Buffalo vs Miami PREDICTION

The bye week is over and the Fins are back in action, I have seen alot of Dolphins fan in "panic mode" after 2 losses. But's keep things in perspective and remember the Fins didn't lose to some garbage teams here. There is no shame in losing AT the Saints and at home vs the defending champs in a close game. Miami is 3-2 and the easier part of the schedule is upon us. Starting this week with a beaten up Buffalo team.

I am not going to do an in-depth write up this week because I don't believe this game deserves one. Look at each teams rosters, Miami has far superior talent on both sides of the football. I also feel they have a big edge in the coaching staff department as the few times I have seen Buffalo this year I have not liked what I have seen out of rookie head coach Doug Marrone.

Cam Wake is back at 100% and will be playing and with no knee brace and one would like to think that with the bye week we will see some improvement with the Dolphins offensive line. The Bills are starting a 3rd string QB who is banged up. I think this game will be ugly and get ugly quick. Easy Miami win   Miami  41  Buffalo 10


  1. Easy win? I'll give ya an easy win....for New England next week. Somebody needs to grow some balls and make some changes. Tyson Clabo needs to be benched. It's getting worse as the season goes on. The way they are playing they will be lucky to win 2 or 3 of their last 10 games. A 6-10 record will get them a decent draft pick. maybe they can pick up some decent offensive linemen.

  2. If they go less than 9-7 than I would suggest going to a new coaching staff. I know folks are blaming the GM, but he did get them good players the only see I see wrong in the off-season was not going after the offensive line. But I put this all on the coaches and Phiben he is being outcoached and the lack of fire in the game shows that they were not well prepared.

    1. No doubt. The coaching and play calling has been horrible. 3:30 left in the game, ball near mid-field, 1 point lead, success running the ball. So what do they call? Three straight passes? That's not winning football. Run the ball 3 times, run time off the clock, let Field pin them deep with less than 2 minutes left and make a practice squad QB try to beat you.


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