Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thinking Out Loud

In light of the Dolphins OTA's and the recent news of Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski's upcoming back surgery; it got me thinking a little of the Dolphins potential and how this could be our best opportunity to reach the post season since the first season of the Bill Parcells era. When I look around the AFC East I see the New England Patriots first and foremost, and see that Tom Brady is not getting any younger and they have added few options to compliment Tom Brady in the Wide Receiver position, not to mention that they lost Wes Welker to the Denver Broncos, and will therefore have to be reliant on there injury prone Tight End's Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. And you look at the Buffalo Bills and the destined to be bottom feeder of the division New York Jets and see that they do anything on the talent front to better position themselves for playoff contention either, unless you have high praise for Kevin Kolb or Mark "butt fumble" Sanchez. The fact of the matter is that the Dolphins are the only team in the division who addressed nearly every position that needed upgrades from adding top Free Agent Wide Receiver Mike Wallace to securing the 3rd pick in the 2013 draft to select athletic DE Dion Jordan. And the OTA's have shown nothing to debunk my thoughts as newly acquired CB Brent Grimes appears to have recovered from his Achilles' surgery and was a highlight of the activities along with, and I'm happy to say, second year Tight End Michael Egnew. The Dolphins are in a solid position to conquer the AFC East. But like all teams working they're way from the bottom up, it begins with the Quarterback. It begins with Ryan Tannehill.

Too Much Talk?

The Miami Herald’s Adam Beasley inadvertently summed it up in the first paragraph of an article he recently wrote, “The Dolphins’ overhauled offense expects big things in 2013. That’s no longer news. The star players already have told us all about it.” They certainly have.  I have been thinking about this for the last couple of weeks, are the Dolphins talking too much?

When did all this talk begin? How did a team with 4 straight losing seasons suddenly become the talk of the NFL? Obviously the Fins made some big splashy moves in free agency and then the surprise trade up for Dion Jordan in the draft. But that was the Dolphins Team making news.   Lately it’s been players and coaches making news. Funny thing, the “talk” started with Offensive Coordinator Mike Sherman stating that Ryan Tannehill will be the most improved second year quarterback in the league, in fact he promised it according to the Finsiders website.  Then Brian Hartline declared the Fins receiving core the best in the AFC East on the NFL Network  (truth be told, he is probably right). Not to be outdone, Marcus Thigpen announces his 2013 goal is to break the NFL kick return record for TD’s in a season. The record is 6 and last season Thigpen had 2. Mike Wallace compares Tannehill to Ben Roethlisberger, claiming Tannehill has a stronger arm. Tannehill cannot believe how fast Wallace is. And on, and on, and on.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the new found confidence, but I feel like I have seen this song and dance before. The Detroit Lions were a popular pick going into the 2012 season, they finished 4-12. The year before that, the Philadelphia Eagles labeled themselves the “Dream Team” in the offseason, they finished the season at 8-8. And as Dolfans, who can forget the ‘95 Miami Dolphins. A preseason Super Bowl favorite by many, with plenty of big free agent signings, they limped to a disappointing 9-7 record and lost the wildcard game to the Buffalo Bills.

I would be surprised if Coach Philbin felt comfortable with all this talk. He comes across as more old school than that, and maybe so am I.  As Dolfans it’s great the Fins are in the news and the positive buzz around the team is a welcome and needed change. But I would rather see it on the field, not read about it online. I just feel there has been too much talk lately.

Carl C. Crowley

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Armando Salguero: Asshole of the Century!

We here at have always enjoyed the work of Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald. Personally I was disappointed when Armando was fired from 640 WFTL morning radio show. I am sad to say that all respect I had for Armando Salguero has been lost.

