Call to Action Dolphins Fans

Florida Speaker of the House Will Weatherford  wouldn't let the people of South Florida have their voices heard with a simple vote that was scheduled this upcoming May 14th. After promising the Dolphins and owner Stephen Ross that he would let this matter go to a vote at the last minute Mr. Weatherford killed the bill. The vote is now canceled and Dolphins along with the residents of South Florida weren't given a chance to see if their community wanted to upgrade and revamp their stadium. Which could have brought millions of dollars and jobs in their local community. Long story short, the people of South Florida were screwed! Maybe the vote would have passed or maybe it would have failed. Either way let the people decide and let them decide how their tax dollars should be spent and what they want in their community.

The reason this happened is simple; one man Will Weatherford. Well Dolphins fans and residents of South Florida its now time to rally the troops and let our voices be heard in another way. Contact Will Weatherford (in a civil manner, we don't advocate acting like a jerk or sending threatening messages or harassment of any kind. Voice your displeasure in an intelligent way) and let your feelings be known that you feel his decision was wrong. Let him know that you feel disenfranchised and he overstepped his bounds as Speaker and a politician. That he wasn't looking out for the residents of South Florida with his actions. Will Weatherford can be contacted in many ways.

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