1st half Thoughts of Fins-Jags Preseason game

I'm not gonna keep the live blog going for the 2nd half. This game is about to be played with scrubs who will be working for UPS and slicing meat at your local deli in a couple weeks. Now on to thoughts when the starters where in...

-The offensive line was bad. Really bad. Josh Samuda cannot be the starting right guard. He was awful tonight. Tannehill was running for his life early on in this game on every passing play. Once Nate Garner came in at right guard things improved and Tanehill had some time to throw and led an 80 yard touchdown drive. Side Note: Jonathan Martin played really well!

-Dustin Keller is so much more of a threat than Fasano ever was. Keller with 2 big plays and a touchdown. I expect a big year from Keller IF he can stay healthy.

-The first team pass rush looked really good. I mean really really good!!

-Will Davis the rookie CB is a guy who will make Dolphins fans jump for joy and cry. He is always around the ball and knocking down passes and defending passes but he does have that tendency to get burnt. He is a keeper and someone who I think Dolphins fans will love one minute and hate within a few plays later.  I like Davis though he is showing something