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More Roster Cuts

The final of the Dolphins roster cuts are coming out slowly. According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald DE Jarrell Root and OT Andrew McDonald have been cut.

Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post is reporting Chris "7-11" Hogan has been cut. Also, WR Jeff Fuller has been let go.

Matt Moore on his way OUT of Miami via Trade most likely

The buzz around the league is nobody is believing the Miami Dolphins will carry 4 quarterbacks into the season. Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports believes that Miami will ship Matt Moore to either Arizona or Green Bay. Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post also says Denver is showing interest in Moore.

Miami Dolphins released some veterans on cut day

On Friday, the Dolphins have released two receivers and two linebackers, who were expected to contributed to the team this fall.

Clyde Gates, who was a 2011 fourth-round pick and Roberto Wallace, who was in second year were released.

Wallace, caught five passes for 82 yards in the preseason, but Marlon Moore passed in on the depth chart. Gates, who was said to be the faster player on the Dolphins' roster, caught only three passes for 33 yards, and ran one reverse for 11 yards.

Jamaal Westerman, a linebacker who played his first three season with the New York Jets and former New England Patriot Gary Guyton, were also released on Friday.

Other notable players that have been released so far are defensive tackle Ryan Baker, a three-year veteran of the team, rookie receivers B.J Cunningham and Jeff Fuller, and cornerbacks Vincent Agnew, Quinten Lawrence and Kevyn Scott.

The Dolphins have until 9 p.m. Friday night to cut their roster down to 53 players.

The Cycle of Losing

Optimism for the 2012 season doesn't seem to be running very high after a very difficult to watch preseason. The moves made by the Dolphins organization make it clear that a full-on rebuild is in motion. The concern now is whether or not patience will prevail to allow the rebuild to play out. Patience is not in high supply for Dolphins fans these days and that is demonstrated by several years of poor ticket sales and game attendance. The problem is that this lack of patience is contributing to a cycle of losing and fans need to realize they are part of that cycle.

Fans like to think that the lack of support has forced ownership to push harder for a winner. In my opinion, the fans have gotten their wish but not the result. We have seen several regime changes over the last several years and most of it has been driven by the owners' wishes to improve ticket sales. But regime change means lack of continuity and in a league where continuity is one of the only things you can look for to get an edge on your opponent, I am afraid we are on the losing side of that edge. So while the fans may have pushed for a winner, they have inadvertently forced a succession of losers.

Here is the cycle... It starts with losing. Losing leads to fan dissatisfaction and poor game attendance. Poor game attendance leads to decline in profits and ownership gets nervous. When ownership gets nervous they try change things to regain fan support and avoid more losing. Therefore a regime change takes place and hopes are renewed. But regime change often does not produce winning until all of that regime's pieces are in place. Depending on the patience level of the fans and owner, the regime will only get so much time to construct a winner before another regime change. But another regime change will mean more losing until THAT regime gets their pieces into place. Losing erodes patience and leads to more frequent regime change.

The Dolphins have been in a cycle of regime change driven by lack of patience which has been driven by losing for a long time now. It started with the losing after Marino's prime and struck hard with the incompetency of Dave Wannstedt's regime. This was the fault of ownership and not of the fans. But now the fans share the responsibility because they won't allow time for another regime to succeed. In Miami, if you can't get it done in 2-3 years, you are gone or going.

Some of this happens without fans even knowing it. We had a regime change in Miami without changing GM or head coach. In with Ross and out with Parcels was a major regime change. Many mistakes were made with Parcels as the decision maker and those mistakes looked like the mistakes of Ireland and Sparano. Nearly all of Parcels additions are gone and justifiably so including coordinators. Sparano tried to make the necessary changes last year but with the short off season and a new offensive coordinator it took too long to start winning and he took the fall. Ireland survived this time but how much longer will he get to correct the mistakes?

I think we all need to be prepared for some losing this year. We have a rookie head coach and a rookie quarterback. That alone is enough to expect growing pains, but on top of that we have let go some good players for draft picks and haven't looked particularly good in preseason. So if the losing continues, will it continue the cycle? Will the fans scream for heads to roll as they have in the past? Will Ross cave under the pressure of poor attendance? Be careful what you wish for when you call for change because sometimes you are just keeping it the same!

In my opinion, the best chance the Dolphins have at ending the cycle lies with ownership.  At some point an owner has to recognize that public opinion can be slow to shift and the negative voices speak loudest.  Ownership has to make the hard choice of ignoring the voices of public outcry in order to give an opportunity for a regime to see it's push for change through.  If we lose this year and Ireland takes the fall, be ready for yet another restart and renewal of the cycle because that GM will be looking for "his guys" and that means new players, coordinators and (likely) head coach. 

Dolphins Cuts begin

Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post reports Miami has cut DE Jamall Westermann and DE Ryan Baker

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald is reporting WR's Clyde Gates and BJ Cunningham have also been cut

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reporting LB Cameron Collins was also released

Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post reporting WR Roberto Wallace was cut

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reporting that LB Gary Guyton has been cut

Armando Salguero reporting CB Vincent Agnew has been cut

Dolphins working out CB's, Hartline returns to practice

Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post is reporting that aside from the wide receivers Miami worked out yesterday the team also worked out three cornerbacks. They were Donald Strickland, Rod Hood, and Drew Coleman. According to Volin, Hood is the guy to keep an eye on.

