Saturday, August 31, 2013

Dolphins Cuts

We will update this throughout the day as the cuts take place....

T Jeff Adams (Waived/Injured)
LB Antwan Applewhite
G Chris Barker 
C Sam Brenner
WR Chad Bumphis
QB Aaron Corp (Waived/Injured)
WR Keenan Davis
DT A.J. Francis
RB Jonas Gray
S Keelan Johnson
S Jordan Kovacs
T Andrew McDonald
WR Marvin McNutt
TE Kyle Miller
DE Tristin Okpalaugo
CB Julian Posey
CB De’Andre Presley
DT Kheeston Randall
DT Tracey Robertson
LB Lee Robinson
LB Austin Spitler
WR Brian Tyms

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dolphins Will Use the Read Option in Copycat League

We have already seen the 49ers, Redskins, and Seahawks have success using the read option. And with the influx of multi-dimensional quarterbacks and the copycat nature of the league, look for the Miami Dolphins to use the read option with Ryan Tannehill.

Ryan Tannehill Can Run the Ball
Tannehill spent two years playing wide receiver at Texas A&M before being named the starting QB. In that time period he caught 112 passes for over 1500 yards, so he’s more than familiar with running with the ball. Offense coordinator Mike Sherman, who coached Tannehill in college, knows this and used Tannehill more in the running game towards the end of the season. Tannehill had 28 carries for 181 yards the last six weeks of the season. Compare that to just 21 carries for 63 yards the first 11 weeks. Sure this trend to could be attributed to game planning, but I believe this is a sign of things to come. Another great stat for Dolphin fans was Tannehill’s seventy two percent accuracy when throwing on the run, according to ProFootball Focus. That’s good for second in the NFL.

Read Option & Zone Blocking
The line men in the read option use the zone blocking scheme. Dolphins Head Coach Joe Philbin came to Miami with a zone blocking scheme that he used in Green Bay as offense coordinator. The only difference between the read option and the zone blocking scheme is that the quarterback as the option to hand the ball off to the running back or run the ball himself. The Dolphins offensive line, center Mike Pouncy and guard Richie Incognito in particular, have shown an ability to get off blocks and get down field. Athletic linemen are crucial to the read option and zone blocking scheme.
With a quarterback that can run with the ball in Tannehill, and athletic linemen that are already have a year of zone blocking under their belt, look for the Dolphins to use the read option in 2013.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Reshad Jones makes The All-22 All Star list has a little thing they do listing the 22 most Underappreciated players in the NFL. Reshad Jones made the list and got a nice write up. CLICK HERE to read it.

Dolphins Trim Roster to 75

The Dolphins parted ways with 9 players this afternoon. Fullback Jorvorskie Lane, guard Lance Louis, linebacker Michael Clay, wide receiver Jeff Fuller, defensive end Emeka Onyenekwu, wide receiver Julius Pruitt, wide receiver Andrell Smith, linebacker Nathan Williams, and linebacker David Hinds were let go today to get down to the league mandated 75 players by 4 PM.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dolphins vs Bucs Recap

The last important preseason game took place Saturday night in Miami. Next weeks contest you won't see any Dolphins starters dressed or playing so last night was the last meaningful action we will see from this team till Sep 8th. There was more good than bad that is for sure and the offense looked a lot better. There are a few points I want to highlight though...

-Before we get to the good let me get the bad out of the way. Charles Clay isn't any good! I know that is kind of harsh but lets be brutally honest Clay can't play. He was brutal and his play stuck out like a sore thumb it was so bad. I know the Dolphins rotate their tight ends depending on the packages. So it isn't even like they have a real clear cut starter per say, but Clay couldn't get out of his own way last night. Egnew and Sims had quiet nights which in some ways is good (no penalty's) but in other ways is bad as they make no impact at all.  I would fully expect Miami to be on the phone all week looking to trade a late round pick for a TE that is gonna be cut anyway by another team.

-Tannehill looked really good last night and so far in 4 preseaon games he has zero turnovers. When given time this preseason he has carved up these defenses and played very well. Granted its the preseason and teams don't scheme much, I get that so I am not going crazy here with excitment  but it does look very promising. In just the first half last night Tannehill was 17-27 for 150 yards. I still think year 2 for Tannehill will have some growing pains and he is far from where he needs to be but it appears at least right now he is moving in the right direction and improving.  Hopefully a year from today we are talking about a totally polished NFL quarterback.

