Offense needs a revamp

The bye week for the Miami Dolphins could not come at a better time. After an impressive 3-0 start, the Dolphins are suddenly on a downward spiral due to injuries and terrible offensive line play. If Ryan Tannehill continues to get sacked the amount of times he has been, he’s not going to need blocking he’s going to need a coffin. What I would like to see done, as far as experimenting, is move John Jerry to LT as he was a solid pass blocker there last season and perhaps start Nate Garner at RG just for something different, because the protection cannot get any worse than it has been. That final drive against the Ravens was simply horrid and the play calling was far too predictable. The game plan needs to be changed and Lamar Miller needs to be involved in a more creative manner. When Ryan Tannehill is on the move, his passes are much more accurate, so perhaps we can do some rollouts. The play calling has been too predictable and conservative and I think we’ve seen enough of that from the Tony Sparano era. The offensive line needs a quick fix and the plays need to be more creative and used more to the strengths of the players on the field.


  1. I agree get in someone in at RG , can't get any worse then it is , or can it?

  2. They have kept Garner around for a few years so they must see something in him. As you say, it can't get much worse. Tyson Clabo is pretty much Marc Colombo II. How about that Watkins guy? He was a 1st round pick. Must have some talent?


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