Brian Hartline is Unhappy

I guess cut-down day came as a surprise to Brian Hartline. He vented on Twitter how he hates "this industry" (aka the NFL) and he is frustrated that he is associated with it. Wonder if he was feeling that way when he was signing his $30.775 million contract

This industry suck!! And it frustrates me that I'm associated... Life is short and you should enjoy it to the the fullest!!

Memo to Brian: Nobody has a gun to your head forcing you to play in the NFL. Feel free to go sell insurance, become a High School Gym teacher, maybe be a real estate agent,or choose any other profession that will make you happy!


  1. Hey Brian, why don't you work a real job where you work 60+ hours per week year round with 1 weeks vacation and make $30,000 per year like many Americans do. Live paycheck to paycheck and then come back and tell us how it is. Otherwise stop whining you million dollar crybaby.


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