Thursday, May 31, 2012

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Joe Philbin with Mike Florio of PFT Talk

Total Hard Knocks coverage

CLICK HERE to watch VIDEO of Joe Philbin talk about the Dolphins and Hard Knocks

CLICK HERE to watch VIDEO of Ross Ketover Senior Producer of NFL Films talk about the Dolphins being on Hard Knocks

CLICK HERE to watch VIDEO Jeff Darlington of talk about the National Buzz the Dolphins have and will create being on Hard Knocks

CLICK HERE for a print interview where Herm Edwdwards says Hard Knocks is harmless fun and not a distraction.

CLICK HERE for a column by David George of the Palm Beach Post who says the Dolphins being on Hard Knocks is a good thing.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Armando Salguero FIRED from 640 AM Radio Show

Die-Hard Dolphins fans have enjoyed listening to Armando Salugero and his Miami Dolphins insight on his daily morning radio show on WFTL 640 AM Radio the past 2 years, but that has now come to an end. Armando has been fired by 640 AM and has been replaced by Sid Rosenberg. Sid is expected to start in Mid-June. The reason given for Armando's dismissal was "poor ratings." Armando confirmed the news on his twitter page.

Rosenberg was fired in early April by WQAM when he was arrested for a DUI and driving with a suspended license. Rosenberg has confirmed the report he is taking over the morning drive time slot with his buddy over at Bob's Blitz last night.

Like him or not Rosenberg is a talented radio host. Probably the most talented radio host in the South Florida market. WFTL can use "poor ratings" as an excuse to remove Armando but the fact of the matter is Rosenberg is as big a Radio Free Agent as there is and they couldn't let this opportunity pass. Could they have put Sid on in a different time slot and kept Armando; yes! That wasn't going to happen though because there needed to be changes with the "Armando and Perkins" show regardless of this Sid news.

The downfall of Armando Salugero's radio show is not surprising to long-time listeners of the program. When the show first hit the air it was called "Armando and The Amigo" and it had a lovable charm to it. Salugero's co-host was Larry Milian (aka The Amigo). Armando being the reporter/facts guy and Larry with his over the top "super-fan/every-man" attitude was a good mix and they put on an enjoyable show. While they covered all sports it was of course very heavy with Dolphins coverage as Armando has many connections with the Fins. But for some reason a year or so back WFTL decided to add a 3rd man to the team and that is when the show jumped the shark. The radio station added another reporter, Chris Perkins to the show and that is when things snowballed downhill quickly. The addition of Perkins forced "The Amigo" to quit as there wasn't enough air-time for all 3 men and when the show became "Armando and Perkins" it just was un-listenable radio. Chris Perkins was beyond awful as a radio personality and dragged the show into the gutter. Whatever charm the show once had was quickly gone and it became the stereotype for what "bad sports radio" in this country is. Perkins would take the opposite stance on almost every issue to constantly create "forced debate" and creating contrived conflict. Coming off arrogant at times on issues which he had little knowledge about. He would say "shocking things" and take "shocking stances" on issues just for the sake of "shock" factor that made no sense at times. With this website, interacting with fans and just talking to friends I know many listeners that once enjoyed Armando's program were driven away and stopped listening because of Chris Perkins. The show lost its way when it added him and he was just a horrible radio personality. He made you want to turn off the radio and I think enough people finally did forcing this change.

WFTL has already taken Armando's name off the "Line-Up" page and just lists "Perkins" as the morning host and the link to the page is currently a "dead link" where you click it and nothing happens.

We here at enjoy and respect Armando Salugero's work both for the Miami Herald and the last 2 years on his morning radio show. Armando was very good on the radio and we hope he returns to radio. His show was a must for all die-hard Dolphins fans.  Hopefully next time he returns to the air-ways he returns alone or without the anchor that was tied to his leg that went by the name Chris Perkins.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

VIDEO: NFL Network analysts not a fan of Miami doing Hard Knocks

CLICK HERE to see some "negative" feedback from the NFL Network folks on the Miami Dolphins doing HBO's HARD KNOCKS

OTA News and Notes

The Miami Dolphins are starting another voluntary OTA today in South Florida. Here are some news and notes from today's practice

-Safety Reshad Jones had 3 INT's today in practice (1 off of Matt Moore and 2 off of Ryan Tannehill)

-David Garrard was not at today's OTA due to being home in Jacksonville as his house has some damage from bad weather. So he is at home with the wife attending to that situation. No word if he will attend later in the week.