If you haven't heard here is the story involving Armando that broke over Memorial Day. Essentially Armando got into a heated email exchange with a reader (who happens to be a Vietnam Vet) over some Miami Dolphins topic Armando wrote about in the newspaper. And over the course of the email exchange things took a left turn and got off the subject of the Miami Dolphins. Here is what Armando wrote...(CLICK HERE FOR ENTIRE EMAIL EXCHANGE)

Hey Billie, you must be still pissed off you lost in Vietnam. Talk about leaving people behind ... I'm sure the South Vietnamese appreciated you sucking as a soldier, failing in your mission and then leaving.

I'm wondering how you feel that immigrants like me came here with nothing and now we run the place? There are three Cubans in the US senate. Did you know that? By the way, cubans love baseball not soccer, so that piece of bigoted shit coming from you doesn't apply to me. I suggest you blow it out your ass old man. 

For the record Armando did apologize for his statement. But sometimes an apology isn't enough! Needless to say Armando telling a Vietnam vet that he sucked as a soldier and failed at his mission is just unacceptable on all levels. If I were Armando's boss at the Herald he would be fired ASAP! I have talked to others who feel he shouldn't be fired but should be disciplined. Either way Armando should be punished in some way by the Miami Herald and if he were to be fired I would have no problem with it at all. I always thought that if there was a Dolphins reporter who would go over the edge in an exchange with a fan it would be Omar Kelly of the Sun Sentinel. I mean I like Omar but he gets into these petty childish fights with fans every day. Never thought it would be Armando. Never in a million years thought it would be Armando. Yet, it was Armando!

Memo to Armando, Omar, and all are above the fans!! You get paid to talk about the Dolphins, fans don't! I mean I run a little blog here that gets 1/10th the traffic you guys get between your columns, radio spots, and tweets and I get all sorts of hateful tweets and emails at times when people disagree with me.  Know how many I respond too...ZERO!! Ignore them! Be above the fray!

As I stated earlier sometimes an apology isn't enough. I have a feeling this may be a case where Armando's apology might not be enough to save his job with the Miami Herald. We will see though. We will have more on this story as it develops.

AUDIO: Dan Marino on SIRIUS/XM NFL Radio talking Miami Dolphins

CLICK HERE to listen

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Good Bye Ben Volin; Hello Andrew Abramson

As many of you know long-time Palm Beach Post reporter Ben Volin has left to take a new job with the Boston Globe covering the Patriots. Speculation has been going on for weeks as to who would take over for Volin, well we now have an answer.

Andrew Abramson will be the new reporter covering the Miami Dolphins for the Palm Beach Post. Abramson has been a political reporter with the Palm Beach Post up until now. You can follow Abramson on Twitter @AbramsonPBP

We here at would like to wish Ben Volin all the best up in Boston. He has been a great reporter covering the Dolphins for many years and has done outstanding work we have all enjoyed.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Running Back Battle

The battle at the running back position certainly is one of the most talked about subjects heading into OTA’s and training camp. It should be a spirited campaign. In my opinion, it is the most wide open position battle on either side of the ball. 

Lamar Miller enters camp as the presumed front-runner. The Dolphins thought enough of Miller that they did not try to resign Reggie Bush, nor did they make a big attempt to sign a veteran free agent running back, this off season.  Miller showed glimpses last year against Oakland and the Jets, early in the season, but as fans we saw little after that.  The Miami Herald’s Armando Salguero tweeted out in January when comparing Miller to Bush. ”…team thinks Lamar Miller, who's bigger and faster, could be better.” I’m excited about Miller this season. I was excited when the Fins moved up in last years draft to take him. I expect Miller to win the lead running back role and should get about 60% of the running back touches.

Daniel Thomas is supposed to be the power runner / short yardage back for the Fins. He has had 2 full seasons, and quite frankly, I don’t see it. Occasionally he shows glimpses, but they ‘re few and far between. He has battled injuries and fumbling problems.  He turns his back to the line of scrimmage way way way too much for me. (Did I mention he turns his back too much?).  Thomas is my bet for being the odd man out   He was not a Philbin selection. My bet is that Thomas does not make the final 53-man roster barring an injury to another back or dramatic improvement during training camp.

