The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Greetings Dol-Fan Nation! It won’t be long now, it won’t be long before our fan base and team are respected and feared.  The Miami Dolphins will be an exciting team to watch in 2013, and if I haven’t said it here I will now. The Miami Dolphins are going to the playoffs in 2013.  While I am predicting, I also predict Ryan Tannehill is our guy at QB, those that scoff will soon choke on it.   One more before I dive into the view through my aqua shades… The Dolphins will sweep both the Jets and Buffalo in 2013. 

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good: My birthday just passed and my fiancé rocked me back in my seat with two VIP tickets to see The Black Keys and The Flaming Lips here is South Carolina.  The light show and approach of the Flaming Lips following a 2 hour lightning delay was impressive.  They have been around a long time, and they never fail to deliver in concert.  The Black Keys were awesome, just ripping out their brand of blues rock again and again.  They are one of those bands that you have to ask yourself how do they find that sound with only three men? The Charter Amphitheatre is deep in rural SC, and you could tell the bands had no idea where they were! That’s the first time I heard “Hello South Carolina.”  That worked for me, so did the $4.00 Dead Guy Ale… Good times. Thanks babe.

The Bad:  During the changeover between bands I was doing well. I was seated in the right spot with a full beer and the right woman.  I got a text message from my relief at work.  He said... Bro, Dan Marino was just here, I ran into him on my return from break! Isn’t that crazy?!  It felt like an electric chill ran up my spine.  It took a moment for me to process the fact that the hero of my youth was in my place of business and I MISSED IT.  I thought of my multiple Marino jerseys, my mint condition Seth Mcfarlane figure, original series starting lineup figure, and countless other cards and collectibles.  Sometimes you have to laugh at the irony of your life man.  I have never been star struck easily, but I would’ve loved to shook Dan’s hand, and tell him I watched every game he ever played.  He gave our family a reason to stick together every Sunday for so many years, and at this point we have reached a fourth generation of Dolphins support. 

So a few days later I slipped onto my favorite stool at my favorite watering hole which is very close to my work place.  This establishment is a Steelers bar, and I am pretty sure their bandwagon is now an eighteen wheeler.  I often waive the aqua flag all alone there on game days.  It doesn’t make me less vocal, and I love a Steelers fan that wants to argue that they had a team better than the 1972 Fish.  Remember when we knocked the bald bomber out? It’s too easy.  Most of the yellow & Black like me, they enjoy watching me torture Every Clemson fan I can find.  Fear the thumb, and Up yours Nuke Hopkins.  So on this occasion, a familiar beer-serving friend told me that Marino was recently at the bar there.  It wasn’t the same day as the concert, and all I know is he ordered a double Grey Goose, faced it and rolled out like Dan the Man.  Seriously, He took a double Grey Goose to the head? As if he wasn’t my hero enough!  So evidently Dano has a nice pad out on Kiawah Island, maybe I’ll catch up to him yet! Come on back Dan, Irish Car bomb race, me and you bro!

The Ugly:  Mike Dee is leaving the Miami Dolphins.  I have been a big Mike Dee supporter, even when many turned on him.  I supported him as he challenged politicians, and placed the Dolphins and Stephen Ross in a tight political stand point.  Now this was a push Dee and Ross made together, flexing their muscles at the control of a multimillion dollar business.  I just believe in finishing the things you start.  Mike Dee has been involved with the efforts to upgrade Sun Life Stadium from Day one.  He had a role in the developing stress between public figures and the Miami Dolphins.  He should’ve seen the process through.  He should have remained through the move, agreement, or partnership that brought about a solution for Dolphins Nation.  You can say “No Regrets” all you want Mike, you left defeated and unwilling to push forward.