-Reggie Bush was a no-show today at today's OTA

-Davone Bess had 2 touchdown receptions

-CB/S Richard Marshall suffered some sort of leg injury. Didn't seem too serious but he had to leave practice.

VIDEO: Joe Philbin announces Dolphins will be on HBO Hard Knocks

CLICK HERE to watch VIDEO of Joe Philbin announce to the media that the Miami Dolphins will be on HBO's HARD KNOCKS series this upcoming year.

NFL Films President Steve Sabol had this to say on the Dolphins being on Hard Knocks: “On the 40th anniversary of the greatest season in NFL history – Don Shula’s perfect ’72 Dolphins – it is perfectly fitting that Hard Knocks is heading to Miami to capture the start of a new era for one of the league’s proudest teams,” said NFL Films president Steve Sabol. “After Hard Knocks’ hiatus last summer, I know our team at NFL Films can’t wait to get back on the field.”

Dolphins agree to be on HBO's Hard Knocks

The Miami Dolphins have agreed to be on HBO's HARD KNOCKS this season.

VIDEO: Charles Clay talks about Year 2 in the NFL

Dolphins TE/FB Charles Clay talks about going into his 2nd year in the NFL and the Miami Dolphins. CLICK HERE to watch.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Dansby Catching Heat For Saying Miami Will Win

Dolphins LB Carlos Dansby is catching a lot of heat for his recent comments on his thoughts on how the 2012 season will go. Dansby Was quoted as saying "As a team, I'm expecting us to win the AFC, period. We've got the talent. We have the coaching. We've just got to put it all together. It's going to come down to us as players going out and excelling and making sure we do everything we possibly can to win every game."

While that goal is probably unrealistic, you have to love his confidence. Seriously. Would you rather hear him say, I hope we can be a .500 team?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Noticable difference that the coaching has improved for the Dolphins

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald is reporting that Stephen Ross is liking what he is seeing and hearing from Dolphins camp thus far. That he is getting a lot of positive feedback about what is going on with and around the team. Jackson had this to say in his column today.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has noticed a shift in sentiment: “With Jeff Ireland, now you see people are recognizing, maybe the guy did have a plan! Maybe we did do something right!”
Conversations with players have convinced Ross the coaching has improved: “Everything I hear from the players is, ‘This is different. We’re happy with what’s going on.’” And this is the first time I’ve been able to have my imprint on the team. I inherited an awful lot of what Wayne [Huizenga] did.”… The Dolphins are among a handful of teams that have been receiving consideration to appear on HBO’s Hard Knocks training camp series.

Read more here:

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dansby exicted for 2012 season; thinks Fins can win the AFC

Karlos Dansby is speaking like the leader he is and is ready for the 2012 NFL Season to get under way. In an interview with Steve Waters of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel Dansby said this...

As I team, I'm expecting us to win the AFC, period. Point blank," Dansby told the Sun Sentinel at the team's FinsWeekend Fishing Tournament last weekend. "We've got the talent. We have the coaching. We've just got to put it all together. It's going to come down to us as players going out and excelling and making sure we do everything we possibly can to win every game.

"It's going to be a challenge, no doubt. But that's what you live for. You live for opportunities to have those challenges and we've got the opportunity of a lifetime here in Miami and we've got to take full advantage of it."

If the NFL season was to start tomorrow, Dansby would be ready.

"Physically and mentally I'm there," he said. "I'm sharp right now, man. I'm on point, I'm focused. I just can't wait. I just can't wait for the opportunity that I'm going to have this season."

Friday, May 25, 2012

VIDEO: Rookie DE Olivier Vernon

CLICK HERE To watch Video of rookie 3rd round pick Olivier Vernon after an OTA practice this week talk about life in the NFL.

Fins sign another rookie

The Dolphins today signed 5th round draft pick rookie LB out of Oregon Josh Kaddu. 5 of the 9 rookies have been signed as of today.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Philbin to pick a starting QB by Week 3 of preseason

Joe Philbin has announced he plans on announcing who the starting QB for the Miami Dolphins will be by Week 3 of the preseason. CLICK HERE to read.

