5 Keys for a Dolphins win over the Colts today

This might seem a no-brainer for the average dolphin fan, but if the dolphins can accomplish all of the 5 items below, we will be looking at our 1st 2 - 0 start since in a very long time.

1. KILL THAT NOISE - The Lucas Oil Stadium was voted as the 11th toughest place to play in the NFL.  The reason why is simple: The Colts fans get that place rockin!  Luck, Manning or Painter, it doesn't matter.  Once the crowd gets going it will be tough to shut them up.  Ways to Silence them: Long offensive drives, hit Luck, touchdowns and turnovers

2. Create & Capitalize on the Turnovers - Luck is a beast!  As we all know Andrew broke the record for most passing yards as a rookie.  What you might not know is Mr. Luck turns the ball over - a lot.  Last year Luck tied soon to be unemployed Mark Sanchez in throwing 18 interceptions placing 3rd most in the NFL.  Adding to those 18 interceptions, he also fumbled the ball a whopping 10 times.  These turnovers seem to come in groups for Luck when he gets uncomfortable, rattled and confused by disguising defenses.  Last week, Miami’s versatile defense forced 3 turnovers, but those turnovers didn't add up to a whole lot of points.  

3. Offensive Line Improvements - Seems like I’ve been saying this every season since 2008.  This line needs to drastically improve in all 3 phases.  Open up passing lanes, open up running lanes, and please, please protect our signal caller. 

4. Mike Wallace -  This week could prove our biggest off-season acquisition wasn't a bust.  Get him the ball deep, short and often.  He’s a playmaker and getting him the ball early in the game will open up things for the running game and the rest of the receivers.

5. Lamar Miller & Daniel Thomas - This is the key to opening up Mike Wallace deep.  If these guys can find some holes and exploit the Colts defensive line we will see big play actions to Wallace.

Thats it, it’s no easy task, but it is very doable.  Enjoy the game.

My Prediction:
Dolphins 27   - Colts 24