Don Shula almost Died 2 years ago; Admits he didn't mind watching JJ fail

Jenny Vrentas at the new website started by Peter King wrote an amazing piece on Don Shula the other day. It talks about how two years ago a blood clot in Shula's left leg ruptured and shot up to his heart and to his lungs and he was very close to dying. It was touch and go for about three days.

There is also a part where Shula admits it wasn't hard to watch JJ fail as the Dolphins head coach. To quote Shula... “it wasn’t hard to watch” the Dolphins struggle under Johnson." Which is a very honest thing to say and a little surprising if you ask me.

It is also brought up that Shula today knows every player on the Carolina Panthers by number, watches every snap of every Panthers game and takes not on a yellow legal pad and sends the notes to his son Mike who is the offensive coordinator of the Panthers. Shula would also talk on a regular basis with Jets special teams coach Mike Westoff any time he saw the Jets block a punt or make a big special teams play.

Also Joe Philbin uses the same desk that Don Shula did when he was coaching the Dolphins back in the day.

It's a great article with so much more information that the little I have mentioned here. A must read!