In other news Drew Rosenhaus on the The Joe Rose Show on 560 WQAM said that his client Brian Hartline will practice today with Miami. Rosenhaus also said the Dolphins have been very aggressive in regards to Jabar Gaffney and expect him to be brought in for a workout soon once he gets healthy.

Fins trade Ryan Cook for a 7th round pick

Bob Strum of 1310 Sports Radio in Dallas is reporting the Cowboys have sent a 7th round pick to Miami for backup Guard/Center Ryan Cook. Looks like Ireland went back to that Dallas pipeline one more time but this time for a move that actually made sense for the Dolphins.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

REPORT: GB and Miami talking James Jones trade

The NFL Network is reporting tonight the Green Bay Packers and Miami Dolphins are working on a trade that will send WR James Jones to the Dolphins.

UPDATE: Also it is being reported by Dov Kleiman that Miami worked out wide receivers Mike Simms-Walker and  Brian Tymes in addition to Donte' Stallworth today.

Stallworth and other WR's working out for Fins today

Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel is reporting Donte' Stallworth and various other un-named wide receivers are in Miami today working out for the Dolphins.

Dolphins Team Plane in accident

Josh Alper of ProFootballTalk is reporting that while leaving Dallas last night the Dolphins team plane was involved in an accident on the run way. The Dolphins were forced to get off the plan, wait many hours, and take another plane back to Miami. They didn't arrive back home till very early Thursday morning.

Random Thoughts

There’s not too much to be excited about these days if you are a Dolphin fan. They finished the pre-season 0-4 and have not shown any improvement as it went along. Starters have looked bad against opposing starters as well as opposing reserves. This team does not look like it’s ready for the start of the season. Most people look forward to opening day. Right now I cringe at the thought of playing Houston. Sorry Joe, but you will lose your first game as an NFL head coach. On the bright side, the Jets have looked worse!

There have been few bright spots so far. One being the maturation of rookie QB Ryan Tannehill. He is proving everyone who said he needed a year or two wrong. He looks confident and in control. Sure, he has made a few mistakes but far fewer than I would expect. Now all Miami needs to do is find a couple of guys who can actually catch the ball, which brings me to this……

If the Dolphins cut every receiver except Davone Bess and picked up waiver wire guys, would they be any worse off than they are now? Legedu Naanee couldn’t catch a cold. Roberto Wallace can’t get open. Brian Hartline can’t get on the field. With the exception of Bess, the Phins WR corps are a complete joke. Maybe it’s time to give Plaxico Burress a look?

On the Vonte Davis trade….don’t count me in as one of those drooling over the second round pick the Dolphins acquired for Davis. First of all, Davis is only 24. He’s still a kid. A kid with plenty of talent and room to mature. Good CB’s are hard to find. And add to that the Dolphins consistent failures with second round picks, I just don’t think it was that great of a trade.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hard Knocks Episode 4 Recap

By Thomas Galicia (@thomasgalicia)

Our segment in this new episode shows offensive lineman Jeff Steinbach speaking to Jeff Ireland about his impending retirement. Cut in with these images is Coach Joe Philbin announcing Steinbach's retirement. 

Afterwards we see Steinbach speaking to the cameras about how this team is "moving forward", which is the tone of this episode considering what we're going to find out at the end. 

Then we see the coaches meeting and discussing the upcoming game against Atlanta. Kevin Burnett discusses how everyone is at-risk.

News we didn't know until this episode: Daniel Thomas apparently has a tardiness problem. He was late for the team flight to Carolina, then was late for a team workout. We see Thomas speak to Coach Philbin in an attempt to motivate. Something must've worked as Thomas would be the best player on the Dolphins' offense against Atlanta. 

After this we see Coach Philbin talking to his coaching staff prior to the film session

A film session is looked in on, where offensive coordinator Mike Sherman is speaking to the offense about protecting their teammate. We see footage from the game against Carolina where Bush is being easily met at the line by the Panthers' defense. Sherman would tell his charges "we should be helping them off the ground, and not allowing people just to run him back into the ground." Sherman's harsh yet true words would be followed by Coach Philbin reiterating Sherman's points. 

After a montage set to music of a Dolphins practice, we see Richie Incognito telling tight end Michael Egnew to change the password on his iPad, then to check his Facebook. Incognito apparently hacked into Egnew's Facebook and posted "I just [sic] pooped my pants."  Incognito then added "I was going to put something rude, but then I saw the picture of your girlfriend and I felt bad." I'm actually surprised that we haven't seen more of Incognito on the program; he's a very engaging personality. Probably not enough important footage of him. 

After this we see a profile of rookies Jarrell Root and Chas Alecxhi, and the friendship that has forged between the two. Our first shot of them is the two talking about fighting while they were eating, then Root talks about how the two are "similar in a lot of ways" as well as the connection between the two. This is followed by a further conversation the two had in the locker room about how Root only has one tackle "a tackle for loss" as Root puts it. 

Alecxhi's story is then told about how he survived being lost in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico for eight hours. Alecxhi explained how that made him grateful for all of the opportunities that the Dolphins' have given him. Alecxhi has since been cut from the team, while Jarrell Root is still with the team. 

The cameras revisited Les Brown (released by Miami on Saturday), who sees his reps in camp decline. Brown speaks about how he's going to keep working hard and believing himself, as well as how it was a long shot for him to even get to the point he's at. 

My favorite part of the episode came next; a shot of Lauren Tannehill and Jackie Long (wife of Jake Long) talking to reporters about the back to school event at a local mall sponsored by the Dolphins' charitable organization. This is set next to how Lauren is adjusting to South Florida well, while Ryan is still working on the details. 