Jonas Gray is intriguing to me to say the least. His numbers steadily improved in college, and he seemed to have a nose for the end zone.  114 carries for 791 yards (6.9 Avg.), his senior year at Notre Dame, scoring 12 TD’s. A knee injury late in his senior year caused him to go undrafted.  At 5’10’’ and 225lbs, he needs to embrace his roll as the “big” back in the system. His biggest problem may be keeping healthy.

Marcus Thigpen is an absolute wildcard. He is obviously the Dolphins top kickoff and punt returner (especially PR since Bess has been traded) but is he more? He recently said he wants to be the #1 running back. There was plenty of talk last season about using him in the slot. Could Offensive coordinator Mike Sherman find multiple ways to use Thigpen, like Percy Harvin or Randall Cobb? (Or like many fans wanted Bush to be used like last season.) Maybe, occasionally lining Thigpen up in the backfield, or in the slot would give the defenses a little more to worry about.  With a year of experience under his belt, Philbin and company may trust him enough to use him in many ways, but as the feature back, who knows?

Mike Gillislee is the newest and latest running back in the Fins stable. Labeled as an exceptional pass blocker, immediately one considers him a third down back. He waited his time at Florida, and did not carry the load until his senior year, but carry the load he did.  He rushed for 1152 yards as a senior, scoring 10 rushing TD’s along the way.  How quickly Gillislee picks up his blocking assignments may determine how much of the field he will see this season.

It will be interesting to watch the running back battle unfold this summer.  I can’t wait!

Carl C. Crowley

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Renovations never had a chance

Vote or no vote, the Miami Dolphins renovation proposal of Sun Life Stadium was never going to come into fruition. As time went by after House Representative Will Weatherford refused to put the proposal in front of the legislature, it came into light by Patricia  Mazzei and Marc Caputo of the Miami Herald that early voting polls showed that 34,780-57 percent- of the 60,678 voters were opposed to the stadium renovation. Though the tally was incomplete, it appeared that the city has grown tired of giving money to billionaire owners who should be funding their own stadiums and were still feeling the wounds left by Jeffrey Loria's 2 billion dollar, public funded ballpark. Stephen Ross has a right to be upset, he spent 10 million dollars to setup the referendum, but the message after these recent events is clear: if you want to enhance your stadium or just build a new one, open up your wallet and pay for it yourself. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.  

Miami Dolphins sign tailback Mike Gillislee

The Miami Dolphins have signed fifth round pick and former University of Florida running back Mike Gillislee.

According to reports,  Gillislee signed a  four-year deal worth 2.32 million, which includes a 162,800 signing bonus.

Gillislee rushed for 1152 yards with 10 rushing touchdowns for the Florida Gators in 2012. 

Gillislee is the fifth player from the Dolphins 2013 rookie class to sign. Tight end Dion Sims, linebacker Jelani Jenkins,  kicker Caleb Sturgis,  and cornerback Don Jones, signed their rookie contracts last week. 

The only rookies the Dolphins haven't signed are number 3 overall pick Dion Jordan, second-round pick Jamar Taylor and third-round picks Dallas Thomas, and Will Davis.

How the Rookies look in the NEW Uniforms

Pictures from the NFL Rookie Premier event

Friday, May 17, 2013

Loathe the non-believers not Stephen Ross

Greetings and Fins up! I have grown tired of the endless river of print on how very loathed Stephen Ross is in South Florida.  People have called him ignorant, because he was a NFL owner learning on the fly.  They called him arrogant because he made no apologies about playing hard ball with the local political parasites.  They called him a whining billionaire when he complained of a lack of local support and public funding.  I don’t loathe Stephen Ross. I loathe the negative Fin fans that still make such statements. 

