Saturday, May 31, 2014

"What's the Deal with Pouncey?"

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald was on PFT Live with some good stuff on the Dolphins. And I'll tell you what's the deal with Pouncey; he's a great player. Pure and simple. What do you think? Check out the video.    @LosDez

Stephen Ross: "NFL team will move to LA within 5 years"

Miami Dolphins principal owner Mr. Stephen Ross is back making headlines with talk of Los Angeles. In an interview Ross said he can see an NFL moving to LA within 5 years. He says it won't be an expansion team but a team moving there. Ross said, and I quote..."I can see it coming" and "certainly within 5 years."

Now, one might wonder how can Ross be so sure of this? Well, he could be just guessing or he could have heard a rumor or two from the owners meeting that was held a couple weeks back. A cynic might think he is so sure because he plans on being that owner who is going to move there within 5 years.

Ross still claims he wants to stay in Miami and wants to get the renovations done for the stadium. Problem is Miami-Dade county is refusing to work with Ross in any way. Ross has tried twice now to do stadium upgrades and both plans were shot down either by the Florida state government or Miami-Dade County government officials. Now Ross is on his third plan, which is paying for the upgrades 100% out of pocket with no tax dollars and taking no tax breaks at all, but getting an event fee paid to him for every major event the stadium holds. Which sounds fair and if the people who run Miami-Dade County don't jump over this offer they are utter fools. That is a different story for a different day though. If this third plan Ross has proposed gets shot down one would have to believe Ross would consider moving the team to a city that wants NFL football; and LA being the city at the top of that list.

Another thing to remember; the Dolphins can pack up and move at anytime. Ross owns the team and 100% of the stadium. The Dolphins have no lease with the city of Miami or Miami-Dade County. If they want to move tomorrow morning they can as nothing can stop them. Jacksonville is locked into a long-lease, Buffalo is locked into a long-lease. The Rams are a team always mentioned but there is a ton of red tape there and the city keeps meeting the demands which refuses the team to get out of their lease. It is difficult if not impossible for San Diego or Oakland to move with-in the state as it pits state government officials against each other. Really the only NFL team that is "lease free" and is open to move at its own free will is the Miami Dolphins!

Do I think Ross wants to move the team to LA; Nope! Do I believe if he fails on this third attempt to get stadium renovations will he consider or  possibly move to LA; Yep!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

VIDEO: Knowshon Moreno Highlights

Between Mike Pouncey drama and this news of Nate Sullivan possibly taking the Dolphins to court in a lawsuit it's kind of depressing these days to be a Miami Dolphins fan. So let's try and just focus on football and not the off the field drama. This offseason the 2nd biggest acquisition the Fins made after signing Branden Albert was the signing of RB Knowshon Moreno. Moreno had a monster season last year in Denver and hopefully he puts up another big year in 2014. Incase you haven't seen Moreno play much, here are some of his highlights.

BREAKING NEWS: 17 Year Scout with Dolphins who was Fired Threatens Lawsuit against Dolphins and NFL

Nate Sullivan
More bad press coming out of Miami concerning the Dolphins. Alex Marvez of Fox Sports tonight is reporting that a 17 year scout employed by the Miami Dolphins has sent the league and the Dolphins organization a letter threatening a lawsuit if he doesn't get his job back with full health insurance.

Dennis Hickey fired long-time Dolphins scout Nate Sullivan on May 12th. Sullivan was originally hired by Jimmy Johnson back in 1997. Hickey told Sullivan that his working from home in Central Florida wasn't working for him. He didn't like Sullivan working from a remote location. The reason Sullivan has to work from home is because his wife has cystic fibrosis a potentially fatal lung disease. Sullivan has been working from home since 2004. The Dolphins have had three different general managers, Rick Spielman, Randy Muller, and Jeff Ireland, who Sullivan has worked for and none of them had an issue with Sullivan's situation.

