Mike Wallace Like's What He See's From His QB

 One of Ryan Tannehill’s new weapons is already giving him high praise after just a few practices. Mike Wallace, former Pittsburgh Steeler was acquired by Miami this off-season to help a young team get back into the playoffs.

Mike Wallace will be subject to a drastic change playing receiver in Miami. Tannehill, just a second year player doesn’t have the distinguished track record of 2 time Super Bowl champion “Big” Ben Roethlisberger who has 29,844 yards, 191 touchdowns in his career, but according to Wallace, Tannehill may have just as much ability.
 During the week Tannehill was giving high praise about Wallace, telling reporters that he asked Wallace to go “half speed” during practice. Tannehill was also quoted as saying, "He's the fastest guy I've ever thrown to. It's exciting,” It’s great to see these two get off to a great start before Training camp.
 After all the experience Mike Wallace had in Pittsburgh with Roethlisberger, questions were asked about how similar Tannehill is to Roethlisberger. Wallace said according to the Miami Herald, "They both know what we (receivers) like to do out there, so the chemistry is there already. Both have strong arms. Ryan has a cannon, and can really fling it."
 Mike Wallace had more to say giving praise about Tannehill, "The way it's going, it won't take long for Ryan to be one of the great quarterbacks. I feel like we can make a lot of big plays."
Ryan Tannehill may not be the next “Big Ben” but the some similarities are hard to ignore. Both were the third quarterback drafted in their classes.  In 2004 the draft order went Eli Manning, Phillip Rivers, and then Ben Roethlisberger. Last year’s quarterback class saw number one pick Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III (RG3) and then Miami picked up Ryan Tannehill. Last season, Tannehill threw for 3,294 yards, surprisingly more than his classmate and rookie of the year RG3.

David Winkworth