Comeback Win Shows Growth in Ryan Tannehill’s Game

Ryan Tannehill showed us the growth in his game on Sunday en route to his second career comeback win.

Tannehill has been poised and accurate, posting a 94.3 passer rating through three games. He throws darts all over the field, hitting nine different receivers in the Dolphins victory against the Falcons. I’ve even noticed Tannehill barking signals at the line, pre-snap. This shows he’s comfortable running the offense and reflects his film study on opposing defenses. He’s also showing maturity by not “forcing” the ball to our sixty million dollar man WR Mike Wallace. He’s going through his reads, stepping into the pocket (when he has time), and delivering his passes with speed and accuracy.

In this 3-0 stretch he’s shown command of the offense, as well as command of his huddle. “Before the [last] drive started I just told the guys, ‘Hey! Doesn’t matter what happened before now. All that matters is what we do on this drive.’”

Tannehill was sacked 5 times, threw a pick, fumbled twice, and was knocked down a few times in the win against the Falcons. His receivers also had two drops on the last drive.
The second year quarterback over came all of those challenges and led his team on a 13 play, 75 yard game winning drive. He had two second half touchdowns and even collaborated with offensive coordinator Mike Sherman on the last play of the drive that sealed the deal. I just wish he’d use his legs a little more and get rid of the ball a lot quicker.