Sullivan's lawyer is claiming in this potential lawsuit that Hickey's reason for firing his client violates Title 29 of the Americans with Disabilities Act. And the loss of health care benefits has put his wife's health and life at risk. The lawsuit also lists the NFL as a defendant and claims the NFL has not taken the necessary disciplinary action against the Dolphins organization for Bullygate and Don Jones comments in the wake of Michael Sam being drafted. That the league has not taken the necessary steps to eliminate the discriminatory practices by the Miami Dolphins. It claims the NFL has failed to ensure a working environment which eliminates discrimination in Miami.

In my opinion there are two sides to this case, the legal side and the human side. Anyone with a pulse will side with Nate Sullivan on the human side. He has a sick wife and needs that health insurance very badly from a financial standpoint and from a saving his wife's life standpoint. You just hate to see anybody going through what he is going through lose their job. It puts a huge financial burden on his family and brings unnecessary stress to his sick wife and his family going through this tough time. On the legal side I am not sure he has much of a case. Yes, three former Dolphins GM's allowed this situation of working from home to take place; that doesn't mean Dennis Hickey has to allow it though. And while Dennis Hickey comes off looking like a fool here he has every right to fire a scout. Hickey has every right to not want one of his people working from a remote location. Hickey comes off looking like a monster and you have to wonder did he think through the consequences of what could happened when he fired Sullivan. And did he use the correct words when firing Sullivan. Did the reason he gave Sullivan open the organization up to a lawsuit? If so then Hickey just put himself on the hot-seat. In all honesty if Sullivan does go through with this lawsuit I am not sure Hickey can survive this. Ross might need to let Hickey go ASAP. It's a tricky situation to say the least but opening up the organization to a lawsuit and possibly breaking the Americans with Disabilities act is a fireable offense. So if this ends up in court I am not sure Dennis Hickey keeps his job much longer. Time will tell how this plays out.

Stephen Ross can make this go away overnight by finding a job...any job for Nate Sullivan. Find something for this guy to do and let him keep his health insurance and avoid a lawsuit which will bring a lot of bad press to the Dolphins.

But at the end of the day its just another story in the soap opera that is the Miami Dolphins. An organization that can't seem to get out of their own way.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dolphins OTA's start today

Early reports from today's Miami Dolphins OTA practice.

-Koa Misi is playing MLB. Ellerbee is playing OLB
-Shelly Smith is working at Center (back-up plan for if/when the Pouncey suspension comes down)
-Brandon Gibson is on the field. His knee is ahead of schedule
-Dion Jordan is noticeably bigger. He put on a lot of muscle
-Jason Taylor working as a volunteer coach
-Dallas Thomas working at Left Guard with the starters and playing well
-Oddrick and Lynch not practicing today both have an injury. No word on the injury
-Mike Pouncey appears to have put on weight
-Nate Garner working as the back-up Left Tackle
-Sam Brenner is struggling at the Center position with a lot of bad snaps
-Finnegan is starting opposite of Grimes at the CB position
-Dion Jordan said he is up to 265lb's now
-Mike Wallace stayed after practice to catch balls off the JUGS machine
-Cortland Finnegan stayed after practice to tutor Jamar Taylor and rookie Steven Clark

We will be updating this throughout the day.

VIDEO: Gator Hoskins

Gator Hoskins is another one of the Dolphins undrafted free agents who has a legitimate shot of making the roster. Hoskins led the NCAA in touchdown receptions by a Tight End his junior and senior seasons at Marshall. He is built a lot like Charles Clay and might be more of an H-Back in the NFL than a pure tight end. Take a look at some of Gator Hoskins highlights. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Dolphins Cut Three players; Sign One

Michael Philipp #77
On Sunday the Miami Dolphins cut Offensive Linemen David Hurd and Michael Ola as well as Cornerback Deion Belue. The Dolphins did sign undrafted Oregon St offensive linemen Michael Philipp. Philipp was signed by the Cleveland Browns after the NFL draft but was cut after the Browns first mini-camp. Phillip played tackle in college but projects to be a guard in the NFL.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

