They Let Us Down....Again.

The Dolphins took the field yesterday with everything in front of them.  They had full control of their playoff destiny.  Very simple it was two wins and they were in.  They were the more talented team and they were playing well.  Also you would think they’d be seeking revenge after an unthinkable loss from earlier in the year.  With all that on the line, they never even got off the bus.
`           Twenty four hours later the Dolphins and their fans are still dealing with the fall out of an embarrassing performance against a 5 win team with a back up quarterback.  So what if one of their 5 wins were with that very same quarterback against you in October?  For the Dolphins to come out and play the way they did isn’t acceptable.  With a fan base that is losing interest and patience, yesterday was more of a reason to push them out the door.
            Miami was dominated in every aspect of the game yesterday.  The Bills ran the ball better, they blocked better, they passed better, they rush the quarterback better, they tackled better and they were just BETTER.  Miami did everything wrong and now will possibly be left thinking about a season that just slipped out of their hands.  Just like the first Bills game, the Ravens game, and collapses against New England & Carolina.
            I’m convinced that this team doesn't know how to deal with success.  Start the season 3-0 and then get blown out by the Saints and lose 4 straight.  Beat a strong Bengals team and then lose to the winless Bucs 10 days later.  Beat San Diego and then collapse against Carolina.  Win three straight including games against the Steelers & Patriots and then don’t even bother to show up in Buffalo.  See a trend here? 
            Sure there are a million things to blame.  You can talk about how the offensive line that was a bandage over a stab wound the past few weeks, and it fell a part against a tough Buffalo front.  Or how about an offensive coordinator who continues to give up on running the ball quicker then rats off the titanic.  It’s easy for me I’ll blame Joe Philbin, he didn't have this team ready to play, and he hasn't helped them take that next step.  Sure it’s good to win games against the Colts, Bengals & Patriots, but hey the Rams killed the Colts and the Jets beat the Pats, and there will be no playoff football in St. Louis or New York.
            As Sunday approaches we’ll hear more and more about how the Dolphins still have a good chance to get in the playoffs, and logically they do, but why should Dolfans have any faith?  This is a team that has knocked us down more then Ryan Tannehill was yesterday.  For once I’m Waiting for them to pick us up, and I could be waiting for a while. 

Billy Dowling