Heath Evans: Tannehill will be best QB from 2012 Rookie Class

CLICK HERE to listen to Audio of analyst Heat Evans talk about how he believes Ryan Tannehill will be the best QB out of the 2012 rookie class. Being better than Andrew Luck and RGIII.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Davone Bess gets a haircut

Good Bye Dreadlocks

Garrard shines Day 1 of OTA's

Izzy Gould of the Sun Sentinel reports day 1 of the OTA's in the QB battle went to David Garrard. Garrard looked crisp, made solid throws, quick decisions, and had a firm grasp of the offense. Tannehill was good but looked like a rookie at times and the speed of the game got to him a few times. Matt Moore was, well Matt Moore. Not bad but not great.

You know Garrard wants to make Ross eat his words from yesterday. Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post had this quote from Garrard today who didn't like Ross's proclimation yesterday. "That's just more fuel for me," said Garrard, 34. "That's somebody else I've got to prove wrong. But the owner is the owner. I'm never going to dispute him, but I'll just let my play on the field show what I can do."

Monday, May 21, 2012

Ross Expects Moore To Be The Starter

In an interview with on Monday, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said that he expects Matt Moore to open the 2012 season as the Dolphins starting quarterback. Ross said "I don't think they're going to rush Tannehill into anything. He's going to have to win the starting job. I think Matt Moore will probably be the starter, and I wish him the best."

Ross also did not rule out the possibility of Moore being a long term starter should he develop. CLICK HERE to read the article.

Reggie Bush apologizes for Nazi comment

Reggie Bush apologized for his Nazi comment he made on Saturday.

"If anyone was offended by my jokes on twitter yesterday, I apologize. They were only jokes and were not intended for anything other than that."

No word yet if (or when) the Dolphins or NFL will pass out some sort of fine to Reggie.

Read more here:

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Deadspin has a story up of how Rex Ryan playing golf ended up at a wedding of 2 Miami Dolphins Fans. Not much in the way of details but Rex has a sense of humor give him that. And we here at wish the happy couple nothing but the best on their new marriage.

Dolphins sign another draft pick

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald is reporting that the Dolphins have signed 7th round pick DT Kheeston Randall this morning.

Reggie Bush makes "Nazi" reference; NFL fine or punishment looming?

Once again an athlete using Twitter without thinking and saying something really stupid! Reggie Bush made a NAZI reference on Twitter Saturday then when the negative backlash came from many fans who found the comment offensive, Reggie called everyone a bunch of crybabies and said he would FedEx them tissues and then took the tweet down. has the story. CLICK HERE to read the quote and about the incident. Also, what will the possible fallout of this be? Will Roger Goodell pass out some sort of punishment on this matter? The league can't have a player who represents them using this kind of language on a public forum like Twitter. My guess a very large fine might be coming Reggie's way. I would also hope the Dolphins step in and pass out some form of punishment as well on this matter. Not a good look for this franchise to have one of its star players speaking like this.

Naanee high on Tannehill; Moore says its Weird

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports that new Dolphins WR Legedue Naanee said he is very impressed with how Tannehill looks on the football field and how he always puts the ball in the right spot. Naanee went on to say that any of the 3 quarterbacks the Dolphins have could win the starters job.

Matt Moore on the other hand said "it is a little awkward"  that if you have a question to turn and ask the rookie for the answer. Sounds like this might be an issue for Matt going forward having to deal with a strong rookie who knows the offense better than he does. Joe Philbin even joking around said that Tannehill knows the offense better than him.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ross does 180 on Tannehill

Stephen Ross was ready to retire Tannehill's number at his press conference after last months draft. Well it looks like someone got to the old man and told him to tone it down some. Ross is now curbing the expectations on Ryan Tannehill. CLICK HERE to read the NFL article where Ross is singing a different tune these days.

The exact quote: "Obviously there's a big competition for the quarterback slot," the owner added. "We're not going to rush him into it, that's for sure."

Friday, May 18, 2012

AUDIO: Ryan Tannehill with Colin Cowherd

Ryan Tannehill was on the radio with Colin Cowherd of ESPN. CLICK HERE to listen.

