Too Much Talk?

The Miami Herald’s Adam Beasley inadvertently summed it up in the first paragraph of an article he recently wrote, “The Dolphins’ overhauled offense expects big things in 2013. That’s no longer news. The star players already have told us all about it.” They certainly have.  I have been thinking about this for the last couple of weeks, are the Dolphins talking too much?

When did all this talk begin? How did a team with 4 straight losing seasons suddenly become the talk of the NFL? Obviously the Fins made some big splashy moves in free agency and then the surprise trade up for Dion Jordan in the draft. But that was the Dolphins Team making news.   Lately it’s been players and coaches making news. Funny thing, the “talk” started with Offensive Coordinator Mike Sherman stating that Ryan Tannehill will be the most improved second year quarterback in the league, in fact he promised it according to the Finsiders website.  Then Brian Hartline declared the Fins receiving core the best in the AFC East on the NFL Network  (truth be told, he is probably right). Not to be outdone, Marcus Thigpen announces his 2013 goal is to break the NFL kick return record for TD’s in a season. The record is 6 and last season Thigpen had 2. Mike Wallace compares Tannehill to Ben Roethlisberger, claiming Tannehill has a stronger arm. Tannehill cannot believe how fast Wallace is. And on, and on, and on.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the new found confidence, but I feel like I have seen this song and dance before. The Detroit Lions were a popular pick going into the 2012 season, they finished 4-12. The year before that, the Philadelphia Eagles labeled themselves the “Dream Team” in the offseason, they finished the season at 8-8. And as Dolfans, who can forget the ‘95 Miami Dolphins. A preseason Super Bowl favorite by many, with plenty of big free agent signings, they limped to a disappointing 9-7 record and lost the wildcard game to the Buffalo Bills.

I would be surprised if Coach Philbin felt comfortable with all this talk. He comes across as more old school than that, and maybe so am I.  As Dolfans it’s great the Fins are in the news and the positive buzz around the team is a welcome and needed change. But I would rather see it on the field, not read about it online. I just feel there has been too much talk lately.

Carl C. Crowley