Dolphins vs Bucs Recap

The last important preseason game took place Saturday night in Miami. Next weeks contest you won't see any Dolphins starters dressed or playing so last night was the last meaningful action we will see from this team till Sep 8th. There was more good than bad that is for sure and the offense looked a lot better. There are a few points I want to highlight though...

-Before we get to the good let me get the bad out of the way. Charles Clay isn't any good! I know that is kind of harsh but lets be brutally honest Clay can't play. He was brutal and his play stuck out like a sore thumb it was so bad. I know the Dolphins rotate their tight ends depending on the packages. So it isn't even like they have a real clear cut starter per say, but Clay couldn't get out of his own way last night. Egnew and Sims had quiet nights which in some ways is good (no penalty's) but in other ways is bad as they make no impact at all.  I would fully expect Miami to be on the phone all week looking to trade a late round pick for a TE that is gonna be cut anyway by another team.

-Tannehill looked really good last night and so far in 4 preseaon games he has zero turnovers. When given time this preseason he has carved up these defenses and played very well. Granted its the preseason and teams don't scheme much, I get that so I am not going crazy here with excitment  but it does look very promising. In just the first half last night Tannehill was 17-27 for 150 yards. I still think year 2 for Tannehill will have some growing pains and he is far from where he needs to be but it appears at least right now he is moving in the right direction and improving.  Hopefully a year from today we are talking about a totally polished NFL quarterback.

-The Dolphins defense looks already in mid-season form. It really does they are swarming to the football and applying lots of pressure on the quarterback. The front 7 looks nasty and the secondary is improved. Still alot of questions with the CB play but it does seem improved over last year. Patterson has had a hell of a training camp lets hope it continues into the season. The defense has looked very good and they haven't even had their 1st and 2nd round draft picks, Dion Jordan and Jamar Taylor, contributing much at all yet. This is a unit where the sky is the limit this season.

-Special Teams was bad last night, though I am not too concerned. The first fumbled punt turnover was kinda of a fluke thing. The second was Thigpen just dropping the ball and the rain with a wet ball might have been a factor with that. I don't see this as a huge concern going forward. Sturgis looked good again and the coverage units were decent.

So the biggest things in my eyes coming out of last night and now 4 preseason games total is Miami's lack of depth at WR and having no TE's . This will be the thing to watch between now and September 8th. I fully expect Miami to pick up a WR and a TE from another team. Via the waiver wire or by trading away a late round pick. The defense looks very good, Tannehill is looking sharp and in control, Sturgis doesn't look like a rookie kicker. Lots of positives around the Dolphins these days. Still a couple things that need work though


  1. Good assessment Mike, especially on TE. Some guy on another site wrote that Keller's loss wasn't that big and my first thought was wtf? What team are you watching? Keller may not have been "elite", but he was very good, and he and Tannehill definitely had developed a good chemistry. That pass at the goal line would have been a TD last night if it were Keller. Clay didn't even put up a fight for the ball.

  2. Nice write up , I'm just really excited about the D looks strong and will be us in games.


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