Dolphins Stadium Bill Rejected

In Tallahassee on Friday, Florida lawmakers concluded their 60-day legislative bid without approving a deal that would have provided taxpayer support for a $350 million dollar upgrade to Sun Life Stadium.

Had legislature approved the deal, residence of Miami-Dade County would have voted on the referendum on May 14. The proposed deal would have raised the Miami-Dade hotel tax from 6 to 7 percent and rose up to $289 million for renovations. The Dolphins were also expected to have up to $90 million in state sales tax rebates.

Now that the deal is rejected, this all but kills the chances for Miami hosting Super Bowl L or LI. Commissioner Roger Goodell told the Dolphins that Miami would only be considered as a Super Bowl site if the team had plans in place to renovate the stadium.

The Dolphins are competing with the San Francisco Bay Area for the right to host Super Bowl 50 in 2016. The 49ers are building a new stadium in Santa Clara and were Miami’s competition for a chance to host Super Bowl 50.  

A group of NFL owners are scheduled to meet on May 21 to decide host cities for Super Bowls 50 and 51. Unless something drastically changes, looks like San Francisco will be hosting Super Bowl 50.