In this segment about Tannehill, Reggie Bush speaks highly of him, stating that "he looks like he's been in the league for years." However a somewhat funny scene occurs next as Tannehill admits that he doesn't know the divisions in the NFL. He's quizzed about who's in what division. Tannehill claims it's because he wasn't a real pro football fan growing up, so he's still a bit confused. He also mentions how Miami could be in the AFC East if they're at the bottom of the map (from a geographical standpoint this is true, however historically our rivals are the Jets, Bills and Patriots, which is why we're in the East and the Colts went to the South). As part of the quiz when asked to name the teams in the NFC East, his first answer was the Chiefs. Yes, I face-palmed. 

A shot of Ruth's Chris Steak House comes next, and Mike Pouncey and his girlfriend Kristian Fong are he having a conversation about Miami's quarterback situation. Fong asks Pouncey how he feels about Tannehill, to which Pouncey replies that he liked working with all of the quarterbacks. She would then throw in a "you better win this Friday", which we obviously know doesn't happen. 

After a montage of the scenes of South Beach and Downtown Miami (which I have to mention to everyone who has never been to Miami are a full bridge apart from each other and both are far away from the Dolphins' training facilities), we see Jeff Ireland's son Riley walk into his dad's office. Ireland's son mentioned that it was tough for him to catch and throw the footballs used. In his very characteristic cold manner, Ireland just replies "I couldn't throw them when I was 11 either; you can catch them though", then we see a photo of Ireland when he was a ball boy with the Chicago Bears as he explains "I was 12 in that picture catching footballs." 

Ireland's "two great loves, family and football" are discussed. Ireland was raised around the game, which could explain why he does business the way he does. "I've been trained since I was 11 years old to do this job," says Ireland, who's talking about his childhood and how it set him up for his current career. 

We then see the preparations for the game against Atlanta, which includes Jarrell Root arguing with coach Kacy Rodgers. Philbin then speaks to Root, telling him to "watch his reply" and how the coaches are here to help. 

The struggles that the Dolphins defense has had all training camp (and preseason) are also put under a microscope. We then see the defense practicing harder than they have, along with Sean Smith explaining that he "wants Tannehill." Smith picks off Tannehill in practice, then taunts him by saying he'd like to "sign it for ya", then mocks a signature of the football. 

The first hint of the Vontae Davis trade comes up next. The Colts had sent Ireland a text inquiring about a Davis trade. At first they requested him for nothing more than a sixth round pick, a trade that Ireland turns down right away. However Ireland does kick the idea around a bit, citing how Davis is developing and is a contributing player who is going to play quite a bit. 

From there we go to Mike Sherman giving a motivational speech, then the monsoon that engulfed Sun Life Stadium prior to the game against Atlanta. 

The performance of the running backs is highlighted during the game, as is Tannehill's perfect run and slide for a first down. Miami's running game was strong against Atlanta, and this episode highlighted that, as was the toughness of the offensive line. 

Also highlighted were the team's red zone problems. The first mistake being a time out called by the Dolphins because Jonathan Martin's shoe coming off. This is followed by both of Anthony Fasano's drop (including the end zone drop). Then they go back in time (the game's highlights weren't shown in sequence) and also show Tannehill's interception, which came off of a tipped pass (but shouldn't have been thrown in that spot to begin with). 

The defense is then highlighted; first Vontae's called back interception (called back because of his own penalty), then the fourth down stand the defense had in Atlanta's first offensive drive of the game. 

From there we go to the second half of the game, as well as the failings of the second team defense. Jarrell Root is again highlighted (third time this episode) along with Les Brown and Chas Alecxhi, the former saw limited action, while the latter never got onto the field at all. 

The game part concludes with Moore explaining to the team how there's "no urgency", as well as the team playing in the rain. Les Brown's wife even explains how Brown "can't seem to catch a ball." 

We then conclude with the next day in Dolphins' camp, and the ringing of the telephone as players are called and informed of their impending release. Ireland is short and too the point while releasing players, and while it could be described as very "cold", such is the business of the NFL. Chas Alecxhi seems to have a good attitude about it, and seems grateful for the opportunity. On a personal level, I hope this kid succeeds. None of the coaches had anything bad to say about the kid. 

The final cut of the day is that of Les Brown. Ireland tells Brown that "I couldn't have asked for a guy that more represented what we want from a makeup standpoint from you." Brown's attitude is also a good one as he says he's going to believe in himself and keep working. Then in an interview, Brown talks about how tough it was and how he's going to miss his teammates and coaches. Tight Ends coach Dan Campbell also said good bye to Brown, and seemed choked up while doing so. Brown left a message on the white board stating "Thanks for all of the great memories! I love you guys! -Les." 

We finally get to Vontae Davis and his eventual trade. Davis is seen by himself in the bubble, appearing apprehensive. We then see the coaches discussing Davis' interception, with Philbin explaining "I've never seen anything like it, just a total lack of awareness." Ireland is then seen attempting a phone call while we hear a news report of Jim Irsay's tweet. 

Then Ireland is explaining to Philbin how the Colts offered Miami a fifth rounder for Davis, but now has gone down to a second rounder. Philbin then explains how he likes Davis but "wonders if we're able to get him to where we'd like him to be." Ireland then explains that he told the Colts they're intrigued but that a second rounder isn't enough. We see him on the phone telling the Colts "it has to be something that's going to blow me away, you called me; you're getting the player, I have to be the one that has to be satisfied with the compensation." Then we get cut back to Ireland, who explains that he's about to pull the trigger to Coach Philbin. 

