Dolphins Won't be Moving; Ross to spend $400 mill of his Own Money to fix Stadium

Well the Dolphins moving to Los Angels rumors can now officially stop. According to the AP Dolphins owner Stephen Ross will pay up to $400 million of his own money to fix Sun Life Stadium. No government assistance or aid necessary. The cost of the project falls between $350-$400 million. Also this all but guarantees the next Super Bowl up for Bid will be won by Miami.

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Update: Miami Herald is reporting there is a catch. Ross will pay for the entire renovation as long as he doesn't have to pay $4 mill in property taxes every year for the stadium. CLICK HERE


  1. If I were Ross, and this plan was not approved, I would tell the city of Miami to stick it up their ass and start exploring other options. The Marlins, who screwed the city real good on their stadium deal and the Heat do not pay property taxes. So why shouldn't Ross get the same deal, especially since it would greatly benefit the area.


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