-The Dolphins defense looks already in mid-season form. It really does they are swarming to the football and applying lots of pressure on the quarterback. The front 7 looks nasty and the secondary is improved. Still alot of questions with the CB play but it does seem improved over last year. Patterson has had a hell of a training camp lets hope it continues into the season. The defense has looked very good and they haven't even had their 1st and 2nd round draft picks, Dion Jordan and Jamar Taylor, contributing much at all yet. This is a unit where the sky is the limit this season.

-Special Teams was bad last night, though I am not too concerned. The first fumbled punt turnover was kinda of a fluke thing. The second was Thigpen just dropping the ball and the rain with a wet ball might have been a factor with that. I don't see this as a huge concern going forward. Sturgis looked good again and the coverage units were decent.

So the biggest things in my eyes coming out of last night and now 4 preseason games total is Miami's lack of depth at WR and having no TE's . This will be the thing to watch between now and September 8th. I fully expect Miami to pick up a WR and a TE from another team. Via the waiver wire or by trading away a late round pick. The defense looks very good, Tannehill is looking sharp and in control, Sturgis doesn't look like a rookie kicker. Lots of positives around the Dolphins these days. Still a couple things that need work though

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Incognito Gets into Altercation at Miami Beach Hotel

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito had an off field issue where he "punched and knocked out a hotel security guard" at the Fontainbleau on Miami Beach.

Miami Herald reporter Adam Beasley tweeted earlier that, according to a Miami Beach police report the incident occurred on the morning of June 10 and Incognito was subsequently issued a warning for trespassing.

This news comes only a couple of days after Texans DE Antonio Smith was suspended for ripping off Incognito's helmet and trying to hit him with it during the Miami Dolphins and Houston Texans preseason game last Saturday.

I guess we'll wait and see if the NFL feels that this is a violation of the league's conduct policy and if any punishment is handed down. It definitely doesn't help his reputation for being a dirty player on the field.

UPDATE: The ESPN story is not 100% accurate. According to the police report Incognito was breaking up a fight and he didn't start the fight. And in fact Incognito was the person who called 911, not the nightclub. Incognito was asked to leave the club and he did but this was not a case of Incognito starting trouble.

Keller’s Injury Creates Opportunity for Egnew

With the injury to Dustin Keller, second year tight end Michael Egnew has an opportunity to start. Michael Egnew is the infamous 3rd round pick from the 2012 draft who was embarrassed by Coach Mike Sherman on HBO’s Hard Knocks last year. The Miami Dolphins OC even went as far as threatening to cut Egnew, if not for his draft status.

But let’s look at Egnew’s numbers compared to Keller’s. In 2010 at Mizzou, Egnew had 90 catches for 762 yards and 5 TDs. In 2010 Keller caught 55 balls for 687 yards and 5 TDs. But In 2011, Keller’s last full season with the Jets, Keller hauled in 15 more balls for more yards and two more TDs than Egnew. Not too much disparity there. Besides, we’re talking about a six year NFL veteran compared to a second year player. This coaching staff prides itself on developing players.

All of this means nothing if Egnew can’t seize the opportunity. He has the size at 6’5” and 262 pounds to make an impact in the seam and in the red zone. Whether he has the mental toughness to make it happen remains to be seen.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fins release CB Richard Marshall is reporting the Dolphins have released CB Richard Marshall.

The Dolphins tried trading Marshall but found no takers so he was released. Fins avoid a $4.55 million salary that Marshall carried.

CLICK HERE to read more about the entire trip

VIDEO: Mercury Morris on Richard Nixon

Political Talk with Mercury Morris.  CLICK HERE

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Samuda criticizes fans, media on Twitter

As if his lackluster play during training camp and preseason hasn't been bad enough, Dolphins G Josh Samuda took to the wonderful world of twitter to criticize those who are calling out his bad plays.

His first tweet came at 5:31am today,

"@Josh_YM_Samuda: 2 bad plays in 1 half and I'm a terrible player. People know nothing about football. If i was drafted everyone would just brush it off #SMH"

His second tweet came 3 minutes later,

"@Josh_YM_Samuda: Stop trying to be a Guru's and come put yourself in my shoes and see how you do. Sorry you cant.  Goodnight"

One thing you should never do is acknowledge that your not handling criticism well. It only makes you look worse. All this does is turn more fans and writers against you.