VIDEO: Dolphins Rookie Anthony Johnson

Dolphins rookie defensive tackle Anthony Johnson is a player that went undrafted but has the potential to make the 2014 Dolphins roster. Johnson was projected to get drafted in the 2nd or 3rd round but went undrafted for a variety of reasons; some on the field issue and some off the field issues. Some "experts" think he is a better player than fellow LSU defensive tackle Ego Ferguson who was drafted 51st overall this year. If you haven't seen much of Anthony Johnson here are some of his highlights.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Fins sign Three more Draft Picks on Friday

Terrence Fede
Defensive End and 7th round pick Terrence Fede, along with Wide Reciever Matt Hazel and cornerback Walt Aikens all signed with the Dolphins on Friday. As we stand today the only draft picks unsigned are OT JaWuan James, WR Jarvis Landry, and OG Billy Turner.

Aikens needed help leaving the field at Friday's practice and according to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald it was because of dehydration and it doesn't appear to be anything serious. Expect the Dolphins to sign the final three draft picks to contract in the coming days. Other news from the first day of Rookie Mini-Camp was that head coach Joe Philbin missed the practice because of a "personal matter." No word if the situation is serious or not at this time.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

AUDIO: Billy Turner on WQAM

CLICK HERE to listen to Dolphins rookie offensive linemen Billy Turner talk to Joe Rose of WQAM

Dolphins Sign Their First Rookie

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald  is reporting the Dolphins have signed their first rookie today. They agreed to terms with LB/Long-Snapper Jordan Tripp on a 4 year contract.

5:18 pm UPDATE:  Chris Perkins of the Sun-Sentinel is reporting the Dolphins have also signed 5th round pick Tight End Arthur Lynch this afternoon.

Jordan Tripp

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Part 6 of the Billy Turner Documentary

The latest installment of the Outstanding Billy Turner documentary. (see parts 1-5 below)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Dolphins reinstate Don Jones

Don Jones suspension from the Dolphins for his anti-gay tweet in regards to Michael Sam is over. Jones is back with the Miami Dolphins. Alex Marvez is reporting Jones was instructed to go "educational training" to be eligible for reinstatement and he did complete that task therefore he was let back on the team.

Billy Turner Documentary

Sunday, May 18, 2014

VIDEO: Damien Williams Highlights

When the draft ended last weekend the Dolphins hit the phones to sign some Undrafted Free Agents. One of the more recognizable names they signed was Oklahoma running back Damien Williams. Williams was a very productive running back at OU during his short time there. He was thrown off the team for rule violations last year. Anyway if you aren't familiar with Damien Williams take a look at this highlight video.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Fins to wear more Aqua in 2014

For those of you who are into and follow sports teams uniforms then I am sure you are familiar with the website It's the most respected and most reputable website on the internet when it comes to all things with teams uniforms. They have all the rumors, news, and gossip of the latest changes, big or small, when it comes to uniforms of all teams college and pro. Whether it be new logo's, new color schemes, or just what teams will wear at home and on the road and any changes to their uniform schedule, this website has all the information.

Uni-Watch is reporting that they are hearing in 2014 the Dolphins plan on wearing the aqua jerseys more. Now as die-hard Fins fans we all know the drill for home games the Dolphins wear white jerseys with white pants. Except for night games when they wear the aqua jerseys with white pants. And for road games the Dolphins almost always wear their white jerseys. For 14 of their 16 games last season the Dolphins wore their white jerseys. According to what Uni-Watch is hearing that could be changing. Could that mean late season home games at 1pm when the heat isn't a factor the Fins will break out some aqua jerseys?  Reading between the lines that's what it sounds like. Only time will tell but this respected website is hearing the Fins might break out the aqua jerseys more than the usual once or twice a year. Stay tuned!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Marvez: Dolphins Draft has been Universally Panned

Alex Marvez of Sirius/XM NFL Radio and FOX Sports was on with Joe Rose of WQAM and said he has heard the Miami Dolphins draft has been universally panned by many around the league.

