Ok, Week 4 is upon us and the Dolphins are 3-0! Even the biggest Dolphins homer couldn't have seen this when looking at the schedule when it first came out. But the Fins are on in a meaningful "PRIMETIME" game for the first time in god knows how many years. Monday Night Football and it should be a good one.

WHEN MIAMI HAS THE BALL: It is a simple gameplan for the Dolphins this week on offense. Run the ball, run it some more, and if not sure run it again. Keep the clock moving and Drew Brees and the Saints high powered offense on the sidelines. The Saints rush defense isn't great and I think Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas can have success running the ball this week. And if they can run with some moderate success it should open up some big plays in the passing game to Mike Wallace.  Rob Ryan is the new Saints defensive coordinator and he has improved that unit but its still not an elite defensive unit by any means. Once again, as I say here every week the biggest key for the Fins is the offensive line. This game will be in the SuperDome it will be very loud and the Saints love to blitz and attack the QB. It is imperative for the Fins to block well and give Tannehill time or else it could be a long night.

WHEN THE SAINTS HAVE THE BALL: Drew Brees....Jimmy Graham....what more needs to be said. The Saints have a high powered offensive attack. Marqus Colston....Darren Sproles...they can come at you in waves. Last week Tony Gonzalez was outstanding on the opening drive, after that drive Miami adjusted and Gonzalez didn't catch a pass. Graham is a bigger threat than Gonzalez so the Dolphins will need to be even better this week. If Cam Wake can play a little even on only passing downs that would be a great help for the Fins. If not Dion Jordan must step up and make some plays. Rattle Brees and make the Saints o-line account for him at all times.The Dolphins secondary will be tested. Patterson is still out but it sounds like the 2 rookies Taylor and Davis will finally see the field this week. Welcome to the NFL's Monday Night football and the Saints offense! The Saints running game is nothing special and not a huge concern.

So the first 3 weeks I have picked the Dolphins to win and have been almost spot on with my score predictions. I've been going with my gut on these predictions and its been working out. So, I'm not gonna change that now. Everything on paper says the Saints should win and maybe even win fairly easily. A young Dolphins team thrust into a big primetime NFL game, how will they handle that and being on the road no less. The Saints are unbeaten and have a high powered offense. Everything points to a Saints win and maybe an easy one. But something is telling me the Dolphins are gonna hang around....hang around....hang around....and pull this one out late. I see a shoot-out this week   DOLPHINS 34   SAINTS 30


  1. Sorry Mike. Not going to happen tonight. Dolphins will come back down to Earth. New Orleans by at least 10. By the way, have you heard about Wilfork yet? That's a big blow to the Pat's D


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