UPDATE: Samuda deleted both tweets later in the day. 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

TE Keller Injures Knee

TE Dustin Keller injured his knee during the 2nd quarter of tonight's exhibition game against the Houston Texans. I would have to say there is a pretty good chance it's serious and Keller is done for the year.

UPDATE: WQAM is reporting that Keller will have an MRI in the morning. It appears to be an ACL injury and Dustin Keller will miss the 2013 season. Keller was on a 1-year deal after turning down a multi-year offer from the Dolphins. Which now in hindsight looks like a major mistake by Dustin Keller and his agent. Keller has most likely played his last game for the Dolphins.

UPDATE #2: Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting Dustin Keller will undergo an MRI tonight and will not wait till the morning.

SUNDAY UPDATE: Alex Marvez of FOX SPORTS is reporting Keller will miss the entire 2013 season with his knee injury.

Don Shula almost Died 2 years ago; Admits he didn't mind watching JJ fail

Jenny Vrentas at the new website started by Peter King wrote an amazing piece on Don Shula the other day. It talks about how two years ago a blood clot in Shula's left leg ruptured and shot up to his heart and to his lungs and he was very close to dying. It was touch and go for about three days.

There is also a part where Shula admits it wasn't hard to watch JJ fail as the Dolphins head coach. To quote Shula... “it wasn’t hard to watch” the Dolphins struggle under Johnson." Which is a very honest thing to say and a little surprising if you ask me.

It is also brought up that Shula today knows every player on the Carolina Panthers by number, watches every snap of every Panthers game and takes not on a yellow legal pad and sends the notes to his son Mike who is the offensive coordinator of the Panthers. Shula would also talk on a regular basis with Jets special teams coach Mike Westoff any time he saw the Jets block a punt or make a big special teams play.

Also Joe Philbin uses the same desk that Don Shula did when he was coaching the Dolphins back in the day.

It's a great article with so much more information that the little I have mentioned here. A must read!

John Offerdahl to be put in Dolphins Honor Roll

The Miami Dolphins announced yesterday they will put linebacker John Offerdahl into the teams Honor Roll on October 31st at Halftime of the game against Cincinnati. Offerdahl will be the 25th Dolphins player to be put in the Honor Roll.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

AUDIO: SIRIUS/XM NFL Radio at Dolphins Camp today

Incase you missed it SIRIUS/XM NFL Radio was at Miami Dolphins training camp today broadcasting live for three hours. Alex Marvez and Bill Polian were in town and they talked to a lot of Dolphins players, coaches, and the General Manager Jeff Ireland. Here are some AUDIO CLIPS so listen to what was said.

Ryan Tannehill CLICK HERE

Jeff Ireland CLICK HERE

Joe Philbin CLICK HERE
Did You Know.....Sirius/XM NFL Radio producer Bill Dowling is a Dolphins fan and blogs exclusively here at

Nate Garner out 2-3 weeks

Earlier this week Nate Garner was promoted to starting right guard but his stay there didn't last long. According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald Garner injured his shoulder and had arthroscopic surgery and will be out 2-3 weeks. A tough break for Garner who finally had a chance to win a starting full time job on the offensive line.

Garner is an injury prone player though and this isn't surprising at all. He is versatile though as he can back-up both guard and tackle positions so I fully expect him to stick around with the Dolphins when he comes back healthy.

Dan Carpenter Released

After the Dolphins used a fifth round pick on Florida kicker Caleb Sturgis, did anyone really have a doubt that Dan Carpenter's days with the Dolphins were numbered? With his booming kickoffs and 58 yard field goal last Friday against the Jags, Sturgis pretty much put the nail in the coffin. The Dolphins released Carpenter today. Sturgis will also come a lot cheaper than Carpenter.

In other news that may interest Dolphin fans, Patriots QB Tom Brady suffered a knee injury today during a joint practice with Tampa Bay. The extent of the injury is not known yet. If you have not seen it, here it is.....

