Bill Parcells-Jeff Ireland Bromance is Over

Bromance over?!
Armando Salugero of the Miami Herald reported via Twitter that today at the Hall of Fame press conference Bill Parcells stated he no longer speaks with Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland. According to Armando Parcells views Ireland taking part in the Jim Harbaugh interview process while Tony Sparano was still the head coach as "betrayal."Parcells and Sparano still speak to this day. It was Parcells who hired Ireland as GM back in 2008.

Bill Parcells did more damage to the Dolphins organization than Nick Saban ever did. Yet its Saban who is looked at like the villain and not Parcells. Where to start with Parcells, first he hires an incompetent head coach in Tony Saparno. Then he drafts Jake Long over Matt Ryan. Played a big part if not totally responsible in wasting 2nd round picks on Pat White and Chad Henne. And last but not least he quit and walked away from his post during the middle of the season. Jeff Ireland has his faults and has made his share of mistakes, but when it comes to first class assholes who did a terrible job for the Dolphins, Bill Parcells wins the trophy going away.


  1. I agree 100% Mike. I also read somewhere that Parcells said he turned the Dolphins over to Ireland too soon. Why? Because Ireland has worked hard to fix Parcells fuck ups? Personally, I have always thought Parcells was overrated. Was he a great coach or was he good at placing great people around him? How many Super Bowls did he go to without Bill Belichick? 0 How many conference championship games did he go to without Bill Belichick? Again,0.


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