Ravens vs Dolphins Prediction

Ok, so Miami took it on the chin last Monday vs the Saints. Time to pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and get back to the winning ways. The Ravens have been only so-so this year but they have a good QB and will put up a fight. They have enough talent to beat Miami for sure.

WHEN BALTIMORE HAS THE BALL: It's all Joe Flacco this year. The Ravens running game has been poor and Ray Rice isn't 100%. It's about getting pressure to Flacco and forcing him to throw on the run or rush throws. WR's Jacoby Jones and Marlon Brown are both injured and questionable for today's game. The WR unit is hurting and that might end up being a big advantage for the Dolphins. I expect Cam Wake to play some in this game on 3rd down. His snaps will be limited but the fact he is on the field at all should help Miami. Hopefully he can "go" this week even if its only 20 snaps or so.

WHEN MIAMI HAS THE BALL: The Dolphins must protect Ryan Tannehill,....period. End of debate. They  can't give up the number of sacks they are giving up each week any longer. Tannehill is getting killed. And this notion out there that some of the sacks are Tannehill's fault, please. Stop. It's silly. On some of these plays guys are coming in un-touched or Tannehill is running for his life 2 seconds after getting the snap. The vast majority of these sacks are on the blocking up front and let's not sugar coat things. For the love of god BLOCK SOMEBODY ALREADY! I expect the same in the passing game where Wallace is the decoy which opens things up for Hartline and Gibson to have big games. Lamar Miller improves each week. I expect another 60-70 yard performance out of him today. I think the Dolphins offense has played well for the most part this year (for the talent level they have) and I don't see much changing.

This game reminds me a lot of the Week 2 game vs Indy. Two equally matched teams in a game that will be a dog-fight and go down to the bitter end. MIAMI 23   BALTIMORE 20


  1. Ya know Mike, I kind of agree with you, but I think the margin will be a little more. I say Dolphins by 7-10. I just think they were humiliated Monday night and are anxious to take it out on someone and Baltimore is not playing that well.
    Miami 27 Baltimore 17


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