CLICK HERE to listen (Skip to 8:15 of the interview)

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Dolphins Sign Veteran WR, Cut a Rookie WR, and sign a Safety

The Miami Dolphins today signed veteran WR Stephen Williams. Williams has played for the Cardinals, Seahawks, and Jaguars. To make room for Williams the Dolphins cut rookie undrafted WR Ryan Lankford.

The Dolphins also signed undrafted USC safety Demetrius Wright.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What numbers will the Dolphins Rookies be wearing

OT Ja’Wuan James – #72
WR Jarvis Landry – #14
OL Billy Turner – #77
CB Walt Aikens – #35
TE Arthur Lynch – #88
LB Jordan Tripp – #57
WR Matt Hazel – #83
DE Terrence Fede – #78

Monday, May 12, 2014

Don Jones and The Costliest Eleven Letters in History

Much has been said about Michael Sam, the NFL’s first openly homosexual player, and his televised draft night kiss. Almost all of the talk has been inclusionary and positive. In fact, although he was drafted well into the 7th round of the 2014 NFL Draft, according to CBS Sports he is second thus far in rookie jersey sales; only behind Johnny Football.
So in turn, much has also been made about the only negative public comment to come from any NFL player or personnel. Unfortunately, again it is the Miami Dolphins in the news for players having a sensitivity issue, to put it mildly. GM Dennis Hickey and Head Coach Joe Philbin responded quickly and authoritatively enough to quell any misconception that the Dolphins were going to be condoning homophobia or any remarks of that nature.
To date, Jones has been fined an unknown quantity and has been removed from all team activities until he successfully completes sensitivity training. Seems fair if you consider most sensitivity training programs, which many major corporations include in orientation, are generally 8-16 hours long. So Jones can complete this in only a couple of day’s time.
Many out there are complaining about the punishment stating things like “it is a free country”, and “just because (insert interest group here) doesn’t like what he has to say…” Well, to my knowledge the U.S., State, or local officials have not incarcerated him, making him still a free man. That is the right to free speech. It does not imply however that others you are speaking to have to silently take what is being said. Consumers have the right to boycott an entire company if one of its public figures says something they disagree with. It happens quite often actually.
Don Jones is an NFL football player. He has a certain amount of celebrity and is most certainly a public figure for the Miami Dolphins; even if it is locally more than nationally. As such, Jones must be very selective with not only what he says in public but also what he places into digital publications, such as Twitter.
It may not seem like it, but every post to a social media site is a form of self-publication. Employers in record numbers will, at a minimum, perform a Google search on prospective employees; most will check Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn.  In a sense everyone should be at least thoughtful about how they want to represent themselves online because more and more often a persons online footprint is being cross referenced with their personal life.
This should be a heightened sense of self-awareness for those people whom are constantly at the mercy of media speculation such as entertainment celebrities and professional athletes. They not only most likely represent a brand, but are, in and of themselves, a brand. And a brand is something angry people can boycott. Don Jones misrepresented the ideals of his brand, The Miami Dolphins. According to his contract the team has a right discipline him for actions he takes detrimental to the team both off the football field as well as on.
To think all of this rhetoric and discussion over eleven letters. He Tweeted “OMG” at roughly the time of the on air kiss, and the word "Terrible" in response to someone asking if he was talking about Michael Sam. Really, it was the last eight letters that got him. How does the old adage go, “If you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all”?

Maybe next time it won’t be Miami.

VIDEO: Get to Know Jarvis Landry

Sunday, May 11, 2014

2014 Miami Dolphins Draft Analysis

Overall Grade- C+

I have my issues with Hickey's draft because the one thing I believed, and we were all lead to believe, was he honest when talking about taking the best player available. Apparently, "Dolphins Value" has some very heavily weighted criterion. Not that I blame him terribly for the misdirection, teams have to do that. Just how conservative he would be at the top of the draft was nowhere in his dialogue for the last few months. Hickey was going to have his Tackle; he was going to fill the need regardless of the trade down option of an additional 3rd round pick. However, who Hickey picked was much less aggravating once the shock of conservatism wore off.

