Fins to wear more Aqua in 2014

For those of you who are into and follow sports teams uniforms then I am sure you are familiar with the website It's the most respected and most reputable website on the internet when it comes to all things with teams uniforms. They have all the rumors, news, and gossip of the latest changes, big or small, when it comes to uniforms of all teams college and pro. Whether it be new logo's, new color schemes, or just what teams will wear at home and on the road and any changes to their uniform schedule, this website has all the information.

Uni-Watch is reporting that they are hearing in 2014 the Dolphins plan on wearing the aqua jerseys more. Now as die-hard Fins fans we all know the drill for home games the Dolphins wear white jerseys with white pants. Except for night games when they wear the aqua jerseys with white pants. And for road games the Dolphins almost always wear their white jerseys. For 14 of their 16 games last season the Dolphins wore their white jerseys. According to what Uni-Watch is hearing that could be changing. Could that mean late season home games at 1pm when the heat isn't a factor the Fins will break out some aqua jerseys?  Reading between the lines that's what it sounds like. Only time will tell but this respected website is hearing the Fins might break out the aqua jerseys more than the usual once or twice a year. Stay tuned!


  1. *Yawn* wake me up when we don't have such a sissy looking baby blue color for aqua. Our old aqua jerseys were darker and looked MUCH better.

  2. Just win...I don't care what colors they wear.

  3. The shade of aqua they have now harkens back to the Super Bowl winning Dolphins teams.


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