I think that one word about sums up how the Dolphins ended the season. A season with so much promise. A season that started 3-0, then saw a 4 game losing streak and Bullygate, After a loss to Carolina left them at 5-6, they looked done. Then they turned it around and won 3 straight, including a game in the snow at Pittsburgh and the next week at home against New England. The playoffs were well within reach with Buffalo and the Jets left to play. We all know how the story ends so no need to go any farther. The question is, what changes need to be made?

Who, if anyone is safe? If you can Ireland do you let the new GM have the choice to replace Philbin? Does Philbin deserve another year? I hear people say that if you fire Sherman, it will stunt Ryan Tannehill's growth. Why is that? Other QB's come into the league and do fine without their college coach holding their hand.

Well, here is my opinion, like it or not. Start at the top. Ireland has had his chances and has failed. 2 things stick out in my mind this year. First, he failed to improve a lousy offensive line. Jonathan Martin clearly was not ready to start at left tackle (let alone play in this league). Jake Long had a fine year in St Louis before getting injured. Tyson Clabo was just ok after a horrible start. The other thing that sticks out is Dion Jordan. If you trade up to the 3rd pick in the draft, that guy better be an immediate starter. Jordan was not.

So you start by parting ways with Ireland. You want a top GM and you will not get a top GM if you tell him his hands are tied because he has to give Philbin another year. No. If you can get a top GM you tell him the team is his to run as he sees fit. If he wants to bring in his own staff, then so be it.

I think if Ross stays status quo, he may see a lot more empty seats next year.