Vontae Davis is seen walking into Ireland's office. Ireland explains the trade to Davis. Davis' first reaction is "I wanna call my grandmother." Ireland asks if they could do business first (explaining the incoming Tropical Storm Isaac and how the Colts might want him to leave before the storm gets there). Ireland was honest with Davis, explaining that he thinks the world of him as a person, but that his performance has been up and down. Davis asked what he was getting traded for, and Ireland replied that it was a couple of picks, then told him that he wants Davis to have a good career, then tells him it could be positive for him. 

This is followed by footage of Davis' locker being cleaned out, and the end of the episode. 

This episode saw more of Jeff Ireland than we had seen. It was a very informative look at how cold and callous the business can be. From Les Brown's emotional send off to Vontae Davis' last days with Miami, leaving a team is tough to go through, but in the end, it's just business. 

Thomas Galicia is a Miami Dolphins Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report. 

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Jake Long Injured at Practice

Jake Long was injured at practice today. It appears to be a leg injury but no further information is available at this time. He did walk off the field under his own power but went to a cart to be examined. He left the practice bubble and did not return. Jonathan Martin moved to left tackle and Art Hicks took over at right tackle for the remainder of practice.

UPDATE: Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post is reporting that Jake Long is fine and he just tweaked his knee.

Dolphins release Pruitt

The Miami Dolphins this afternoon released WR Julius Pruitt.

Give the Devil his Due

I won't sit here and defend Jeff Ireland but he did pull off a big one this weekend and as more details are coming out all I can say is WOW! Once you read Armando Salugero's article this morning you realize that Jeff just punched the Colts in the nose, took their lunch money, and laughed in their face.

According to Armando here is how the trade played out. For starters Miami did not have Vontae Davis on the trade block. This was initiated by the Colts 100%.  The Colts called Miami asking about Vontae knowing he had lost his starters job and made an initial offer to Miami for Vontae Davis that was only a 6th round pick. Jeff told Indy he wasn't interested in moving Vontae and declined the offer. A day later the Colts came calling again upping the offer to a 5th round pick. Once again, Jeff said he wasn't interested in trading Vontae. Indy waited a few days and then called Jeff again and said they were willing to give up a 3rd round draft pick. Apparently this got Jeff's attention, as it should have! From there dialogue was opened up and Jeff was able to work Indy (aka ROB THEM)  to give up a 2nd round draft pick and a conditional 6th rounder.

You can hate Jeff Ireland or you can love Jeff Ireland, bottom line is he did a heck of a job getting max value  and using Indy's desperation against themselves.

UPDATE: Peter King is defending Ireland for the Vontae Davis trade and the Brandon Marshall trade earlier this year. CLICK HERE to read.

Change is Coming to the WR group

Coming to Miami? 
As of Monday morning here is where we stand with the current Dolphins WR position. Essentially what Mike Sherman said the other day to the press everyone took as a funny one-liner but it actually is 100% true. Only Davone Bess is safe. Yes, we are one week away from the start of the season and the organization has only l WR on the roster they like to make this team. Brian Hartline is making steps towards getting on the field but is also near that drop dead date of where he will have to play or be placed on IR to open a roster spot up. This team can't afford to have an unhealthy Brian Hartline take up a roster spot if he is weeks away. This team doesn't have that luxury. You can though expect the team to keep 1,2, or all 3 of  Jeff Fuller, Rishard Matthews, and BJ Cunningham on the practice squad.

What we do know is that Plaxico Burress and Terrell Owens are not being considered according to Omar Kelly from the Sun-Sentinel. We do know that the Packers have 7 legit NFL WR's and some young up and comers in that group which might make Donald Driver and James Jones expendable. Philbin would most likely love to have both in South Florida. Don't forget if Jones is cut he has to go through waivers which means another team can grab them before Miami. Meaning if the Fins want him they will have to part with some draft picks or a player. This morning another team loaded with WR's started making moves. The Patriots cut Donte' Stallworth and rumors are out there that they are on the verge of cutting Deion Branch and Jabar Gaffney as well. Gaffney is actually an idea fit for the Dolphins offense and many were surprised the Fins didn't make a play for him this offseason when he was a free agent. Back to Stallworth, he is a resident of South Florida and did serve his house arrest in South Florida a few years back. That probably is a red flag that would scare the image conscious Dolphins away but he hasn't been in trouble since and the team is desperate.

Yes with all the extra draft picks Miami has making a huge splash for Mike Wallace in a trade with Pittsburgh would make this fan base very happy. Problem is they also have to pay Mike Wallace and that would create a domino effect in which 3 or 4 other players would be released. And if this is a rebuilding year, why part with picks for Mike Wallace when in 7 months you can just sign him and also keep the picks. Same goes for Dwayne Bowe. Remember on Bowe, he grew up in Miami. Won a state national title for a high school in Miami and has said he would love to return home to play professionally. Come March when he will be a free agent, would he give the Dolphins a hometown discount to return home? Possibly, hell probably. So, why part with picks now to get him if this is a rebuilding year? Makes little sense.

Whatever happens it is probably going to happen really quick so keep coming here to for the latest and follow me on Twitter at @DolphinsTalk

Flynn Loses Out To Rookie QB In Seattle

For those of you still upset about the Dolphins lowballing Matt Flynn and losing him to Seattle, here is a news flash for you.....