What Mike Dee said of Ross is true; the billionaire real-estate tycoon bought the Dolphins and learned to run the franchise under fire.  He made his mistakes and the purpose here is not to relive them.  We all remember his flirtatious pursuit of Jim Harbaugh, and mishandling of Tony Sparano.  If he had inked Harbaugh, people would want him to be mayor with no mention of the field goal fist pumping fat boy Sparano. We recall that he failed to lure Jeff Fisher to Miami.  He also lost the Peyton Manning chase, and refused to appease the public as they called for the demise of Jeff Ireland.  Both Ross and Ireland have laid it all on the line in 2013.  Ross is working to provide a winner and build a legacy; Ireland is fighting for his job.  I think they both are winning. 

I cannot help but wonder how many Ross loathers loved Wayne Huizenga.  I am not encouraging anyone to dislike Wayne Huizenga.  However, his popularity is every bit as misplaced as the loathing of Steven Ross.  After all he never appeared in a super bowl, and he sat at the head of the table as Don Shula, and Dan Marino went by the way side.  His loyalty to a washed up Jimmie Johnson is quite comparable to the commitment Ross has made to Ireland.  Finally, he failed with Nick Saban and a last gasp effort with Bill Parcells.  The man did all he could to bring Miami a championship.  Nonetheless, I fail to see where he applied himself or his resources in any greater manner than Stephen Ross. 

Now, let’s move onto the problem.   According to Pro football talk 60,678 ballots were cast prior to the Sun Life Stadium renovation bill hitting the waist basket.  57 % of Miami-Dade residents voted “NO”.  (Here it comes again) Get some therapy!  If I read one more statement from a resident stating “I don’t believe in giving money to anyone who doesn’t need it”, I might lose it.  It cost 1 Billion dollars to build a quality NFL stadium at this point.  Do you realize the Dolphins franchise is only worth 1 Billion? Could you show me a venue built for professional sports that did not include public funding?  The sports industry moves billions through the economy and has a political presence, like all industry.  The Miami Dolphins invested nearly 10 million in their campaign to renovate Sun Life Stadium.  4.8 Million non refundable dollars went to the cost of an election that never fully occurred. If the bill had succeeded there would’ve been a 1 cent increase in the “Bed Tax” on hotel accommodations in Miami-Dade County.  Furthermore, The Dolphins asked for a sales tax rebate on items sold at Sun Life Stadium. That’s it? Yes, that’s it. Who is truly paying for this? The people who make it cost you an hour to step out and grab a gallon of milk.  Neither Stephen Ross nor Jeff Ireland is the problem; the negativity surrounding efforts of progress is the problem.  So here we are, Miami now mirrors Los Angeles.  Lots of Fun, Sun, endless options, and a fair weather fan base.  If you voted “NO”, you’re not the reason the franchise has become stagnant, but you are the reason South Florida no longer deserves an NFL franchise. 

“Put out the fire boys, don’t stop, don’t stop! Put out the fire on us”- The Cold War Kids

Jarrett Davis
Twitter: Jarrettd0716

Offense : 2012 recap and what to expect in 2013

As the Miami Dolphins free agent spending spree is all but done, I would like to express my thoughts of Ryan Tannehill in his rookie season and what my expectations are of him in his sophomore season. Some sports analysts and writers were not impressed with what they saw of Tannehill last season as he began very shaky, committing costly turnovers and not being able to drive the offense forward and throwing for only 12 touchdowns and his top receiver, Brian Hartline, had only caught 1 touchdown in spite of having over 1,000 receiving yards. Fans and outsiders may view this as a failure. But I, on the contrary, saw it as success. If the top offensive weapon on your team is Brian Hartline there is a problem. Hartline, a good receiver, is simply not elite talent and doesn't have the speed to be a legit deep ball receiver, which he was forced to do last year. Ireland had failed to surround Tannehill with a  true number 1 receiver as opposed to other QB's in his rookie class who walked into better situations ( Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, for example). You are not going to win 10 or 11 games with Brian Hartline, Davone Bess, and Marlon Moore as your top 3 WR's. You need 1's and 2's to with the 3's and 4's (Thank you Mr. Ireland) and the lack of enough playmakers cost this team in 2012.  Our upcoming 2013 season, however, is the first season in which we may officially begin to judge Tannehill as the checkbook was opened and the top free agents on the offensive side of the ball, Mike Wallace, Dustin Keller, and Brandon Gibson will be wearing Dolphin uniforms next season. We have a deep ball threat now in Wallace who will be able to spread the field, something this offense lacked last season, an upgrade in the slot receiver position in  Gibson, and a very good possession receiver and route runner in Keller. I liked what Tannehill did last season with nothing to work with. Now he has the weapons to win, what happens next is up to him.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mike Wallace Like's What He See's From His QB