Update on the Tom Brady injury: CBS Sports Jason La Canfora is reporting that Brady's injury is a sprain and not serious.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

1972 Dolphins getting Honored at the White House

The 1972 Miami Dolphins after completing their "PERFECT SEASON" were never honored by the President at the White House. Then president Richard Nixon was in the middle of his Watergate Scandal at the time which left no team to honor sports teams that won championships.

So, President Brarack Obama has invited the entire 1972 Dolphins team to the White House next Tuesday August 20th to receive this honor they missed out on some 40 years ago. Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is paying for the transportation of every team member that wants to go.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday 8/11 Practice Recap

By Robert Yanes

Headed to Dolphins camp this morning to see how our team is looking and doing. Me & the wife were greeted by John Offerdahl who was promoting a new grill, he was super nice & gave us an autograph. We were given free T-shirts while we waited in line, real nice crowd in attendance for practice. 

A couple notes, before the actual report:

1.) This year's practice compared to last year's practice was night & day. The Dolphins feel like a completely different team & are really organized. All the units were working with their coaches on individual drills & fundamentals. 

2.) Aside from a couple positions battles, you know who your starters are. I can't begin to tell you good it feels not to have a QB competition, it allows you to sit back & enjoy other battles. Believe me when I say there is no doubt Tannehill is the starter & best QB on this team.

3.) Please do not read into any Beat Writer predicting a record based on today's practice. The Dolphins barely did team drills, the practice featured some 1-on-1 competition & at the very end a little 7-on-7. This practice was mainly ST & individual drills were it was clear the coaches had them working on fundamentals.

4.) John Jerry did not practice, buy he does look slimmer, the tire around his belly is gone. Also there is no question Brian Hartline has bulked up, especially on his upper body, he is looking like the Packers Jordy Nelson.

Training Camp report
Tannehill connects with Rishard Matthews deep was covered by Presley.

Bumphis with a nice catch, could not tell the QB 

In LB vs TE Drills, Egnew is murdered by Misi, completely blows past him.

There was no sign Randy Starks or Dion Jordan 

Keelan Johnson was of doing work with a trainer

John Jerry & Kyle Miller were on the sidelines & eventually headed inside the Dolphins training facility

Julius Pruitt & Rishard Mathews returned to practice & were full go

Jamar Taylor & Lance Louis did individual drills with their units

Camp began with the QBs throwing to the running backs, the RBs were Miller, Thomas, Gray, Gillislee, Lane & Rodriguez. Jorvoskie Lane shined in this Drill, beat Ellerbe for a pass, than Spitler where he tipped himself the catch & then beat Freeny depp for a catch.

Marcus Thigpen is exclusively a WR now & saw all his snaps with WRs.

Nate Garner is the starting RG, Samuda saw all his snaps as the backup C. Louis was Garner's backup.

The QBs were doing a drill where medicine balls were being launched & rolled at them and they had to avoid them.

Nolan Carroll is one of the main gunners on the PR unit 

Others I notice on the PR unit were Lane, Kovacs, Taylor, Sims & Davis

Thigpen, Bumphis, Hartline, Grimes, Miller, Matthews & Gibson all took turns returning punts

The specialist were all working together & doing this interesting drill where did would run across the field while one threw the ball & the other would catch it. I've never seen them do that & I've been to several practice throughout the years. Poor Sturgis was doing a lot of running, the vets are riding him hard.

Tannehill made nice deep sideline pass to Hartline, there was no coverage just QBs throw to their WRs

Tannehill makes a nice deep pass to Mike Wallace, but again no coverage

QBs are doing a good job with ball placement today.

RBs continue to do individual passing Drills with Pat Devlin, Thigpen is not with them. Thigpen is with the WRs.

Yeatman & Vernon almost got into a fight, pushing & shoving, Vernon squares up throws a punch, coaches break it up.

Derrick Shelby went down on one knee, had leg checked out by trainer, skipped the rest of D-Line drills for the day. Noticed he had a sleeve on his knee & was walking gingerly.

Special Teams really gets on his players, how Rizzi still has a voice is beyond me. Love his passion.

1-on-1 Drills

Tannehills connects with Thigpen, now a WR for a TD.

Tannehill slant pass to McNutt, McNutt catches it but Grimes wrestles it out of his hands & McNutt does what he has done all camp & preseason & drops the pass

Moore finds Fuller open deep put the ball on the money & Fuller drops it.

