Armando Salguero: Asshole of the Century!

We here at have always enjoyed the work of Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald. Personally I was disappointed when Armando was fired from 640 WFTL morning radio show. I am sad to say that all respect I had for Armando Salguero has been lost.

If you haven't heard here is the story involving Armando that broke over Memorial Day. Essentially Armando got into a heated email exchange with a reader (who happens to be a Vietnam Vet) over some Miami Dolphins topic Armando wrote about in the newspaper. And over the course of the email exchange things took a left turn and got off the subject of the Miami Dolphins. Here is what Armando wrote...(CLICK HERE FOR ENTIRE EMAIL EXCHANGE)

Hey Billie, you must be still pissed off you lost in Vietnam. Talk about leaving people behind ... I'm sure the South Vietnamese appreciated you sucking as a soldier, failing in your mission and then leaving.

I'm wondering how you feel that immigrants like me came here with nothing and now we run the place? There are three Cubans in the US senate. Did you know that? By the way, cubans love baseball not soccer, so that piece of bigoted shit coming from you doesn't apply to me. I suggest you blow it out your ass old man. 

For the record Armando did apologize for his statement. But sometimes an apology isn't enough! Needless to say Armando telling a Vietnam vet that he sucked as a soldier and failed at his mission is just unacceptable on all levels. If I were Armando's boss at the Herald he would be fired ASAP! I have talked to others who feel he shouldn't be fired but should be disciplined. Either way Armando should be punished in some way by the Miami Herald and if he were to be fired I would have no problem with it at all. I always thought that if there was a Dolphins reporter who would go over the edge in an exchange with a fan it would be Omar Kelly of the Sun Sentinel. I mean I like Omar but he gets into these petty childish fights with fans every day. Never thought it would be Armando. Never in a million years thought it would be Armando. Yet, it was Armando!

Memo to Armando, Omar, and all are above the fans!! You get paid to talk about the Dolphins, fans don't! I mean I run a little blog here that gets 1/10th the traffic you guys get between your columns, radio spots, and tweets and I get all sorts of hateful tweets and emails at times when people disagree with me.  Know how many I respond too...ZERO!! Ignore them! Be above the fray!

As I stated earlier sometimes an apology isn't enough. I have a feeling this may be a case where Armando's apology might not be enough to save his job with the Miami Herald. We will see though. We will have more on this story as it develops.


  1. Actually Mike, I've never cared for Armondo's ego. And this was absolutely and totally uncalled for. I think he should be fired too.

  2. omar is the worst, armando is better but that's not saying much. what armando said was way over the line but what the reader wrote was pretty bad too. he tried to provoke a reaction and armando was too stupid to avoid the trap.

  3. Why is this even still being talked about? No need for him to lose his job. Yes Armando said some dumb comments. But that Vet. Provoked him with his racist comments.

  4. Racist? Please learn the definition of that word.


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