 One of Ryan Tannehill’s new weapons is already giving him high praise after just a few practices. Mike Wallace, former Pittsburgh Steeler was acquired by Miami this off-season to help a young team get back into the playoffs.

Mike Wallace will be subject to a drastic change playing receiver in Miami. Tannehill, just a second year player doesn’t have the distinguished track record of 2 time Super Bowl champion “Big” Ben Roethlisberger who has 29,844 yards, 191 touchdowns in his career, but according to Wallace, Tannehill may have just as much ability.
 During the week Tannehill was giving high praise about Wallace, telling reporters that he asked Wallace to go “half speed” during practice. Tannehill was also quoted as saying, "He's the fastest guy I've ever thrown to. It's exciting,” It’s great to see these two get off to a great start before Training camp.
 After all the experience Mike Wallace had in Pittsburgh with Roethlisberger, questions were asked about how similar Tannehill is to Roethlisberger. Wallace said according to the Miami Herald, "They both know what we (receivers) like to do out there, so the chemistry is there already. Both have strong arms. Ryan has a cannon, and can really fling it."
 Mike Wallace had more to say giving praise about Tannehill, "The way it's going, it won't take long for Ryan to be one of the great quarterbacks. I feel like we can make a lot of big plays."
Ryan Tannehill may not be the next “Big Ben” but the some similarities are hard to ignore. Both were the third quarterback drafted in their classes.  In 2004 the draft order went Eli Manning, Phillip Rivers, and then Ben Roethlisberger. Last year’s quarterback class saw number one pick Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III (RG3) and then Miami picked up Ryan Tannehill. Last season, Tannehill threw for 3,294 yards, surprisingly more than his classmate and rookie of the year RG3.

David Winkworth

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Miami Dolphins Look Great on Paper

The Miami Dolphins have been making some noise during this off-season on and off the field and are hoping they have done enough to make a playoff push. The Dolphins started this off-season by helping out their young “Franchise” Quarterback Ryan Tannehill by snagging the best Wide Receiver in Free Agency in Mike Wallace.

One of Tannehills weapons from last season has a lot of confidence in this team evening stating that the Dolphins have the “Best” receiver’s in the AFC East. Brain Hartline was quoted saying this on NFL AM talking about how Mike Wallace and Dustin Keller give the edge to Miami in their division for the upcoming season.

Looking at the other teams in the Division could Hartline be right about Miami having the best receiver’s in the division? The Patriots lost their best wide out this season Wes Welker who is now in Denver. The Patriots replaced Welker with a young injury prone player in Danny Amendola is he going help Tom Brady as much as Welker did? The New York Jets have more problems than just at their Wide Receiver position. Santanio Holms is wondering who will be throwing him the ball next year where the Jets have 5 QB's on their roster. The Buffalo Bills best weapon is Stevie Johnson by far but like the Jets he needs a Quarterback throwing him the ball when he is healthy.

Now looking on paper at all four teams in the division Miami has the best WR’s on paper right? Mike Wallace is the biggest name out of Amendola, Johnson, and Holmes and that may be just because he just signed a big deal with Miami in this offseason and the Dolphins hope this help’s Tannehill out this season and gets Miami back into the playoffs since 2008.

David Winkworth

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mike Pouncey talks Tannehill, AFC East & Jake Long on NFL Network.