Matt Flynn will be doing this on the sidelines when the season starts....

And Seattle rookie Russell Wilson will be doing this on the field.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Greg Cote of the Miami Herald on the Vontae Davis Trade

Video: Jeff Ireland Comments on Vontae Davis Trade

CLICK HERE to watch video of Jeff Ireland talk about why and how the Vontae Davis trade went down. He gives the thought process behind it.

Vontae Traded to Indy for 2nd round pick

Jay Glazer of FOX SPORTS is reporting the Miami Dolphins have traded Vontae Davis to the Colts for a 2nd round pick.

This is great value and a great trade for the Dolphins. Vonate has been a huge disappointment since entering the NFL as a first round draft pick.

What will Miami do at Wide Receiver?

Time to go WR shopping
The Miami Dolphins have a disaster at the WR position. There might be CFL teams with a better group of WR's than the Dolphins currently have. There is no positive way to spin it; this group of wide receivers stink. They have Davone Bess who can play. They have Brian Hartline who is decent but injured and after that they got nothing. Nothing at all. Total garbage players at WR who when cut will be out of work as I don't see any other teams beating down their doors.  A group of guys who were handed a golden opportunity and have failed and been an unmitigated disaster thus far.

There are three quote "name" guys who are free agents but the Dolphins don't seem to have any interest them. They are Lee Evans, Plaxico Burress, and Mike Simms-Walker. Honestly if Miami signed all three of them I don't think any fan would be upset. Hell, if Miami signed a couple of them today they would probably be starters Week 1 vs Houston.  It's not going to happen, but maybe it should! At the very least you would think Miami would consider at least one of those guys, but this is Jeff Ireland we are talking about.

Next avenue for Miami to pursue upgrades is the waiver wire and trades. According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald keep an eye on the Packers and what they do. He quoted Rich Gannon of CBS saying that Packers have 7 legit NFL WR's on their roster currently and will have to make some tough roster decisions. Two names to watch are Tori Gurley and Diondre Borel. They are 2 WR's who spent last season on the Packers practice squad and Joe Philbin knows them well.

Former GM and former CBS analyst Charlie Casserly says Miami should trade a mid-round pick to Green Bay for James Jones. This is a rumor that has been out there for weeks. Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald is also beating the drum for a James Jones trade. Armando is also clamoring for Miami to make a play for Tight End Chris Cooley if/when Washington cuts him.

The Dolphins need to do something and do it quick otherwise the Fins will be looking at a season where they might break NFL scoring records and not in a good way. Like maybe fewest points scored in a season. Yes, it could be that bad people.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

LaCanfora: Miami might have a trade partner for Matt Moore in Arizona

CBS Football analyst Jason LaCanfora was at the Atlanta-Miami game on Friday night and while his outlook of the Fins this season is bleak, he does believe Miami has the right quarterback to build around going forward. Another little nugget he dropped was that he is hearing from other GM's that Arizona could be interested in trading for Dolphins QB Matt Moore. Here is an excerpt below and click on the red link above for the full article.

The team will also have to figure out what to do with its backup quarterback situation. Garrard should be back in a few weeks, as expected, according to a source with knowledge of the situation. Moore, who has looked solid for spells with Carolina and the Dolphins, would have more trade value of the two (Arizona could be a candidate in that instance, other general managers have suggested to me).

Dolphins begin their Roster Cuts

The Miami Dolphins made a few roster cuts today. Here is who they cut as of this morning.

RB-Jerome Messam
TE-Les Brown
CB-Jonathan Wade
CB-Marcus Brown
S-Tyrell Johnson
DT-Chas Alecxih
LB-Josh Linham
DE-Jacquies Smith
RB-Jonas Gray was put on PUP

The Dolphins have to cut 3 more players by Monday

Wrap Up of the Atlanta vs Miami 3rd Preseason Game

Davone Bess is the only WR worth keeping on this Roster
The Atlanta vs Miami preseason game can be wrapped up essentially in one sentence. That sentence reads like this; "The Dolphins don't have anyone who can catch the football."

Anthony Fassano with 3 drops in the first half and I believe 4 overall. Legedu Naanee with 3 drops as well and he looked awful. This team is going to struggle all season to score points with this group it has at WR and Tight End. Defensively this team played outstanding. The first string defense (which is all that matters) minus Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett only gave up field goals vs a high powered Atlanta offense. Most weeks Miami won't be facing a team that has two high end, elite WR's like Roddy White and Julio Jones. But the secondary played well as did the 1st string defense overall.

Jonathan Martin looked good as did Jon Jerry and the offensive line had a nice bounce back effort. Daniel Thomas and Reggie Bush both ran hard and played well. It is tough to judge Ryan Tannehill because of all the drops but he looked OK. I mean he is a rookie and will make rookie mistakes but he wasn't awful by any means.

The team showed signs of improvement in many areas but the regressing at WR is troubling. This group can't get it done and honestly I don't know where Miami and Jeff Ireland go from here. Marlon Moore isn't any good. No other way to say it so why beat around the bush. Legedue Naanee is a 4th WR in the NFL not a #1 or #2. Roberto Wallace is a big lumbering red zone target style WR and not an every down WR. Clyde Gates, Julius Pruitt, Rishard Matthews, and BJ Cunningham are total project players who will need a lot of time and work. Chris Hogan, great nickname but he can put his head between his legs and kiss his ass good-bye.

