Martin deserves a chance

Before the 2013 NFL Draft, one of the biggest criticisms of Miami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland was that he was too conservative with his picks. He always went the safe route by picking a player for a position of need. This year he actually went a different direction and traded up to the 3rd overall pick to select Dion Jordan to make a position that wasn’t necessarily a need, even better and potentially elite with the addition of Jordan. Jonathan Martin has not shown a lot of promise in the left tackle position thus far and some argue that we should have opted to take Left Tackle Lane Johnson as oppose to Jordan. What fans need to understand is that just last year Martin was a high second round pick, which is a pretty big investment. In addition, he spent 12 of 16 games playing RT as oppose to playing his natural LT position. The last thing the front office need is to cut yet another top pick and further annoy the fan base. Martin has not performed well and I’m not saying he will perform well. What I am saying is that he hasn’t had the time needed to develop his potential. And yes, if you read the 2012 NFL scouting report on Martin and James Walker of ESPN’s film review of Martin in the hall of game against Dallas, the potential is there. Martin did more good than bad in his first preseason game at LT. If he’s terrible during the season, make all the attacks you want. But until then, give him a chance. If you would like to read the report or the film review yourself, click the links below.