Grimes continues to excel

Have you noticed in the past 2 preseason games that Miami Dolphins CB Brent Grimes and whomever WR he was defending went nearly unnoticed during their time on the field? That means Grimes is doing his job pretty darn well. Grimes is continuing to prove that he is not only the number 1 cornerback on this team, but the best one we've had since Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain. Grimes was a 2010 Pro Bowler for the Atlanta Falcons but missed all but one game last season after snapping his Achilles' Tendon in the season opener. He was signed to a one-year 5.5 million dollar deal this offseason, and so far he has been a steal. Whenever he has been on the field and a QB is looking for a receiver in Grimes direction, the QB will throw the opposite direction. He has the ability to make himself and other WR's invisible. Not a single negative comment has been made about Grimes thus far as players such as top receiver Mike Wallace has come out saying that he's ready. He is a ridiculous athlete and if he stays healthy and continues to be dominant as he has been, he could worth a franchise tag.