Keller’s Injury Creates Opportunity for Egnew

With the injury to Dustin Keller, second year tight end Michael Egnew has an opportunity to start. Michael Egnew is the infamous 3rd round pick from the 2012 draft who was embarrassed by Coach Mike Sherman on HBO’s Hard Knocks last year. The Miami Dolphins OC even went as far as threatening to cut Egnew, if not for his draft status.

But let’s look at Egnew’s numbers compared to Keller’s. In 2010 at Mizzou, Egnew had 90 catches for 762 yards and 5 TDs. In 2010 Keller caught 55 balls for 687 yards and 5 TDs. But In 2011, Keller’s last full season with the Jets, Keller hauled in 15 more balls for more yards and two more TDs than Egnew. Not too much disparity there. Besides, we’re talking about a six year NFL veteran compared to a second year player. This coaching staff prides itself on developing players.

All of this means nothing if Egnew can’t seize the opportunity. He has the size at 6’5” and 262 pounds to make an impact in the seam and in the red zone. Whether he has the mental toughness to make it happen remains to be seen.