The Miami Dolphins Look Great on Paper

The Miami Dolphins have been making some noise during this off-season on and off the field and are hoping they have done enough to make a playoff push. The Dolphins started this off-season by helping out their young “Franchise” Quarterback Ryan Tannehill by snagging the best Wide Receiver in Free Agency in Mike Wallace.

One of Tannehills weapons from last season has a lot of confidence in this team evening stating that the Dolphins have the “Best” receiver’s in the AFC East. Brain Hartline was quoted saying this on NFL AM talking about how Mike Wallace and Dustin Keller give the edge to Miami in their division for the upcoming season.

Looking at the other teams in the Division could Hartline be right about Miami having the best receiver’s in the division? The Patriots lost their best wide out this season Wes Welker who is now in Denver. The Patriots replaced Welker with a young injury prone player in Danny Amendola is he going help Tom Brady as much as Welker did? The New York Jets have more problems than just at their Wide Receiver position. Santanio Holms is wondering who will be throwing him the ball next year where the Jets have 5 QB's on their roster. The Buffalo Bills best weapon is Stevie Johnson by far but like the Jets he needs a Quarterback throwing him the ball when he is healthy.

Now looking on paper at all four teams in the division Miami has the best WR’s on paper right? Mike Wallace is the biggest name out of Amendola, Johnson, and Holmes and that may be just because he just signed a big deal with Miami in this offseason and the Dolphins hope this help’s Tannehill out this season and gets Miami back into the playoffs since 2008.

David Winkworth