Reggie Bush co-hosted once again with Kelly Ripa this morning. Check it out

Garrard: Tannehill knows offense better than the Vets

In an interview with SIRIUS/XM Radio Dolphins QB David Garrard talks about this is the first time in his NFL career that he has been in an NFL meeting room where the rookie knows the offense better than the veterans. CLICK HERE to read what says about the interview and why they think Tannehill will see the field much sooner rather than later.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fins sign first draft pick

The Dolphins signed 6th round draft pick WR BJ Cunningham today

Former Dolphins linebacker fighting for his life

CBS Houston has a story on former Miami Dolphins linebacker OJ Brigance fighting for his life as he is battling ALS. Even during this difficult time for OJ and his family OJ is using his charity to help bring awareness to ALS and help other family's who are going through a similar situation. You can CLICK HERE to check out OJ's charity.

We here at wish only the best for OJ Brigance and his family through this difficult time.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

ALL-PRO Fullback coming for a visit

Evan Silva of is reporting that Free agent FB Ovie Mughelli is flying to Miami to visit with the team on Thursday. Mughelli is a 2-time Pro Bowler and was also named ALL-PRO in 2010. Mughelli missed all of 2011 with a torn right MCL. He was cut by Atlanta on May 8th to save $3 million in cap space.

This is a sign the Fins think that recent free agent signing Jerome Messham of the CFL who is having a 2nd knee surgery in 5 months won't be a factor in training camp and upcoming OTA's. Messham's days in Miami appear to be over.

Fast-Break offense coming to Miami

David Garrard sat down with Jesse Alger to talk about joining the Miami Dolphins and what has happened since joining the team. He also talks about the offensive system the Dolphins are running this upcoming year. A system in which they will snap the ball every 33 seconds! A fast break offense is on the way. CLICK HERE to listen to the interview.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Fins sign undrafted Offensive Tackle

Izzy Gould of The South Florida Sun-Sentinel is reporting the Dolphins have signed free agent undrafted rookie offensive tackle Andrew McDonald from Indiana University.

Jerome Messham to have 2nd surgery in 5 months

Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post is reporting that CFL RB Jerome Messham who signed with Miami this offseason will have a 2nd surgery on his left meniscus. This will be the 2nd surgery in 5 months on this meniscus.

His chances of making this team were a long-shot at best. In all honesty with this injury his chances of making the team probably just went down to toilet.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dolphins Garage Sale

OK I have been doing some Spring Cleaning at my house and with news slow this time of year I figured why not do an online garage sale of Dolphins stuff I am looking to unload. Being a mega-Fins fan I get so much Dolphins gear and stuff for gifts from family and friends. I just have too much and need to get rid of some. So, I am holding my Miami Dolphins Online Garage Sale. I got a few items I am looking to move (price is listed but shipping charges aren't, we can talk about that later if you want an item), if interested email me at

Item #1
Bob Griese Autographed mini-helmet w/JSA certification  ($40)
Old-school Dolphins mini-helmet signed by Bob Griese w/HOF 90. I have it at a reduced price because the decal on the side of the helmet is starting to peal a bit. From a straight on view its tough to notice but up close you can see. I tried to show what it looks like in the pictures. JSA certification if you don't know I will explain, it is the #1 sports memorbilia authentication in the world. They show up at all of the large autograph events and certify each and every piece signed by the athlete. Sticker on the hlemet and JSA card comes with this item. The JSA # on this item is #W80480. You can go to their website CLICK HERE and verify the item with that number.

Item #2
Miami Dolphins FULL SIZE Helmet Display Case ($60)
This is a sweet item for you Dolphins autograph collectors. If you have a full sized Miami Dolphins helmet signed by a player or will be getting one soon, this item is a must. Orange and Teal colors. mint condition. Mirrored back. Dolphins logo etched on the front.

Item #3
Miami Dolphins 1/4 Pullover Fleece size XL  ($35)
Teal and Orange like new, never worn size XL pullover fleece. Side pockets, made by NFL.
Item #4
Miami Dolphins 1/4 Pullover Fleece Size XL ($35)
Teal and Orange like new, never worn size XL pullover fleece. Side pockets, made by REEBOK

Item #5 has sold!

Item #6
Miami Dolphins Teal Polo size XL ($35)
Made by REEBOK, size XL, never worn. 100% Polyester.