Mike Pouncey joined NFL Network's Total Access earlier tonight to talk about the team's off-season.  The three main things that he talked about that caught my attention were his comments about the man he snaps the ball to, catching the Patriots & his former line mate who now has a mailing address in St. Louis.

I'll work backwards here with some of his comments about Jake Long.  He stated that he tried as hard as he possibly could to convince Long to stay in Miami.  In the end we all know it came down to one thing, and that's Long's bank account not the words of Pouncey.  To me if the Dolphins kept Long it would of had to be at their price and I'm glad that they did not over pay for the recently often injured, former #1 overall pick.

When it comes to the division, of course is all about the Patriots.  It always has been since 2001 and always will be as long as #12 is under center up there in New England.  Have the Dolphins made enough moves to catch the Patriots?  Yes I think they have.  All the offensive and defensive weapons added to the 7-9 nucleus already in place could certainly be enough to catch the Patriots.  With a tough opening stretch to their schedule and it may take some time for those new pieces to gel, I'd look for the Dolphins to be the beasts of the east in 2014, and contend for a wild card in 2013.

Even with all the new pieces added this off-season the most important part to the Dolphins is still their young quarterback.  Pouncey stated they will go as far as Ryan Tannehill will take them, and Pouncey is right.  Tannehill is the most important part of the Dolphins offense, and arguably the whole team.  He will need to continue to grow as a quarterback for Miami to be a playoff team in 2013.  I think Tannehill will in fact do that, he will have a better season then his rookie campaign.  Of course there may be some difficult stretches and games but I expect him to make great strides.

Billy Dowling

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Keep Your Eye On

The draft is behind us, free agency has slowed to a trickle, and as Dolfans we look forward to the next OTA  (scheduled for May 21-23). This slow period has given me time to look back at the past few weeks and start to think about the Fins final 53-man roster. Plenty has been said about all the Fins draft picks, which I believe will all make the final 53, but they’re a couple of “Ireland Acorns” to keep an eye on.

I have seen several positive articles on Jordan Kovacs, the safety out of Michigan and the David Hinds story is great, but the undrafted free agent I really want to keep an eye on is Chris Barker, guard out of Nevada.

Barker was a four-year starter for the Wolf Pack. While at Nevada Barker started in a record 53 straight games, that’s right 53! He is / was an iron man – never missing a start throughout his collegiant career. He has versatility, playing both left and right guard in college. He was an ALL-WAC nominee as a sophomore, and first team ALL-WAC as a junior. He was even selected to the Pre Season Outland Trophy watch list prior to his senior season.  This past season he was selected to second team ALL-WAC.

Originally labeled a mid to late round pick by many, a poor showing at the combine may have affected his draft status. His bench was a solid 29 reps, but he failed to impress in the rest of the drills.  He look’s the part measuring in at 6’3’’ and weighing in at 305lbs. His strengths and experience mesh nicely in a zone-blocking scheme.  Though his numbers improved at Nevada’s pro day, what really caught my eye was a quote about Barker’s pro day from NFL legend Gil Brandt, “Barker was worked out by one of the scouts in attendance, Adam Engroff, who is one of the best at working out lineman” That would be Dolphins super scout Adam Engroff who also helped find acorns like Jimmy Wilson and Dan Carpenter.

Now, I am not ready to declare Barker a starter or even say that he will make the final 53, but I do believe he could develop into a starter and he is a player to keep an eye on.


Why Yield now?

Stay aggressive. Fins up Dolphin nation! Our franchise is currently sitting idle as Florida law makers have placed a large red STOP sign in our path.  Fortunately, STOP signs often bring about change, and present an opportunity to drive in a new direction.  I for one am open to the whipping of the wheel in any direction to win. 

When I was a kid three generations of my family would surround the TV tuned to CBS at 1 PM on Sunday afternoons.  We did not need a TV guide or to watch the rolling grid, we all knew the Dolphins would be televised throughout the southeast.  Then the Titans, Ravens, Texans, Jags, Panthers, and a newly relevant Atlanta franchise showed up.  Being televised regionally is important, and the lack there of has hurt the Miami fan base.  Teams that are televised frequently have fans in cities all over the nation. 

