Sunday 8/11 Practice Recap

By Robert Yanes

Headed to Dolphins camp this morning to see how our team is looking and doing. Me & the wife were greeted by John Offerdahl who was promoting a new grill, he was super nice & gave us an autograph. We were given free T-shirts while we waited in line, real nice crowd in attendance for practice. 

A couple notes, before the actual report:

1.) This year's practice compared to last year's practice was night & day. The Dolphins feel like a completely different team & are really organized. All the units were working with their coaches on individual drills & fundamentals. 

2.) Aside from a couple positions battles, you know who your starters are. I can't begin to tell you good it feels not to have a QB competition, it allows you to sit back & enjoy other battles. Believe me when I say there is no doubt Tannehill is the starter & best QB on this team.

3.) Please do not read into any Beat Writer predicting a record based on today's practice. The Dolphins barely did team drills, the practice featured some 1-on-1 competition & at the very end a little 7-on-7. This practice was mainly ST & individual drills were it was clear the coaches had them working on fundamentals.

4.) John Jerry did not practice, buy he does look slimmer, the tire around his belly is gone. Also there is no question Brian Hartline has bulked up, especially on his upper body, he is looking like the Packers Jordy Nelson.

Training Camp report
Tannehill connects with Rishard Matthews deep was covered by Presley.

Bumphis with a nice catch, could not tell the QB 

In LB vs TE Drills, Egnew is murdered by Misi, completely blows past him.

There was no sign Randy Starks or Dion Jordan 

Keelan Johnson was of doing work with a trainer

John Jerry & Kyle Miller were on the sidelines & eventually headed inside the Dolphins training facility

Julius Pruitt & Rishard Mathews returned to practice & were full go

Jamar Taylor & Lance Louis did individual drills with their units

Camp began with the QBs throwing to the running backs, the RBs were Miller, Thomas, Gray, Gillislee, Lane & Rodriguez. Jorvoskie Lane shined in this Drill, beat Ellerbe for a pass, than Spitler where he tipped himself the catch & then beat Freeny depp for a catch.

Marcus Thigpen is exclusively a WR now & saw all his snaps with WRs.

Nate Garner is the starting RG, Samuda saw all his snaps as the backup C. Louis was Garner's backup.

The QBs were doing a drill where medicine balls were being launched & rolled at them and they had to avoid them.

Nolan Carroll is one of the main gunners on the PR unit 

Others I notice on the PR unit were Lane, Kovacs, Taylor, Sims & Davis

Thigpen, Bumphis, Hartline, Grimes, Miller, Matthews & Gibson all took turns returning punts

The specialist were all working together & doing this interesting drill where did would run across the field while one threw the ball & the other would catch it. I've never seen them do that & I've been to several practice throughout the years. Poor Sturgis was doing a lot of running, the vets are riding him hard.

Tannehill made nice deep sideline pass to Hartline, there was no coverage just QBs throw to their WRs

Tannehill makes a nice deep pass to Mike Wallace, but again no coverage

QBs are doing a good job with ball placement today.

RBs continue to do individual passing Drills with Pat Devlin, Thigpen is not with them. Thigpen is with the WRs.

Yeatman & Vernon almost got into a fight, pushing & shoving, Vernon squares up throws a punch, coaches break it up.

Derrick Shelby went down on one knee, had leg checked out by trainer, skipped the rest of D-Line drills for the day. Noticed he had a sleeve on his knee & was walking gingerly.

Special Teams really gets on his players, how Rizzi still has a voice is beyond me. Love his passion.

1-on-1 Drills

Tannehills connects with Thigpen, now a WR for a TD.

Tannehill slant pass to McNutt, McNutt catches it but Grimes wrestles it out of his hands & McNutt does what he has done all camp & preseason & drops the pass

Moore finds Fuller open deep put the ball on the money & Fuller drops it.

Tannehill overthrows Pruitt

Matthews & Bumphis with nice catches, could not tell the QB 

Lamar Miller badly beats Jimmy Wilson & Tannehill connects with Miller on a deep pass. Nice play

Tannehill overthrows Tyms who was opened deep, after the play Tannehills is huddling with Tyms & coaching him up. Good leadership skill in my opinion.

In DL vs TE Drills, Egnew is murdered by Odrick, completely blows past him.

7-on-7 Drills
Tannehill completes a short pass to Hartline

Moore completes short to Egnew, but he is wrestled by the defender to the ground & drops the pass

Moore complete a nice deep sideline pass to Tyms

Devlin completes a nice pass down middle to Keller

Tannehill completes deep with Hartline, Hartline has Pressly beat by a lot 

Chris Clemons breaks up a deep pass intended by Moore, Tyms the WR

Reshad Jones breaks up a short pass intended by Tannehill to Brandon Gibson. 

Keenan Davis catches a slant, no drops for him today

Thigpen catches a nice slant pass by Tannehill, Thigpen catches everything thrown his way. I truly believe right now he is your fourth WR.

Devlin connects with Gibson down the sideline

Sims drops a ball, he was wide open & ball was perfectly placed.

Tannehill connects with Hartline deep who had Richard Marshall beat badly. Beautiful pass, perfect ball placement. Hartline & Tannehill have great chemistry. Also like to point out that Hartline has bulked up, really starting to look like the Packers Jordy Nelson.

Tannehill throws a rope down the middle to a wide open Dustin Keller.

Practice Ends.

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  1. Good report. I like how you explained everything that happened at camp down to a science.


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