Work to Win

Fins up guys! I hope you are all enjoying the optimism surrounding our team and franchise as we inch closer to the 2013 season.  Since we were the big spenders in the off season we won’t have to look far to find media scrutiny.  There has been a lot of talk about our WR depth; we are thin based on some injuries early in camp.  You don’t build an offensive juggernaut over night, regardless of WR depth.  These are the steps I hope to see develop during preseason. 

Set the O line
I am a believer in Dallas Thomas, and I have never felt comfortable with John Jerry.  As a South Carolina season ticket holder I have seen Thomas play as well as anyone against guys like JD Clowney and Melvin Ingram.  I hope he can step in for Jerry, and stay there.  It is good practice to get players cross trained at different positions this time of year.  Still yet we all know where Incognito, Pouncey, Martin, and Clabo are best suited.  The sooner Thomas solidifies the OG position the sooner this OL can jell and do their job.  We have to be physical when we need to be, we have to give Ryan Tannehill and Lamar Miller a chance.  If we struggle to block it may not matter who that 4th WR is because four and five WR sets won’t be primary.

The TE situation
The TE position is getting more important by the day.  Everyone knows Dustin Keller will be on the field.  The guy is not a significantly good blocker, and the fact that he will be split out often should ease your mind as it applies to WR depth.  Hopefully Dion Sims can be block and slip into the flat well enough to keep Keller split out as much as possible.  The progress of Egnew and clay has also been encouraging. 

The WR spread
The dolphins will work to add depth to the WR position in the coming days.  We have three WRs we should feel good about.  We don’t lack youth with potential at this position.  Most 4th WRs have a flaw in their skill set, and I can’t say I am excited about Laurent Robinson as a potential suitor.  Two guys I feel could help us:
Deon Branch.  This guy could serve as a mentor for young players; he will find the whole in zone coverage and sit in it every time.  Furthermore, I couldn’t imagine how much quality information he could provide about New England and their tendencies. 
Brandon Stokley.  He is a solid vet that will find away to contribute.  He is great in the middle of the field and the red zone.  He might not have a ton of upside any longer, but he is a stable player that has something left. 

Our Defensive line I feel is better than most. Few teams could consider Randy Starks Expendable moving forward.  They are winning the war against our developing offense in practice, and playing faster than last year.  If our offensive goals shrink from juggernaut to ball control, I feel comfortable about winning games with this defense. 

Training camp is hard work, necessary work to win! We know our needs, and this regime will put in the necessary work to endure the trials.  Fins up!


  1. I like McNutt to step in for Binns. Matthews should be good to go by week one as well. I don't know if they'll go and bring in anyone else right now, it's too early. I think Thigpen can even work well in the slot.

  2. I really like getting the ball to Thiggy.


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