Speaking of our fans where are they? Is there so much fun and sun in Miami that the people of S. Florida can’t get behind their NFL franchise? I hope it’s the lure of the beach, because I cannot handle the belief that Dol-fans are fair weather fans.  Furthermore, has the entertainment industry in Miami grown to the point that the public doesn’t feel the need to support the Dolphins? The Dolphins have less local support every year, and these “blackouts” (refusal to televise games with hopes of increasing ticket sales) are not the answer.  You can’t force fans out of their homes and into the stadium, it’s a losing idea.  You have to ask yourself, if Miami is still a good fit for a NFL franchise?

The good news is winning can fix the majority of our problems.  I believe in Joe Philbin, Ryan Tannehill, and the positive energy on the football side of the franchise. However, let’s assume that a quality product doesn’t remedy the fact that the Dolphins ranked twenty eighth in total attendance during 2013.  What would you have the franchise do?

We could turn left.  According to Cork Gaines of the Business Insider sports page, Orlando has the second largest TV market among non NFL cities.  With a winning team I think we would be just as successful in Miami as we would be in Orlando.  I can’t see this move without a brand new stadium. 

We could turn Right.  San Antonio has the largest population of any non NFL city. In fact is the only city in the top 10 that does not host a NFL franchise.  The Alamo dome is described as a NFL ready stadium, and it sits waiting for NFL team.  I would rather have a new stadium, but it is hard not to like the prospect of San Antonio. 

We could go straight.  Omaha! Where? There wouldn’t be a NFL team within four hours of the Dolphins in Omaha.  Midwestern fans are very loyal, and the Dolphins would pull fans from a vast area.  Omaha must be considered small market, and I am not sure that the Green Bay method can work these days. 

We could do a U-turn and go back to our garage in Miami-Dade.  Maybe a winner can remedy the poor legislative support, fan fare, and .1 Billion that Stephen Ross has lost since purchasing the team.  I hope this is the case, let’s hope that for the first time in a long time this franchise has a clear sense of direction. 

Jarrett Davis
Twitter: jarrettd0716

More Info on Dolphins and Palm Beach County

A story broke the other day of the Miami Dolphins being open to building a new stadium and moving out of Miami-Dade County to Palm Beach County. Well we have a little more to this story thanks to Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post.

According to Volin a high ranking team source said earlier this year the Dolphins would investigate sites in Palm Beach for any possible new stadium. From the article...

Earlier this year, a high-ranking team source told the Palm Beach Post that the Dolphins likely wouldn’t consider trying to build a stadium in Broward County because elected officials there have shown little interest in providing public funds for the team.
But the source said that the team would investigate sites in Palm Beach County, most likely in the western portion of Delray Beach or Boynton Beach.

So with the "source" saying that earlier this year it would be safe to assume the Fins have done some digging and work on if Palm Beach County is a viable option for them. The fact this story hasn't been 100% shot down yet by Stephen Ross, Mike Dee, or anyone else inside the Dolphins organization would make you believe that this is a viable option at this point. While this is still in the very early stages it looks like the "Plan B" to the Dolphins being rejected for stadium renovations a week ago Friday is starting to come to light. As always stay tuned...

Friday, May 10, 2013

VIDEO: Jeff Ireland 1-on-1 With Mike Florio

Jeff Ireland did a 1-on-1 interview with Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. CLICK HERE to watch it Welcomes Billy Dowling of Sirius/XM NFL Radio to the Staff

Give a warm welcome to our newest Blogger/Writer/Staff Member Billy Dowling. Billy is a producer on SIRIUS/XM NFL RADIO and a die-hard Miami Dolphins fan. He has joined us here on to contribute his thoughts and opinions on all things Miami Dolphins.

