Monday, February 17, 2014

What The Wells Report Really Means.

The long awaited report is out but Dolphins fans don’t need 144 pages to figure out that this team is in trouble…big trouble.  Coming off an epic late season collapse special investigator Ted Wells’s long awaited report shows that this team is far from a championship contender and is falling apart at the seams.  This is a team and an organization that makes the Browns look like the rock of stability.  That’s right the Browns, the same team that has had 3 general managers and 3 different head coaches in less then 2 years. 
            There’s plenty of blame to pass around here, Martin, Incognito, other players, Jim Turner, Joe Philbin and of course Stephen Ross.  Martin is at fault for quitting on his team, no matter what he may have been going through it’s a cardinal sin to turn your back on your teammates.  Richie Incognito is at blame for well “being Richie Incognito” and just taking things to far.  Jim Turner is at fault because he was the coach directly involved with this mess and also lets not forget that his O-Line unit was one of the worst on the field we’ve seen in a long time.  Joe Philbin is at fault because when a team crumbles in as many ways as this team did the head coach deserves blame.  Finally the finger also has to be pointed at Stephen Ross because he signs the checks.
            Look at the champion Seahawks, now that’s a team.  Forget that they are loaded with talent and don’t think about the fact that they have the best home field advantage in sports.  To see why this team is so successful you can look more at their leadership.  People say that the Dolphins are a young team and how could they expect young players to lead.  Oh yea?  What about Russell Wilson the second year quarterback who has taken control of his team since day one, while Ryan Tannehill has yet to put his stamp on this team.  Ted Wells refused to place blame on Joe Philbin saying that he didn’t know about the actions in his locker room.  Pete Carroll on the other gives off the impression that he has a locker next to Malcolm Smith and Cliff Avril in the Seahawk locker room.  Then we have Paul Allen the Seahawks billionaire owner who stays out of the way and lets his team do the talking while Stephen Ross is interested in having a night club at Sun Life Stadium…Enough Said.
            So really did a fading fan base in South Florida need to waist 15 minutes of their day reading 144 pages of threatening text messages and mental evaluations?  No they didn’t, and that’s why they decided to watch LeBron and the Heat instead.  The Dolphins aren’t in trouble because one player called another a bad name instead they are in trouble cause they are everything a team like the Seahawks is not.

Billy Dowling