Ja’Wuan James is a plug and play Right Tackle who I liked a lot when researching this draft. He had 49 career starts at the position, no real injury history to speak of, and was all around a very effective pass blocker. I also figured he might have been our second round pick, even if we traded up after trading down in the first. (The trade down could have happened.)

Jarvis Landry looks like a fighter and a very good WR. He wasn't the ideal 6'3+ Red Zone threat I thought the Dolphins would be looking for, but I can't disagree with liking both his production and his style. A common thread amongst all of Hickey's acquired players seems to be hard-hitting guys described as tough but with high characters. Even down to Cortland Finnegan.

Billy Turner is a beast and I liked the pick in the 3rd. I wasn’t a huge fan of trading up for offensive line and giving up a 4th round pick we had just acquired as part of our double trade down in the second. One has to question that in a draft as reportedly deep as this one was if giving up any pick and refusing any trade down in the first were wise choices. However, he very well could be one of our day one OG's. He showed up big at the Senior Bowl, played every position on the O-line and played all of them well. Especially against the "top" competition that no one had seen him play against before. Is he a project at LT in the NFL? Yeah, but he could be a very good interior lineman by the end of summer.

Walt Aikens is the only 6 foot tall Corner on our roster. And he has similar speed to Jamar Taylor. The potential is there to be a star on special teams right away while developing into a very good back-up whom could be pushing for starting time with-in 3 years.

Jordan Tripp is that boom or back-up pick. He can definitely contribute on special teams wit his athleticism, and being a top-prospect from a small school, he has the potential to become a viable starter given the time to develop. I am definitely in agreement with taking late round flyers on small school aces.

Arthur Lynch is a blocking TE for the most part. He seems to be roughly average in the short to intermediate game but could also be used effectively in the red-zone. We now have 3 tight ends 6'5 or taller. One of them should be able to learn to block and catch. Clay is an excellent H-back. And if have one of these others develop into a traditional TE we could be a very versatile team (formation wise) with a standard set of starters.

Matt Hazel I didn't understand but, if Gibson isn't healthy enough to play at the beginning of the season, he could crack the 53-man roster. In that scenario, he is competing in camp against a few vet WR's we grabbed for the last roster spot.

Terrence Fede is another small school player with all the right tools. Maybe he beats out D. Shelbey for the last spot in the DE rotation, or maybe the Fins carry 9 on the D-line with him as a swing DT/DE for Coyle's Nascar Package. He has all the measurables for the NFL.

One thing this draft showed us though is that the staff must feel comfortable with Jimmy Wilson, Don Jones', or Michael Thomas' progression at FS because Luis Delmas is the definition of injury concerns. We passed on all of the Safeties in this class, including the top rated free safety HaHa Clinton-Dix. That and they must be willing to at least see how Ellerbe and Wheeler fair in year two. Jenkins could already be the solution for WLB if he develops. They apparently want to at least try Koa Misi at MLB in camp reportedly. But, just like the overall effectiveness of this draft, only time will tell. 

Mel Kiper's AFC East Draft Grades

Mel Kiper has given out his post-draft grades to all 32 teams and here is what he has passed out for the AFC East teams.

Jets  B
Dolphins  B
Patriots   C
Bills   C-

Thanks to

Saturday, May 10, 2014

List of Dolphins Undrafted Free Agent Signings

DB Deion Belue (Alabama)
DB Steven Clarke (Vanderbilt) 
LB Tariq Edwards (Virginia Tech) 
OL Evan Finkenberg (Arizona State)
TE Gator Hoskins (Marshall)
OL David Hurd (Arkansas)
DT Anthony Johnson (LSU) 
LB Derrell Johnson (East Carolina) 
DT Kamal Johnson (Temple) 
WR Ryan Lankford (Illinois) 
OL Tyler Larsen (Utah State)
DE Tevin Mims (South Florida)
DT Garrison Smith (Georgia) 
LB Marcus Thompson (Rutgers)
OL Davonte Wallace (New Mexico State)
Damien Williams (Oklahoma) 
LB Andrew Wilson (MIssouri) 
WR Rantavious Wooten (Georgia)

Dolphins add two more players

With the their second pick in Rd. 5 the Dolphins added linebacker Jordan Tripp of Montana. Tripp is also a long snapper and might take over that role which would mean the end of John Denney in Miami. Denney has been in Miami since 2005 and was very vocal of the Wells Report when it came out and made waves with his comments. I am sure the Dolphins not wanting to stir the pot anymore didn't like seeing Denney so vocal during that time. Tripp also brings a ton of energy and speed as a linebacker. He can run sideline to sideline well and is also a good special teams player.

