Thinking Out Loud

In light of the Dolphins OTA's and the recent news of Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski's upcoming back surgery; it got me thinking a little of the Dolphins potential and how this could be our best opportunity to reach the post season since the first season of the Bill Parcells era. When I look around the AFC East I see the New England Patriots first and foremost, and see that Tom Brady is not getting any younger and they have added few options to compliment Tom Brady in the Wide Receiver position, not to mention that they lost Wes Welker to the Denver Broncos, and will therefore have to be reliant on there injury prone Tight End's Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. And you look at the Buffalo Bills and the destined to be bottom feeder of the division New York Jets and see that they do anything on the talent front to better position themselves for playoff contention either, unless you have high praise for Kevin Kolb or Mark "butt fumble" Sanchez. The fact of the matter is that the Dolphins are the only team in the division who addressed nearly every position that needed upgrades from adding top Free Agent Wide Receiver Mike Wallace to securing the 3rd pick in the 2013 draft to select athletic DE Dion Jordan. And the OTA's have shown nothing to debunk my thoughts as newly acquired CB Brent Grimes appears to have recovered from his Achilles' surgery and was a highlight of the activities along with, and I'm happy to say, second year Tight End Michael Egnew. The Dolphins are in a solid position to conquer the AFC East. But like all teams working they're way from the bottom up, it begins with the Quarterback. It begins with Ryan Tannehill.