Embarrassed Dolphin Fan With Lots of Questions

I have to say that as a lifelong fan of the Miami Dolphins, I’m pretty embarrassed about this whole situation. Out of all the things we’ve had to endure as fans of this team, Ricky’s abrupt retirement, Marino quitting the front office after three weeks, a one and fifteen season, Ireland and Dez Bryant, Manning, Harbaugh, etcetera, etcetera…this is by far the most embarrassing.

That being said, there are a lot of questions yet to be answered.

First off, why didn’t Jonathan Martin ever reach out to the coaching staff or maybe another player? Why didn't any other players step in? Things must not have been that bad if reports are true that Martin participated in stealing OL Josh Samuda’s car keys and moving his car to another location as a prank. Incognito even tweeted a picture of Martin behind the wheel of Samuda’s car during the prank. Was he just trying to fit in? After checking out some of Incognito’s tweets I even saw an Incognito selfie that included Martin while they sat next to each other on a flight to Houston. They look pretty chummy to me.

Secondly, why isn’t anyone bringing up Incognito’s past issues with drugs and alcohol? Is Martin the only one “ill” here? The voicemail that Incognito left could have been nothing more than a drunken rant left on a friend’s phone. Haven’t you ever insulted or threatened to “kill” one of your friend’s in jest? I call my friends assholes and pieces of shit all the time.

Just a few months ago NFL.com’s Jeff Darlington did a great piece on Incognito’s fight against alcohol and drug abuse. During an interview promoting his piece on Incognito, Darlington “challenges” the audience to watch the piece and that he sought out Incognito, not the other way around. Darlington says, “The mental illness aspect is the most important,” and that “he [Incognito] wants to change as a person.” Here's a link to the video version of the piece. Richie Incognito's Demons

My point is that it is difficult to know or understand the context of the remarks, especially in the complex culture of an NFL locker room. Not to mention the fact that it looks like we could be dealing with two mentally ill individuals.

It’s easy to sit back from a TV studio and criticize the parties involved without hearing both sides of the story or even the truth.

All of these former player pundits with their holier-than-thou attitudes are a bunch of hypocrites. Like they never made a rookie pick up a tab or played a mean prank.

“This league is a group of elite men. It is a fraternity. It is a brotherhood. It’s a lot of things and there is a membership,” says DE Cameron Wake. He goes on to say, “You have to pay your dues to get certain privileges.”

Was Incognito’s behavior over the top? Maybe. Is Martin blameless? Absolutely not. The coaching staff and GM Jeff Ireland were either naïve or just plain stupid. Either way, the fact that they were oblivious to what was going on shows a lack of institutional control. They better hope this team strings some wins together. If not, this could be the year Ireland loses his invincibility.