Other than Davone Bess this unit has nothing at all. Did Brian Hartline get his leg amputated? Is he ever going to come back? I don't know what Miami is going to do going forward, they need to make at least 1 move even if its minor. You got Mike Simms Walker and Plaxico Burress as free agents. Neither are great and yes both are old, but christ they can't be worse than the guys Miami is playing. And the notion of "we are rebuilding so play the kids".....while nice in theory the kids Miami have stink. I'm sorry they do. They stink and playing them all season isn't going to change that.

Change for the sake of Change needs to happen right now at the WR position. A new body or two needs to be brought in. This currently isn't working as is.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

VIDEO: Dan Marino on the Dolphins naming Ryan Tannehill the starting QB

CLICK HERE to see what Dan Marino has to say about the Miami Dolphins naming rookie Ryan Tannehill the starting QB heading into the 2012 season.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hard Knocks Episode 3 recap

By Thomas Galicia (@thomasgalicia)

After an explosive second episode of Hard Knocks, a letdown was sure to ensue in episode three. 

Then we caught John Jerry throwing up on the Dolphins logo in the endzone of the practice bubble and knew that while it wasn't going to be as explosive as last week, it would be entertaining in it's own right. 

First thing we see is Jeff Ireland listening to Karlos Dansby's appearance on the Sid Rosenberg Show. Dansby came out swinging as we all recall from the interview, stating that the release would be an unwelcome distraction to the team (the irony of course is that a current player complaining about the release of a former player is probably more distracting, especially when players get released during training camp all the time). 

This leads to Philbin meeting with the team, stating that: "You're not going to agree with every decision that Jeff (Ireland) makes or the input I have in it, but ultimately, you have to be supportive." Had I been Philbin I probably would've used different wording on that one. You have to be supportive? How about a simple "if you have a problem with it, come to me, don't complain about it to the media" which is really what he was trying to say (at least I think that's what he's trying to say but who knows). 

Reggie Bush then asked Philbin for a meeting. Bush and Philbin would be joined in the meeting by Jake Long and Karlos Dansby himself. From there the three spoke to Philbin about how the Johnson situation was handled as well as their own opinions on how it should've been handled. The three veterans showed their leadership as they showed respect for Philbin while at the same time being firm in their beliefs. This leads to Philbin setting up a leadership council involving the three. I couldn't think of three better people on the Dolphins for this committee (although Cam Wake should be a part of it as well), however one has to wonder how the committee will deal with any potential problems down the road. 

Bush was further emphasized, mainly his work ethic. We all knew that Bush is a hard worker, he has been since his days at USC (which according to the NCAA never happened due to his accepting "improper benefits") up until now. Bush's goal is to lead the NFL in rushing yards, and is working towards that goal in a very meticulous matter. 

Speaking of meticulous, that's likely the best word to describe Joe Philbin. Well anal retentive seems to be a better word as he keeps track of untied shoelaces, a messy locker room, and picks up trash from the practice bubble. I was hoping we would see Philbin scrub up Jerry's puke, but alas, this wouldn't happen. 

Forgive me for skipping over what happened between Bush's spotlight and me cracking jokes on Philbin's anal-retentiveness (which is actually a pretty good quality for a head coach to have provided he doesn't go overboard on how neat the locker room is). The offensive line was looked at, first Jonathan Martin.  

Martin looked terrible against Carolina, yet in practice was actually pretty good. Martin earned praise from offensive line coach Jim Turner, who predicted that Martin would be Miami's week one starter at right tackle. Considering what we know about *spoiler alert* Tannehill being the starting quarterback, this has me worried to no end. Scarier still, Turner is right, only by default. The Dolphins' right side of the O-Line is beyond atrocious at this point as shown by John Jerry. 

What did we learn about John Jerry? Well, nothing. Apparently the coaching staff is as frustrated at him as all of the fans are. Because of his failures on the field (apparently he's as good in practice as he is during the game, which it to say not at all), he's given extra work. That's when Jerry decided to eject his breakfast onto the field. Interestingly, his play on the field is still more disgusting then his puke on the field, if anything I'm willing to just assume that his vomit would do a better job at right guard than he has in his three years in Miami. 

If you think there's a chance Eric Steinbach could help plug that hole on the right side, well that doesn't look possible. In speaking with Philbin, Steinbach appears reflective of his career while mentioning that he "doesn't want to bring up retirement". 

From there we go to the rookie talent show, which didn't include an appearance from Coach Philbin (who would ask if it was "clean"), but did include a power point presentation that had the obvious joke comparing Philbin to South Park's Mr. Mackey (by the way, Nick Saban sounded like Mr. Mackey with an anger management problem while with the Dolphins) as well as another joke comparing Matt Moore to Jack Black's character in Nacho Libre. It was a bit entertaining, and at least a shade better than Ryan Tannehill's rendition of Lean On Me

A quick look at Vontae Davis shows that he is improving (something I saw in the preseason game), along with David Garrard recovering from his knee surgery. Nothing to exciting here as it leads to the preseason game against Carolina.

Now the Carolina game was by no means a good one. I would say that Tannehill was one of the few shining stars from that game, mainly because he didn't make a single bad decision. However he and Jonathan Martin spoke to Philbin after the initial drive, one where both had their problems. 

Then we see Davis defending himself after the still dubious personal foul call against him due to his battle with Steve Smith. I say dubious because it was Smith that initiated the contact and continued it while all Davis was doing was trying to get him off of him. 

