Why Yield now?

Stay aggressive. Fins up Dolphin nation! Our franchise is currently sitting idle as Florida law makers have placed a large red STOP sign in our path.  Fortunately, STOP signs often bring about change, and present an opportunity to drive in a new direction.  I for one am open to the whipping of the wheel in any direction to win. 

When I was a kid three generations of my family would surround the TV tuned to CBS at 1 PM on Sunday afternoons.  We did not need a TV guide or to watch the rolling grid, we all knew the Dolphins would be televised throughout the southeast.  Then the Titans, Ravens, Texans, Jags, Panthers, and a newly relevant Atlanta franchise showed up.  Being televised regionally is important, and the lack there of has hurt the Miami fan base.  Teams that are televised frequently have fans in cities all over the nation. 

Speaking of our fans where are they? Is there so much fun and sun in Miami that the people of S. Florida can’t get behind their NFL franchise? I hope it’s the lure of the beach, because I cannot handle the belief that Dol-fans are fair weather fans.  Furthermore, has the entertainment industry in Miami grown to the point that the public doesn’t feel the need to support the Dolphins? The Dolphins have less local support every year, and these “blackouts” (refusal to televise games with hopes of increasing ticket sales) are not the answer.  You can’t force fans out of their homes and into the stadium, it’s a losing idea.  You have to ask yourself, if Miami is still a good fit for a NFL franchise?

The good news is winning can fix the majority of our problems.  I believe in Joe Philbin, Ryan Tannehill, and the positive energy on the football side of the franchise. However, let’s assume that a quality product doesn’t remedy the fact that the Dolphins ranked twenty eighth in total attendance during 2013.  What would you have the franchise do?

We could turn left.  According to Cork Gaines of the Business Insider sports page, Orlando has the second largest TV market among non NFL cities.  With a winning team I think we would be just as successful in Miami as we would be in Orlando.  I can’t see this move without a brand new stadium. 

We could turn Right.  San Antonio has the largest population of any non NFL city. In fact is the only city in the top 10 that does not host a NFL franchise.  The Alamo dome is described as a NFL ready stadium, and it sits waiting for NFL team.  I would rather have a new stadium, but it is hard not to like the prospect of San Antonio. 

We could go straight.  Omaha! Where? There wouldn’t be a NFL team within four hours of the Dolphins in Omaha.  Midwestern fans are very loyal, and the Dolphins would pull fans from a vast area.  Omaha must be considered small market, and I am not sure that the Green Bay method can work these days. 

We could do a U-turn and go back to our garage in Miami-Dade.  Maybe a winner can remedy the poor legislative support, fan fare, and .1 Billion that Stephen Ross has lost since purchasing the team.  I hope this is the case, let’s hope that for the first time in a long time this franchise has a clear sense of direction. 

Jarrett Davis
Twitter: jarrettd0716