Tannehill overthrows Pruitt

Matthews & Bumphis with nice catches, could not tell the QB 

Lamar Miller badly beats Jimmy Wilson & Tannehill connects with Miller on a deep pass. Nice play

Tannehill overthrows Tyms who was opened deep, after the play Tannehills is huddling with Tyms & coaching him up. Good leadership skill in my opinion.

In DL vs TE Drills, Egnew is murdered by Odrick, completely blows past him.

7-on-7 Drills
Tannehill completes a short pass to Hartline

Moore completes short to Egnew, but he is wrestled by the defender to the ground & drops the pass

Moore complete a nice deep sideline pass to Tyms

Devlin completes a nice pass down middle to Keller

Tannehill completes deep with Hartline, Hartline has Pressly beat by a lot 

Chris Clemons breaks up a deep pass intended by Moore, Tyms the WR

Reshad Jones breaks up a short pass intended by Tannehill to Brandon Gibson. 

Keenan Davis catches a slant, no drops for him today

Thigpen catches a nice slant pass by Tannehill, Thigpen catches everything thrown his way. I truly believe right now he is your fourth WR.

Devlin connects with Gibson down the sideline

Sims drops a ball, he was wide open & ball was perfectly placed.

Tannehill connects with Hartline deep who had Richard Marshall beat badly. Beautiful pass, perfect ball placement. Hartline & Tannehill have great chemistry. Also like to point out that Hartline has bulked up, really starting to look like the Packers Jordy Nelson.

Tannehill throws a rope down the middle to a wide open Dustin Keller.

Practice Ends.

Follow Robert Yanes on Twitter at @Robi2184

Grimes continues to excel

Have you noticed in the past 2 preseason games that Miami Dolphins CB Brent Grimes and whomever WR he was defending went nearly unnoticed during their time on the field? That means Grimes is doing his job pretty darn well. Grimes is continuing to prove that he is not only the number 1 cornerback on this team, but the best one we've had since Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain. Grimes was a 2010 Pro Bowler for the Atlanta Falcons but missed all but one game last season after snapping his Achilles' Tendon in the season opener. He was signed to a one-year 5.5 million dollar deal this offseason, and so far he has been a steal. Whenever he has been on the field and a QB is looking for a receiver in Grimes direction, the QB will throw the opposite direction. He has the ability to make himself and other WR's invisible. Not a single negative comment has been made about Grimes thus far as players such as top receiver Mike Wallace has come out saying that he's ready. He is a ridiculous athlete and if he stays healthy and continues to be dominant as he has been, he could worth a franchise tag.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fins-Jags TV Replay at 7am Sunday

For those that were unable to watch the Fins-Jags preseason game Friday night it will air Sunday morning at 7am on the NFL NETWORK. Set your DVR's

Friday, August 9, 2013

1st half Thoughts of Fins-Jags Preseason game

I'm not gonna keep the live blog going for the 2nd half. This game is about to be played with scrubs who will be working for UPS and slicing meat at your local deli in a couple weeks. Now on to thoughts when the starters where in...

-The offensive line was bad. Really bad. Josh Samuda cannot be the starting right guard. He was awful tonight. Tannehill was running for his life early on in this game on every passing play. Once Nate Garner came in at right guard things improved and Tanehill had some time to throw and led an 80 yard touchdown drive. Side Note: Jonathan Martin played really well!

-Dustin Keller is so much more of a threat than Fasano ever was. Keller with 2 big plays and a touchdown. I expect a big year from Keller IF he can stay healthy.

-The first team pass rush looked really good. I mean really really good!!

-Will Davis the rookie CB is a guy who will make Dolphins fans jump for joy and cry. He is always around the ball and knocking down passes and defending passes but he does have that tendency to get burnt. He is a keeper and someone who I think Dolphins fans will love one minute and hate within a few plays later.  I like Davis though he is showing something

Dolphins vs Jags LIVE BLOG

Keep coming to all night for on-going coverage of the Fins-Jags Preseason game

FINS offense goes 3 and out to open the game. Miller with a nice run

FINS defenses forces a 3 and out. Pass Rush was Outstanding

Fins get 1 first down but then the o-line looks terrible and TANNEHILL IS RUNNING FOR HIS LIFE!!!!

Fins defense with another 3 and out. Pass rush looks great!