Tannehill's touchdown drive was shown, which led offensive coordinator Mike Sherman (who right now is the coach I'm most impressed with) to quip that "it was like giving birth." 

While Chris Hogan didn't get much play in this episode (Les Brown and the trip he and his wife made to the Everglades did), we did see a nice catch from him. Right now I think its safe to say that Mr. 7-11 is a lock to make the team. 

The episode ends with the second most important decision in Miami sports since 2010. The Dolphins informed Matt Moore and Ryan Tannehill of their decision to start Tannehill in Week 1. Moore is obviously disappointed, however he shows class afterwards and tells Coach Philbin that he's "100% with him", while quarterbacks coach Zac Taylor informs Tannehill that they're "counting on you to lead us to some big things this year." 

What those big things are, we don't know. The super optimistic Dolphins fan in me hopes its a Super Bowl, but we know better. I'm reasonably optimistic about Tannehill based on his decision making, but I still have questions about the rest of the team, questions to be answered not next week during episode four, but throughout the season. 

Thomas Galicia is a Miami Dolphins Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What Does Jeff Ireland Do All Day?

This is a serious question, what does Jeff Ireland do all day?  I am pretty sure he shows up at the office each day. I have heard from sources the guy works long hours. What exactly doe he do though? Fill the copiers with paper? File documents? What? I have been an Ireland supporter from the beginning and stood by him though all the rough times and media attacks but my faith in him is starting to fade away.

I know training camp is not even a month old but Jeff's 2012 offseason is looking downright awful right about now. Now I know it wouldn't be fair to pass out a grade at this moment since no real games have been played but the free agent acquisitions that Miami made look to be a total bust thus far and the talent level seems to be getting worse not better.

Jeff does get somewhat of a pass on the Chad Johnson debacle because nobody can predict when a player will abuse his wife (allegedly.) Where Jeff doesn't get a pass is the WR corp overall. Trading Brandon Marshall was a must, I won't jump into that debate but the franchise did the right thing kicking his crazy ass to the curb. Where Jeff did fail was in doing nothing to upgrade the WR position after signing Chad Johnson and Legedu Naanee  (both marginal NFL WR's at best these days.) As we are about to enter the season the lack of quality WR's on this roster is glaring. Combine that with Brian Hartline who might be out for the year with an injury (not official by any means, but since he can't be put on PUP he either takes up a roster spot while rehabbing or is put on IR to open up a roster spot. And IR is a real possibility people) and the WR position is a total disaster. During the draft Jeff didn't take a WR until Rd 5 and let's be honest 5th round picks are "project players" unless you get really lucky. What was Jeff's plan? What was his vision for the WR spot? What was the end game here? Tell me I am asking?

I know Rome wasn't built in a day and you can't fix every problem and overhaul the entire roster in one offseason, but what dream was Jeff having with this group of WR's being a capable bunch?

Let's move on to some of his other offseason signings, like Art Hicks. I mean Art Hicks is the man to fix the Dolphins right guard position? A guy who couldn't start for the Cleveland Browns. Yes, he couldn't start for the Cleveland Browns! Let that sink in for a moment people. Yet the same Art Hicks (who looked god awful vs Carolina last Friday) is an upgrade over Vernon Carey? And Vernon Carey stunk last year.  Don't even mention Jon Jerry, Ireland's 3rd round pick who is a total bust from 2 years ago. The 360+lb monster who can't put down a fork or block a girl scout. What was Jeff's vision? What was the plan? What was the end game?  Art Hicks? Really!?

David Garrard, OK he got hurt. Can't blame Jeff for that obviously. Can blame him for bringing in an old broken down QB though. Did he expect Garrard to find the fountain of youth? As of today it looks like Garrard could be a training camp cut once he is 100% to save the Fins cap room. So the big quarterback free agent signing might not be on the roster come Sep 1st. Brilliant!

Everyone is praising the signing of Richard Marshall, and it looks like a good one. My question is if Vontae Davis wasn't a lazy dog would anyone be praising the signing of Marshall as he would just be a 3rd CB in a bad secondary? Is Marshall really that good or is it just anyone except Vonate at this point so Marshall is getting overhyped?

And let's talk about this cap room. The Dolphins with this god awful offseason in terms of signing quality players is in the bottom 5 of the league when it comes to salary cap space as of today. Bottom 5! What? Who? Why? WHAT!

The only thing that is saving Jeff right now is that he might have hit the jackpot on Ryan Tannehill. Now its way too early to say that but at least there is an "UP" arrow next to Tannehill's name opposed to a "DOWN" arrow. And looking at recent Ireland's draft picks a lot of guys have "DOWN" arrows next to their names. Like Jon Jerry (3rd round), Clyde Gates (3rd round), Vonate Davis (1st round), and Koa Misi (2nd round.) These are early round picks that don't look good right now. And I won't go back further and bring up Pat White and Chad Henne, two 2nd round picks that were busts. I will overlook that and just keep it fairly recent.

So, that leads me back to my original question....What does Jeff Ireland do all day?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Point/Counterpoint on Ryan Tannehill

With the news coming down that Ryan Tannehill is the new Miami Dolphins starting quarterback opinions have fallen on both sides of the fence. Two very prominent national NFL writers came out swinging today and weighed in with their thoughts and let's just say they are the polar opposite of each other. So, I have included links to both pieces of work and you can see both perspectives.

CLICK HERE to watch the video of Alex Marvez of FOX Sports and SIRIUS/XM NFL radio for the "Anti-Tannehill" stance.

