Samuda criticizes fans, media on Twitter

As if his lackluster play during training camp and preseason hasn't been bad enough, Dolphins G Josh Samuda took to the wonderful world of twitter to criticize those who are calling out his bad plays.

His first tweet came at 5:31am today,

"@Josh_YM_Samuda: 2 bad plays in 1 half and I'm a terrible player. People know nothing about football. If i was drafted everyone would just brush it off #SMH"

His second tweet came 3 minutes later,

"@Josh_YM_Samuda: Stop trying to be a Guru's and come put yourself in my shoes and see how you do. Sorry you cant.  Goodnight"

One thing you should never do is acknowledge that your not handling criticism well. It only makes you look worse. All this does is turn more fans and writers against you.

UPDATE: Samuda deleted both tweets later in the day. 


  1. You would think that after so many examples out there of athletes getting in trouble on social media that he would know better.


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