IF INTERESTED IN ANY OF THESE ITEMS EMAIL ME AT If you feel more comfortable going through EBAY I can always throw something on EBAY send you the link so you have some protection. I have a perfect EBAY feedback so that won't be an issue! We can work out fair shipping charges if you end up wanting an item. Everything is priced to move! 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Troy Aikman has dinner with Tannehill twice

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports that Dolphins first round draft pick Ryan Tannehill recently has had dinner on 2 different occasions with Hall of Fame QB Troy Aikman. Troy on Michael Irvin's WQAM Radio show had this to say about Tannehill..."He’s a “great pick” for Miami and there’s no reason why he shouldn’t start as a rookie if he wins the job. He is “no-nonsense, a leader, a guy who will put in the time.Very athletic guy. The familiarity with Mike Sherman's [offense] is going to help him a lot.”

Read more here:

CBS takes a step down in talent on pregame show

We usually just stick to Dolphins news on this site, but its May and with the vast majority of Miami games on CBS this news is a little interesting to Fin Fans. Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald is reporting that CBS has replaced Charlie Casserly as its NFL Insider on its pregame show. Their new NFL Insider will be Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network. No word yet on why the switch was made.

AUDIO: Solomon Wilcots is high on Kevin Coyle as Fins DC

Solomon Wilcots of CBS and NFL Network is very high on new Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator Kevin Colye. CLICK HERE to listen.

VIDEO: Clyde Gates talk about "BIM" and the upcoming season

Dolphins 2nd year WR Clyde Gates talks about what "BIM" stands for, how you can get a "BIM" t-shirt, and what he thinks of the upcoming 2012 season. CLICK HERE to watch.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Plaxico Burress claims Reggie Bush is begging him to join the Fins

Plaxico Burress on SIRIUS/XM NFL Radio Thursday was asked by Rich Gannon and Adam Schein about would he be interested in joining the Dolphins, Panthers, or Raiders. Plax gave an interesting story of a run-in he had with Reggie Bush recently.

I ran into Reggie Bush a few weeks ago at the Heat-Celtics game and he was just saying, ‘Man, please, just come down here and make some plays, and we’re going to have the receiver to go up and get the ball in the red zone and things like that.’ I said, ‘Hey, man, you know, when my phone rings, hey, you never know.’”

CLICK HERE to read more about Plaxico's interview on SIRIUS/XM Radio

Brandon Marshall: Still an A$$hole

Brandon Marshall says he wishes the Dolphins all the best now that he is in his new home of Chicago. He says that...and if you believe it you are a fool. Marshall also said about the Dolphins... "Also, if you don't have a quarterback, it doesn't matter who you have out there. You can bring Jerry Rice back in his prime and he's not going to be effective."

Nice, so you wish them the best but trash their QB(s). All Class Brandon, all class!

CLICK HERE to read more of what the jackass said.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Players happy Sparano and his yelling and screaming are gone

No need to yell it coach
Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald had an interesting report where he has quotes from many Dolphins players who are saying publicly that they are happy with Joe Philbin and how he treats them. That Philbin pays attention to detail and talks to them in a normal tone of voice and gives them respect. Karlos Dansby, Marlon Moore, Nate Garner, and Davone Bess all had very positive things to say about Philbin. While many of the players liked Sparano as a person they grew tired of his yelling and screaming at them. It is an interesting read and you should check it out. CLICK HERE to view the article.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

VIDEO: Lamar Miller speaks on being drafted by Miami

Lamar Miller
New Dolphins running back Lamar Miller spoke with the media recently, here is what he had to say. CLICK HERE to see the video

VIDEO: Cam Wake talks about his new contract

Cam Wake sat down for a 1-on-1 interview talking about his new contract and his future with the Miami Dolphins. CLICK HERE to watch.

Fins cut RB

Izzy Gould of the Sun-Sentinel is reporting that the Miami Dolphins have cut running back Richard Medlin.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Richard Marshall Rates Out Very Highly

Newly acquired Miami Dolphins CB Richard Marshall isn't afraid of contact. Pro Football Focus ranked all the cornerbacks for the 2011 season in stopping the run. Marshall was ranked #1 in tackles in the running game. He ranked #3 in defensive stops. And in run-stop percentage Marshall was ranked #2 overall. This is an under-recognized part of the game, especially for cornerbacks but it looks like Richard Marshall is not afraid to play the run and get physical. CLICK HERE to see the numbers and rankings.

