Renovations never had a chance

Vote or no vote, the Miami Dolphins renovation proposal of Sun Life Stadium was never going to come into fruition. As time went by after House Representative Will Weatherford refused to put the proposal in front of the legislature, it came into light by Patricia  Mazzei and Marc Caputo of the Miami Herald that early voting polls showed that 34,780-57 percent- of the 60,678 voters were opposed to the stadium renovation. Though the tally was incomplete, it appeared that the city has grown tired of giving money to billionaire owners who should be funding their own stadiums and were still feeling the wounds left by Jeffrey Loria's 2 billion dollar, public funded ballpark. Stephen Ross has a right to be upset, he spent 10 million dollars to setup the referendum, but the message after these recent events is clear: if you want to enhance your stadium or just build a new one, open up your wallet and pay for it yourself. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.