CBS Bio on Jordan Tripp Bio on Jordan Tripp

In the 6th round the Dolphins added another WR when they took Matt Hazel out of Coastal Carolina. Hazel can play both the inside and the outside WR positions but lacks size and speed. He has outstanding hands and catches everything.

CBS Bio on Matt Hazel Bio on Matt Hazel

Dolphins 4th and 5th Round Picks

In the 4th Round the Miami Dolphins select Walt Aikens a CB out of Liberty. Aikens is a a big strong physical CB. He doesn't have ideal speed but he is a solid tackler and is very big. He did serve 2 weeks in jail back in 2010 for stealing a computer from a dorm room. Profile

CBS Profile

In the 5th Round the Dolphins took Tight End Arthur Lynch out of Georgia. Lynch is a solid in line blocker but won't stretch the field in the passing game. Drops a lot of passes and isn't consistent. He is tough and durable and physical. He will have to improve his blocking. He has good size and could be a nice red zone target. Lynch did say he has been a life long Patriots fan. Well that is about to change!

CBS Profile Profile

Recap of Rounds 1-3

The first three rounds are in the books and the NFL Draft is in full swing. The Miami Dolphins haven't made any flashy picks but they have done an outstanding job thus far of filling needs and finding quality players. And one thing is clear with the first 3 rounds of this draft and that is it's all about supporting Ryan Tannehill. Protecting him and giving him more weapons.  In Round 1 the Dolphins were essentially stuck. They needed to address the offensive line and Zach Martin was almost in reach but Jerry Jones ended that dream. Selecting  Ja'Wuan James filled a need but you know Miami would have liked to move back a few spots, add a pick, and then take James. But the offensive line is so bad they couldn't risk it. They needed to take a guy who fits the zone-blocking scheme. Was it a reach at 19....yes. Could they have possibly gotten him at pick 50....maybe! But Hickey/Philbin couldn't risk it and I don't blame them.

My whole point since March was don't put yourself in this position. The Dolphins with a ton of cap space should have done more in free agency to address the offensive line so they weren't backed in a corner at pick #19. I will give Hickey/Philbin credit though they had a plan and they executed their plan and saw it through. Agree or disagree with the plan, at least they had a vision and saw it to completion when it came to the offensive line.  And at the end of the day if James starts 16 games in 2014 at right tackle and only gives up 5 or 6 sacks, nobody will care that the Fins reached at 19 for him.

In Round 2 the Dolphins got themselves a football player. Jarvis Landry just makes plays and that will give him a long NFL career. Now, let's get the 40 time out of the way and address it. If you listen to NFLN and ESPN they just say he ran a 4.77/40. He did...but he did it with a tight hamstring. He could have and should have not ran that day at the combine. In reality Landry is a 4.60-4.55/40 yard guy which is a good time. Not every NFL WR needs to run a 4.4/40. OJ McDuffie ran a 4.51 and he played well for Miami. Orande Gadsden was really slow but all he did was make plays. Landry is cut from the same mold. In 106 targets last year he only dropped 1 ball. He isn't afraid to go over the middle and make the tough catch and get hit. Landry is a viscous blocker in the running game and can play special teams and cover kicks and tackle. This guys does everything you want from a WR.

The Fins said right after the pick that they have no plans to move Brian Hartline or Brandon Gibson and let me be the first to tell you they are lying! Hartline isn't going anywhere but Brandon Gibson should invest in cardboard boxes because it might be moving time. Landry is the same type of player just healthier, younger, cheaper, and maybe better. The fact Gibson is coming off major knee surgery...not good.

