GAME PREDICTION: Dolphins @ Browns

Week 1 is finally here and the season is a few hours away. The Dolphins play the Browns in an interesting match-up. Each team is known for having a strong defense and is starting 2nd year quarterbacks who are looking to improve off of their rookie seasons.

WHEN MIAMI HAS THE BALL: I think the Fins will want to establish the run early and set up the play action pass to Wallace. I could see Brandon Gibson with a nice 7-9 reception game working the middle of the field and moving the chains consistently. Tannehill protected the football very well in the preseason and had almost no turnovers, if that continues into the regular season then it will be a very big deal for this Dolphins offense. The Browns are an above average defensive team and I have seen some rankings and experts say they have a Top 10 or even a Top 5 NFL defense. I think Lamar Miller will come close to 100 yards (but fall a little short) and I think Wallace and Gibson have big games

WHEN MIAMI IS ON DEFENSE: The Browns offensive line is good but they are a little weak at guard right now due to injuries. I can see the Dolphins blitzing a lot, a real lot. Coyle will dial up the pressure early and often to try and rattle Weeden. Cleveland doesn't have great WR's especially with Josh Gordon suspended. Davone Bess is starting for them...nuff said! Trent Richardson is a great running back but the strength of the Fins defense is the rush defense. No Jamar Taylor, No Will Davis, and Dimitri Patterson might sit out as well or play very limited due to an injury so I would not be shocked to see the Browns attack the Miami corners. Which means the pass rush must be spot on today to rattle Weeden. If Weeden has time to throw he will have success vs a depleated Miami secondary.

This game will be close I think and it could go either way. The Browns seem to have a black cloud hanging over this franchise and is very snake bitten. I see that continuing... MIAMI 23  CLEVELAND 16


  1. Going to disagree with you Mike and here is why. The Browns strength on defense is their front 7 and they are good at stopping the run. I don't have confidence in our OL run blocking, so I don't see Miami getting the run game going like they want. Browns CB Joe Haden has a strong history of shutting down Mike Wallace. Don't see him having a big game. This is where the loss of Dustin Keller will really hurt. Just because Flying J is failing doesn't mean the Browns are!

    Cleveland 14 Miami 10

  2. Well, I'm happy that I was wrong and you were right :)

  3. Nice prediction! You were pretty close lol.

  4. I know what I'm talking


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