Fins pick up 8-9 yards on Tannehill to Hartline, but fail to convert a 2nd and 1 and a 3rd and 1. Punt to Jax.

Defense gives up a 1st down, then force a punt. Bumphis muffs the punt but Fins recover
TOUCHDOWN DOLPHINS!!!! Tannehill hit Keller early in the drive for 24 yards. Jax with a big pass interference to keep the drive alive. Then Tannehill hits Keller for a big TOUCHDOWN!

Nolan Carroll with an INT off a tipped pass. Fins get the ball back


Jags answer with a 23 yard field goal

Matt Moore throws an INT

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dolphins say Good-Bye to Mike Dee

Mike Dee is finishing up his final days as the CEO of the Miami Dolphins. Today the organization threw him a going away party with cupcakes

Martin deserves a chance

Before the 2013 NFL Draft, one of the biggest criticisms of Miami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland was that he was too conservative with his picks. He always went the safe route by picking a player for a position of need. This year he actually went a different direction and traded up to the 3rd overall pick to select Dion Jordan to make a position that wasn’t necessarily a need, even better and potentially elite with the addition of Jordan. Jonathan Martin has not shown a lot of promise in the left tackle position thus far and some argue that we should have opted to take Left Tackle Lane Johnson as oppose to Jordan. What fans need to understand is that just last year Martin was a high second round pick, which is a pretty big investment. In addition, he spent 12 of 16 games playing RT as oppose to playing his natural LT position. The last thing the front office need is to cut yet another top pick and further annoy the fan base. Martin has not performed well and I’m not saying he will perform well. What I am saying is that he hasn’t had the time needed to develop his potential. And yes, if you read the 2012 NFL scouting report on Martin and James Walker of ESPN’s film review of Martin in the hall of game against Dallas, the potential is there. Martin did more good than bad in his first preseason game at LT. If he’s terrible during the season, make all the attacks you want. But until then, give him a chance. If you would like to read the report or the film review yourself, click the links below.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Jones gets a New Deal; Devlin Hurt

Two big pieces News Items Today

-According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald Pat Devlin is injured and there is no timetable for his return. The Dolphins have contacted Tyler Thigpen and are interested in bringing him in to be the #3 QB is reporting the Dolphins have given safety Reshad Jones a 4 year contract extension. Other outlets are reporting it is in or around the $30 million range with $15 million guaranteed.

Miami Dolphins Hall of Fame Recap

The Miami Dolphins lost to the Dallas Cowboys 24-20 on Sunday night in the Hall of Fame Game. Here's are the things to take away from the game. 

The left tackle continues to be a big issue. Jonathan Martin and rookie backup Dallas Thomas both had a rough night. Martin allowed the Cowboys to get pressure on Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill on back-to-back plays. Thomas struggled as he spelled Martin and Dallas defensive end George Selvie had his way with Thomas most of the night. Miami needs better play at the tackle position during the rest of the preseason games and beyond if they have any aspirations of winning the AFC East. 

     Poor tackling killed the Dolphin defense early. There were so many missed tackled by the Dolphins first team defense, that I had to make sure the backups or third string hadn't entered the game. The backups and third string were even worst as the Cowboy ball carriers broke tackles effortlessly against the Dolphin defense. This is something that can be correct and it needs to be a primary focus in practice before the team plays Jacksonville on Friday. 
     Chad Bumphis made his case in being the Dolphins fourth wide receiver. Bumphis led the Dolphins with four catches for 65 yards on Sunday. The wide receiver from Mississippi State play has improved in practice ever since receiver Armon Binns tore his ACL.  Bumphis does need to be more consistent has made a damaging mistake on the dropped passed that lead to a 75-yard interception return for a touchdown. If Bumphis can be more consistent, he can make the 53-man roster. 

     Derrick Shelby and Dion Jordan provides depth on the Dolphins defensive line. Shelby finished the game with two sacks. Jordan, the number three overall pick from Oregon was very active as he pressured the quarterback and finished the game with two tackles. The Dolphins defensive line is their strongest and deepest unit on the team and if you watched the game, you saw this on display.

     Lamar Miller looked sharp in his limited play. After the fumble that eventually led to a Cowboys touchdown, Miller rushed for 21 yards on two carries. On those carries, he showed the explosiveness that everyone has been raving about in camp. 