The 3rd round pick Billy Turner looks solid on paper. Now, I will admit I don't know much about Turner as I didn't see a lot of North Dakota St games but from everything you read he fits the Fins scheme of zone-blocking. Good footwork and can get to the second-level. At worse he is a back-up swing tackle to Brandon Albert and Ja'Wuan James and at best he is a starting guard this season. I am not sure Turner can win a starting guard spot but if I were on the coaching staff I would attach Turner to the hip of Brandon Albert and groom Turner to be Albert's replacement and the future left tackle of the Fins down the road. He has that potential and ability.

So now as Rounds 4-7 are a few hours away what's next? Well I think the Dolphins should add a true offensive guard if possible. That would be at the top of my wish list. Yes I know another offensive linemen but hey let's go all in this year and fix this problem now. So in coming years the Fins don't even have to think about drafting an offensive linemen. Another position I would like to see Miami address is Safety/CB. Rounds 4 and 5 are great for finding safety's who can contribute right away. I am not sure any quality middle linebackers are left worth taking. If there is one I am sure Miami will consider it. And last but not least the quarterback position. I don't think Miami drafts one and I say that for one reason. Will any QB they draft be better than Pat Devlin right now? I think the answer is no; so therefore why draft a quarterback.

Should be an interesting Day 3 of the Draft and check out all day for updates and news on the Fins picks.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Dolphins select OT Billy Turner North Dakota St at pick #67

The Dolphins traded up with the Raiders to select OT Billy Turner of North Dakota St. Billy's father played for the Vikings in the early 80's so he comes from NFL blood-lines.He can play tackle but will most likely play guard in Miami early on.

CBS Bio Bio

Fins Trade up in Rd 3

The Dolphins have traded with the Oakland Raiders and Miami owns the 3rd pick in Rd 3

Fins select Jarvis Landry WR LSU at Pick #63

The Dolphins 2nd round choice is WR Jarvis Landry WR from LSU. I love this pick for Miami. He is a WR who is tough to bring down with good hands. He can also play special teams and cover kicks which is huge in this league. He is not afraid to go over the middle and is tough as nails. Very good pick for the Fins. The addition of Landry might mean the end of Brandon Gibson in Miami. Gibson recovering from an injury is that tough over the middle move the chains type guy. No need for 2 of those on this roster.

CBS Jarvis Landry bio Jarvis Landry bio

Dolphins Trade down a 2nd time in Rd 2

Fins traded down with SF. The Dolphins have traded down from #57 to pick #63 and also added a 5th round pick which is pick #171.

Fins Trade Down with San Diego in Rd 2

The Miami Dolphins have traded the 50th pick in the draft (Round 2) with San Diego pick #57. The Dolphins also added pick #125 (4th round)

Ja'Wuan James: What you need to know

So with the 19th overall pick, the Miami Dolphins opted not to trade when they had the chance to do so and went on to draft Offensive Tackle Ja'wuan James. The pick has been met with mixed reviews particularly because the name isn't very sexy. The pick is not sexy, the pick is a need. The fact that there were names like Brandin Cooks and Johnny Manziel still on the board seemed to make people forget that despite the big free agent acquisition of Branden Albert, this offensive line has not by any means been fixed. The Dolphins still have a glaring need on the right side of the line. Jason Fox isn't the answer at right tackle, he's a backup; Mike Pouncey, our best linemen, could get suspended for the beginning of the season (and after his tweets last night, I'd say whatever the chances were of him being suspended just spiked). James can come in and start right away on that right tackle spot. Now this draft is filled with potentially solid offensive linemen in the later rounds, sure. But the Dolphins liked James, and passing up on him with this pick could have added to yet another draft blunder by this organization. If you have the chance to get the player you want, you take him. So for that, the Dolphins deserve some credit. And brace yourselves Dolphins fans, because Ja'Wuan James will not be the only offensive linemen the Dolphins take in this draft.