CLICK HERE to read Pete Prisco of CBS for the "Pro-Tannehill" stance

Breaking sports news video. MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL highlights and more.

Ryan Tannehill will start Week 1 for Dolphins

Miami Dolphins rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill has been named the starting quarterback for Week 1 by head coach Joe Philbin.
Tannehill had been competing with veterans David Garrard and Matt Moore in camp for the starting position, but Garrard's knee surgery left Moore as his only competition

Tannehill went 14-of-21 for 167 yards and a touchdown against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Dolphins' preseason opener, but went just 11-of-23 for 100 yards against the Carolina Panthers in Friday's exhibition game. He showed pose and calmness in the pocket.

Unlike Moore on Friday, who got rattled after being pressured so much. Tannehill got the kitchen sink thrown at him, but he remained cool.
Moore struggled completing passes against the third and fourth string of the Panthers. Moore has combined to go 12-of-27 for 136 yards and an interception this preseason.

Tannehill was selected number eight overall by the Dolphins in the 2012 NFL draft following his final season with Texas A&M. Last season, he passed for over 3,700 yards while tossing 29 touchdowns to 15 interceptions.

Tannehill will attempt to lead the Dolphins back to the playoffs after a disappointing 6-10 season last season.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tannehill staying with the 1st string?

Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel is reporting that at Sunday's walk-through practice Ryan Tannehill spent the majority of the time taking reps with the 1st team offense. To me that is a clear sign that the coaches while maybe not totally pleased with all of what Ryan did last Friday night, they at least were not discouraged with his play. I mean he is a rookie quarterback in his first ever start, they didn't expect perfection. I believe this staff has seen enough out of Matt Moore in practice and on tape from last year to know what he is. They want to see Tannehill more and as much as possible to see where he is at. If Tannehill has a solid or at worst not an awful showing vs Atlanta this Friday I believe he will lock up the starting quarterback job. As always keep coming back to all week for the latest on this story.

UPDATE: Davone Bess was quoted today saying this about Ryan Tannehill...“He’s got a nice arm and he’s super accurate,”  “That makes it a lot easier to read and track the ball and he can get it there. He’s got a strong arm.”

VIDEO: Press Conference Sunday

Today the Dolphins coaching staff meet with the media. To watch video of each of their press conferences follow the links below

Joe Philbin CLICK HERE

Kevin Coyle CLICK HERE

Mike Sherman  CLICK HERE

My Take from Friday Night's Game against the Carolina Panthers

Dolphin fans had to be shaking their head watching the preseason game against the Carolina Panthers on Friday night. There wasn’t many positive things to take from the Dolphins second preseason game against the Panthers. Here’s my take from Friday night’s game and yes there are some positives in there.

Ryan Tannehill will be as good as his offensive line: Tannehill didn’t have a terrible performance Friday Night. He played the entire first half and finished 11-for-23 for 100 yards and no touchdown. The bad news is, Tannehill was sacked three times by the Panther defensive line and was often pressured all night long. He also missed on passes, held onto the ball and didn’t look as good as he did against Tampa Bay in his first preseason game. There were clearly signs of his potential. I liked the fact that Tannehill didn’t get rattled after being pressured so much. Tannehill is the front-runner to start week 1 against Houston, but the Dolphin offensive line has to protect him better.

The Play of the Defense must improve: The Dolphins had no pass rush, nor could they cover players in the secondary. Cam Newton was like a surgeon against their defense. Newton was 8-for11 for 119 and threw for a touchdown. Not only was the secondary terrible for the Dolphins, the run defense was equally unimpressive. During the short time he was in the game, Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams was effective. He had four carried for 25 yards and 6.3 yards per carry. Williams also caught 2 catches, one for a touchdown. Yes, the Dolphins played without three defensive starters in Cameron Wake, Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett, but they still have issues on that side of the ball.

Matt Moore is second in the quarterback race: Moore didn’t do anything to prove to Dolphins Head Coach Joe Philbin that he should be the starter week 1. Moore, who finished 5-of-15 for 57 yards simply looked like a backup Friday night. I know Moore played well the second half of the season, but he doesn’t have the upside that Tannehill does. The third preseason game against Atlanta is key for Moore if he wants to win the starting job.

Pat Devlin will be on a NFL Roster this season: Devlin looked good during the fourth quarter. I know it was against the 3rd team Panthers defense, but he was very confident and made some good throws. He finished 13-for-20 for 118 yards, with one touchdown and one interception. Other than that terrible decision to end the game, I thought he played well. Devlin can be at least a good number 3 quarterback on someone’s roster opening day. Dolphins won’t be able to hide him on their practice squad for longer.

Miami Dolphins needs a new preseason announcing team: I don't know who put the broadcasting team of Dick Stockton, Bob Griese, and Nat Moore together, but they need to get rid of them. Never in my life have I seen three men so ill-informed in the booth. Stockton use to be a great announcer, but he is clearly past his prime. Griese and Moore are just clueless. When Stockton said that fans in the stadium will be able to see the same views as the officials this season, Griese's reponses, why did they do that? By the way, if you see these three men on the street, please tell them that Purdue's colors are still black and gold.
Overall, the Dolphins have a lot to work on before the season starts in a few weeks. The most pressing issue for me is the offensive line. I believe Tannehill will start at Houston, but you don’t want your first round pick to get killed against a very good Texans defense.

I’m not the biggest fan of preseason football, but it is the necessary evil for teams like the Dolphins. Better to have a problem in August as opposed to September.