Also you can Follow Billy on TWITTER at @BDowling33

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dolphins "Open-Minded" to Moving to Palm Beach County Florida with a Brand New Stadium

Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald is reporting the Dolphins are exploring all options in the wake of the franchise being rejected last Friday by the Florida House of Representatives. One of those options is the team moving to Palm Beach County Florida with a brand new stadium.

Dolphins CEO Mike Dee when asked by reporters if the team would consider moving to Palm Beach County if a new stadium was built for them there said "We're Open-Minded to long-term solutions." The Dolphins have played in Miami-Dade county since 1966.

Read into that what you will,but to me it sounds like the Fins planted that question with a reporter and made sure it was asked to get this info out there.

Another fact Adam points out is Stephen Ross owns a home in Palm Beach County Florida....hmm, time to connect some dots? Only time will tell. While this seems a little far fetched I wouldn't call this unrealistic at all.

For one the best way for Ross and the Dolphins to get what they want from the Florida legislature is to have a "bidding war" between counties within the state. That will cause both counties politicians to be fighting on behalf of the Dolphins within the Florida legislature. Second, while the Dolphins proposed upgrades would have been nice, let's keep it real; it isn't a new Stadium! A new stadium beats any upgrade at the end of the day. Third and final point...the NFL is powerful. Very powerful. When it comes to professional sports in South Florida Miami-Dade County is home to damn near everything. The NFL though is in a whole different league than raceways, the NHL, the NBA and so on. If Palm Beach County has a chance to house an NFL team you might see people in that county move heaven and earth to land it. This is the NFL and the lure of the NFL is very strong.

This story gets more interesting by the day....stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Weak is the Thumb-less Gavel Strike

Greetings Fins Nation! The Miami Dolphins CEO Mike Dee is the man; those among us who oppose this view simply need therapy! Dee has every right to be upset and vocal about being snubbed by Florida lawmakers.  If you live in South Florida, and you’re not upset about it get upset. 

A successful renovation of Sun Life Stadium is good news for South Florida.  Sun Life Stadium would likely host as many as three Super Bowls over the next decade.   Beyond the Super Bowl what large scale entertainment group wouldn’t want to make a stop at a newly renovated state of the art venue?  The situation would have increased tourism, stimulated the local economy, provided temporary employment opportunities, and a positive media buzz.  The outdated venue would have once again been the center piece of South Florida. 

Let’s assume that XYZ Corporation was asking for public funding to ready land for a new facility in South Florida.  Would Florida law makers have discarded their request in the same manner? One would expect politicians to be interested in stimulating the economy and bolstering the South Florida community.  What is the difference in the request the Miami Dolphins have made and the request of XYZ Corporation? Nothing. The local community receives an ample return on investment in both situations. 
It is important to note that the Florida Marlins received public funding to build their stadium, as did the Miami Heat.  That is ridiculous. I am certain more people in Florida emotionally identify with the Miami Dolphins than the Heat, and Marlins combined. 

All NFL teams deserve a commitment from their state and host cities.  The NFL is legitimate healthy business.  The Miami Dolphins agreed to pay for seventy percent of the proposed renovation.  Let’s not forget that the Baltimore Ravens only exist because of a lack of support and funding for a stadium in Cleveland. 

So if you think of South Florida as a human being, I think it’s fair to call the Miami Dolphins a thumb.  (Stay with me). The thumb is a quite useful appendage, separating humans from nearly all other mammals.   It is possible that the Miami Dolphins could eventually be forced to depart from Miami hoping to fill their stadium needs elsewhere.  In this scenario, and unfortunately for Mr. South Florida, the thumb he has always had is now severed.  Mr. South Florida will never be the same, and the memory of the thumb, will not subside.  Nor will the thoughts of the mistake that caused the loss.  In 2013 the Miami Dolphins, will pay over four million dollars in property taxes.   If such tax revenue is lost in the future Florida Speaker of the House Will Weatherford will be a washed up politician hitch hiking with no thumb.