Dolphins Scrimmage Footage from 07/29

Thanks Crazydolfan305

by Robert Yanes @Robi2184
Sun Life was packed for a scrimmage, fans erupted in a " Lets Go Fins " chant.

The new Dolphins color are really bright & the aqua is a thing of beauty, really gives it a feel of the ocean water here in Miami. The wife loved the new colors & said they really stand out.

Caleb Sturgis & Cameron Marshall were in shorts. No sign of Armon Binns, Rishard Matthews, John Jerry or Jamar Taylor.

I found it interesting that Evan Rodriquez came out with the TEs & was in TEs drills instead of RBs drills like Lane.

Lance Louis was in pads but did not perform in any team drills.

Starting Oline: LT Martin, LG Samuda, C Pouncey, RG Incognito, RT Clabo

Starting CBs: Grimes Patterson

Marcus Thigpen is doing individual drils with the WRs

All the TEs are doing an individual blocking drill against Dion Sims where they are trying to move him back. Sims is doing a good job of anchoring & is hard to move.

Individual drills are done and Hartline is off to the sideline with trainers it looked like a crap or that he tweaked his calf. Didn't appear in pain just discomfort. He remain in pads & with his helmet. No Limp

TE Dions Sims with an impressive diving catch in 7on7, Devlin was the passer.

WR Marvin McNutt made a nice sideline catch but was out of bounds in 7on7.

It appears Hartline & Wallace were given the night off.

Ryan Tannehill was perfect in red zone drills. Three TDs, one to Clay, one to Keller & one to Thomas. Also handled it off to Lamar Miller for a TD.

Philip Wheeler had 3 pass deflections. He should have had an INT, but both Wheeler & Jones went for the ball & it was dropped. Wheeler was all over the field.

McCray had a pick six & Will Davis had an INT in the end zone, but Wheeler had 3 deflections plays fast.

Reshad Jones had 2 sacks on Safety Blitz.

McCray had a pick six & Will Davis had an INT in the end zone, but Wheeler had 3 deflections plays fast.

All RBs ran hard & with power, no dancing in the back field from this group.

The star WRs of the night were Chad Bumphis & Marvin McNutt. Bumphis made to impressive catches by my count & he had an awesome RAC that placed the ball on the one. McNutt uses his body well & is a big target, got opened & displayed good hands, very good in slants.

Lane appears out of the Dog House he was with the 1s, caught a pass out of the backfield that went for 13 yards & was the lead blocker on KRs.

Both Keller & Clay showed good chemistry with Tannehill. Both had real nice RAC TDs.

Gillislee looked real good running & catching the ball, he shows good patience & is sneaky fast. Gillislee is very decisive, had an excellent RAC on a screen pass. It is a shame he fumbled on his last run.

Dolphins D-Line is SCARY, QBs were under pressure all night. Jordan 2 sacks, Vernon sack/ff, Starks fumble REC, Francis sack/pass def, Jones 2 sacks, Misi sack, Keelan Johnson sack

Samuda saw time with the starting unit at LG & RG, he also saw time as the back up C. Nate Garner saw time with the starting unit at RG & split time with Samuda as the backup C. Samuda & Garner are making the Dolphins. Garner plays every position on the O-line while Samuda plays every position on the interior line, excellent depth.

Wallace & Hartline were both in pads & helmets in hand, no limps & were part of individual drills

Devlin saw the most time of all QBs. Expect it to be that way at the Hall of Fame game.

Dallas Thomas took all his snaps as the backup LG, didn't notice him all night, so he must have been doing something good.

Really like what I saw from Jonas Gray, he runs hard & with power, has a good burst.

Lee Robinson lit up Evan Rodriguez tonight at the goal line & kept him from scoring, He flashes at you.

Dolphins used Dustin Keller as an H-back on several plays & lined him up FB.

Charles Clay was lined up as a slot WR on his 24 yard TD pass by Tannehill

Pat Devlin showed off his wheels, he had a big run after not finding his WRs open and rolled out for a TD in the end zone.

Misi saw time at DE & registered a sack

Dolphins featured a nickle package which include DE Jordan DL Starks DL Odrick DE Misi LBs: Wheeler & Ellerbe CBs: Grimes, Patterson, Marshall in the slot DBs: Clemons & Jones


Disappointing night for WR Brandon Gibson, he dropped a wide open TD & had a pass deflected by Carroll which he failed to create separation from him. I think he might of made one catch.

Lance Louis cannot be 100% or anywhere close to it, he continus to sit out Team Drills. Louis participated only in individual drills, but once team drills started he remained all night with helmet in hand.

Brian Tymes was very unimpressive.

Egnew is completely lost. Devlin darted a pass to him down the middle he was wide open, the pass was a little behind but he could have got it. What a disappointment this guy is, Im totally feel like he is taking up a roster spot.

Dan Carpenter is no longer money. He made was 3-5 for the night and got an XP blocked by AJ Francis.

Where is Jeff Fuller? Only play I recall him in was a seam pass by Moore that he was badly over thrown. Fuller was not open.

Matt Moore had a lackluster day, he should have had two INTs tonight he threw a pass right at Wheeler, Wheeler couldn't come up with the cause both Wheeler & Jones went for the ball & neither was able to hang on to it.

Unlike last year's scrimmage & scrimmages of year's past there was no doubt who the Dolphins No.1 QB is, Tannehill was on fire in red zone drills. I've been to the scrimmages at Sun Life every year for the last 8 years and your Reigning QB Champion the last two years has been Tannehill. In eight years I have never seen a Dolphins QB at a scrimmage get in the groove Tannehill got into the red zone. He should have had 5 TDs, but thanks to drops by Gibson & Egnew he did not. Good night by Tannehill & awesome to watch. Tannehill has gone six straight practices now without an INT.

All the running backs were decisive, ran hard & showed good hands. Encouraging signs for a group of such young backs.

Dions Sims really looks like he belongs, there is no comparison between Sim & Egnew. Sims displayed soft hands, anchors well & appears hard to move. 

Considering the time Dion Jordan has missed with his shoulder injury, he had a really good scrimmage. QBs really get all the attention & you can tell the media was really not paying much attention to Jordan based on what they are writing. Until you see Jordan live I seriously don't believe you can appreciate how quick & agile he is. I've seen a lot of video of Jordan, but his speed rush & athleticism is something you must see in person. He is freakish. The Dolphins rushed Jordan as a DE with his hand on the ground & standing straight up as a LB. Jordan had two sacks by my count tonight. First Jordan blew right past Martin & registered a sack (Martin held his own today, but got blown up twice by Jordan where he just blew right by him). The other was against Will Yeatman, he just completely destroyed him before Yeatman could get his hands up Jordan was already on Devlin. It was extremely encouraging to watch, the kid is a freak.

Special Thanks to  @Robi2184