high as the seventh pick and the buzz surrounding him is almost deafening, think an even bigger buzz than Alabama's Julio Jones, who Atlanta gave up a coup for. Even If someone trades up earlier to get him that would probably mean that Justin Blackmon might be available so someone might want him bad enough as well. Trading down would validate picking Tannehill with a mid round pick if that's Tannehill is ultimately who the team wants, and give a positive spin to our draft stock in later years.

Notre Dame WR Floyd To Visit Miami reports that Notre Dame WR Michael Floyd will have a pre-draft workout for the Miami Dolphins next week. Floyd, along with Oklahoma State's Justin Blackmon are considered the top wide receivers in this years NFL draft.

Yeremiah Bell unlikely to return to Fins

Drew Rosenhaus, the agent for Yeremiah Bell, said it is unlikely that his client will return to the Dolphins. The organization and Rosenhaus had discussions last month about bringing Bell back but those talks broke down. The Eagles, Jets, and Patriots have shown interest in Bell.