Cam Wake signs 4 year extension; $20 mill guaranteed

Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that the Miami Dolphins and Cam Wake agreed to a 4 year-$49 mill contract extension with $20 mill guaranteed.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Thank You Fans

Just want to take a minute to thank all of you fans for making the month of April the biggest and most successful month in history! Also we would like to thank the all of you that participated in our Draft Contest of the best "Miami Dolphins Man-Cave." The response to that contest was huge and much larger than we expected.

As continues to be the fastest growing Miami Dolphins dedicated BLOG/Fan-Site on the internet we appreciate all the support we have gotten from you the readers. We also appreciate the way many of you help spread the word of the site on twitter, facebook, and other various places in social media. We will continue to provide the best commentary concerning the Miami Dolphins and continue to have some of the most "fair" and "honest" analysis of the Miami Dolphins on the internet.

While May through July is often seen as a "DEAD TIME" in the NFL universe we will be working hard in these months to continue to provide you with video, commentary, and analysis on the Dolphins. Just because the news might be slower and fewer and further in-between from now until the beginning of training camp we here at will continue to provide daily updates on anything and everything concerning the Dolphins.

We once again thank all of our loyal visitors for supporting this site and helping it grow at a rapid pace and all I can say to you right now is; YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET! And the best is yet to come from!

Get to Know: Josh Kaddu

Dolphins 5th round Draft Pick

VIDEO: Should Tannehill Start Week 1?

CLICK HERE to watch an NFL Network debate on whether Ryan Tannehill should start Week 1 for the Miami Dolphins.

Wilson jumps to Rosenhaus as 14 players leave Drew

Dolphins CB/S Jimmy Wilson has switched agents and hired Drew Rosenhaus. A questionable decision on Jimmy's part as in the past few weeks Drew Rosenhaus has lost a total of 14 clients. Some of the biggest names Drew had in his stable have all fired him and gone elsewhere for representation.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Philbin makes the rounds

With the first day of rookie mini-camp in the books Joe Philbin did his media obligations after practice

CLICK HERE to see VIDEO of his press conference after practice

CLICK HERE to see VIDEO of Philbin sit down with The Finsiders

Rookie Mini-Camp starts Today

The Miami Dolphins 3-day Rookie Mini-Camp begins today. Around 40 rookies (drafted, undrafted, and tryout players) will be in attendance participating. The first practice is at 2:30pm today.

Peter King on the Dolphins and Tannehill

Peter King wrote on the state of the Dolphins and what Ryan Tannehill means to them. CLICK HERE to read it.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Draft Grades

Passing out draft grades a few days after the draft can at times be silly. I have seen Miami get everything from a C- to a B+, well we like to focus on the positive here at so let's focus on that B+. Here is VIDEO of Chris Kouffman breaking down the Dolphins Draft. CLICK HERE to watch.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

VIDEO: Jeff Ireland speaks on the draft

Jeff Ireland gave an interview breaking down the Dolphins draft, CLICK HERE to view it. The key quote: "If our board is right, we killed it."

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Donald Driver to Miami?

While the Dolphins didn't take a WR in the early rounds of  last weekends draft the position is now probably the #1 area in need of an upgrade and the weakest part of this team going into the 2012 season. The organization hasn't addressed the Brandon Marshall departure yet. Well, today Jacoby Jones was cut by Houston and Jabar Gaffney was let go by Washington and both should be on the Dolphins radar in the coming days and weeks. Another name to keep an eye on though according to James Walker of is Donald Driver who will need to re-do his deal in Green Bay or he most likely he will be released.  He came from the west coast offense and obviously has ties to Philbin.

Now, Driver is older and probably doesn't want to go to a bad team/rebuilding team. But he also wants one final pay day and if Miami offers enough money he would probably come to Miami. Driver isn't a long term answer at 37 years old, but for a 1-year, hold the fort, band-aid type guy he wouldn't be terrible.

The Dolphins had far too many holes to fill in one offseason and in one draft. WR is clearly the position that won't get seriously addressed this year. And that is fine, I mean this team was going to be weak somewhere and they (Ireland/Philbin) decided to let it be WR this year. So, bringing in a guy like Driver, Jones, or Gaffney on a 1 year deal wouldn't be awful and in fact would make a lot of sense. And then a year from now they can seriously address upgrading the WR position.

Ryan Tannehill working with Chris Weinke at the IMG Football Academy