Dolphins "Open-Minded" to Moving to Palm Beach County Florida with a Brand New Stadium

Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald is reporting the Dolphins are exploring all options in the wake of the franchise being rejected last Friday by the Florida House of Representatives. One of those options is the team moving to Palm Beach County Florida with a brand new stadium.

Dolphins CEO Mike Dee when asked by reporters if the team would consider moving to Palm Beach County if a new stadium was built for them there said "We're Open-Minded to long-term solutions." The Dolphins have played in Miami-Dade county since 1966.

Read into that what you will,but to me it sounds like the Fins planted that question with a reporter and made sure it was asked to get this info out there.

Another fact Adam points out is Stephen Ross owns a home in Palm Beach County Florida....hmm, time to connect some dots? Only time will tell. While this seems a little far fetched I wouldn't call this unrealistic at all.

For one the best way for Ross and the Dolphins to get what they want from the Florida legislature is to have a "bidding war" between counties within the state. That will cause both counties politicians to be fighting on behalf of the Dolphins within the Florida legislature. Second, while the Dolphins proposed upgrades would have been nice, let's keep it real; it isn't a new Stadium! A new stadium beats any upgrade at the end of the day. Third and final point...the NFL is powerful. Very powerful. When it comes to professional sports in South Florida Miami-Dade County is home to damn near everything. The NFL though is in a whole different league than raceways, the NHL, the NBA and so on. If Palm Beach County has a chance to house an NFL team you might see people in that county move heaven and earth to land it. This is the NFL and the lure of the NFL is very strong.

This story gets more interesting by the day....stay tuned!


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