     Matt Moore and Pat Devlin both had good games: Moore was 19/29 with 238 yards, a touchdown and an interception that was the fault of Bumphis. Devlin finished 8/13 for 86 yards and a touchdown.

     Michael Egnew surprisingly look good. The second-year tight end had four receptions for 52 yards. He has had a terrible training camp, but on Sunday Egnew was able to make the vertical catches and plays Dolphin coaches have been expecting out of him. He will need to play better and more consistently if he wants to make this team. 
     We really didn't see a lot from Ryan Tannehill on Sunday. The second year quarterback only had two completions on five attempts. Expect to see a more from Tannehill on Friday night in Jacksonville. 

     The Dolphins have a lot to improve on in a short week. The team plays the Jacksonville Jaguars on Friday night. The Dolphin fans need to stop with the overreactions on Twitter as it was a meaningless Hall of Fame game. We will have a better assessment on this team after the third or fourth preseason game. 

     Miami have the day off on Monday, but they return to practice on Tuesday.  

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Important Game For Many Fins

The mantra always is that “pre season games mean nothing. ”  And while it is correct, it has no bearing on your season standings, to many players trying to achieve their life long dreams, it means everything.  Tonight’s game means a great deal to plenty of players. A couple in particular I’ll be watching for.

1.     Jonathan Martin. He has definitely not had a good week. Between twitter and various blogs and websites, it has been said that Martin has been “owned” by or “manhandled” by several defensive players. Most notably Olivier Vernon and Dion Jordan. I realize that the starters are scheduled to play only a series or two, but I wouldn’t be shocked if the O line got more, especially Martin. He needs to show he is up to the task of protecting Tannehill’s blind side or panic may set in quickly among Dolphins nation.

2.     Michael Egnew. He needs to show something, anything to justify a roster spot. Egnew is not only fighting for a roster spot, he may very well be fighting for his NFL career. For his sake, he should take advantage of the extra pre season game and prove that he can play in the NFL. 

3.     Dan Carpenter and Caleb Sturgis. I think it is Sturgis’s job to lose. The question is can Carpenter out kick him and make the coaching staff think twice about letting him go.

4.     Any wide receiver not named Wallace or Hartline or Gibson.  Someone needs to take hold of the #4 WR role that was vacated when Armon Binns went down with a season ending knee injury. Rishard Matthews is still banged up, leaving the door wide open for someone to take a roster spot or two.  Marvin McNutt has had a good camp. The Dolphins just signed Julius Pruitt and Keenan Davis. And am I the only one waiting for Jeff Fuller step up and finally show something? 

5.     Dion Jordan. No he does not need to worry about his roster spot, I just want to see him in a Dolphins uniform. I want to see why Ireland and company considered him the player in draft that they would regret not getting.  The early reports have been very good

Truth be told, I could name at least 10 other players I am keeping a close eye on tonight.  I cannot remember being this excited for a pre season football game. I cannot even imagine how the players feel right now. To many of them, this game is huge. 

Carl C. Crowley

Friday, August 2, 2013

Bill Parcells-Jeff Ireland Bromance is Over

Bromance over?!
Armando Salugero of the Miami Herald reported via Twitter that today at the Hall of Fame press conference Bill Parcells stated he no longer speaks with Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland. According to Armando Parcells views Ireland taking part in the Jim Harbaugh interview process while Tony Sparano was still the head coach as "betrayal."Parcells and Sparano still speak to this day. It was Parcells who hired Ireland as GM back in 2008.

Bill Parcells did more damage to the Dolphins organization than Nick Saban ever did. Yet its Saban who is looked at like the villain and not Parcells. Where to start with Parcells, first he hires an incompetent head coach in Tony Saparno. Then he drafts Jake Long over Matt Ryan. Played a big part if not totally responsible in wasting 2nd round picks on Pat White and Chad Henne. And last but not least he quit and walked away from his post during the middle of the season. Jeff Ireland has his faults and has made his share of mistakes, but when it comes to first class assholes who did a terrible job for the Dolphins, Bill Parcells wins the trophy going away.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

VIDEO: Dannell Ellerbe with Mike Florio

New Miami Dolphins linebacker Dannell Ellerbe spoke with Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk about a variety of topics. CLICK HERE to watch the interview.