Weak is the Thumb-less Gavel Strike

Greetings Fins Nation! The Miami Dolphins CEO Mike Dee is the man; those among us who oppose this view simply need therapy! Dee has every right to be upset and vocal about being snubbed by Florida lawmakers.  If you live in South Florida, and you’re not upset about it get upset. 

A successful renovation of Sun Life Stadium is good news for South Florida.  Sun Life Stadium would likely host as many as three Super Bowls over the next decade.   Beyond the Super Bowl what large scale entertainment group wouldn’t want to make a stop at a newly renovated state of the art venue?  The situation would have increased tourism, stimulated the local economy, provided temporary employment opportunities, and a positive media buzz.  The outdated venue would have once again been the center piece of South Florida. 

Let’s assume that XYZ Corporation was asking for public funding to ready land for a new facility in South Florida.  Would Florida law makers have discarded their request in the same manner? One would expect politicians to be interested in stimulating the economy and bolstering the South Florida community.  What is the difference in the request the Miami Dolphins have made and the request of XYZ Corporation? Nothing. The local community receives an ample return on investment in both situations. 
It is important to note that the Florida Marlins received public funding to build their stadium, as did the Miami Heat.  That is ridiculous. I am certain more people in Florida emotionally identify with the Miami Dolphins than the Heat, and Marlins combined. 

All NFL teams deserve a commitment from their state and host cities.  The NFL is legitimate healthy business.  The Miami Dolphins agreed to pay for seventy percent of the proposed renovation.  Let’s not forget that the Baltimore Ravens only exist because of a lack of support and funding for a stadium in Cleveland. 

So if you think of South Florida as a human being, I think it’s fair to call the Miami Dolphins a thumb.  (Stay with me). The thumb is a quite useful appendage, separating humans from nearly all other mammals.   It is possible that the Miami Dolphins could eventually be forced to depart from Miami hoping to fill their stadium needs elsewhere.  In this scenario, and unfortunately for Mr. South Florida, the thumb he has always had is now severed.  Mr. South Florida will never be the same, and the memory of the thumb, will not subside.  Nor will the thoughts of the mistake that caused the loss.  In 2013 the Miami Dolphins, will pay over four million dollars in property taxes.   If such tax revenue is lost in the future Florida Speaker of the House Will Weatherford will be a washed up politician hitch hiking with no thumb.