Mike Wallace Confident He Will Have a Big 2014 Season

Marc Sessler of NFL.com did an outstanding piece on Mike Wallace heading into his 2nd year in Miami. Wallace openly admits he did not enjoy Mike Sherman's style of offense last year. Wallace said..."I didn't feel like I knew what was going on." speaking of last seasons offense.

And if you are thinking Wallace is making some excuse for last season just remember under Sherman Wallace lined up on the right side of the field 90% of the time. He was never put into the slot and almost never moved around on the field. It was very easy for opposing defenses to know exactly where he was going to be.

Wallace also is very excited for what is going on with Miami's offense now under new offensive coordinator Bill Lazor. He feels this year nobody can key in on him because he will always be moved around. Many believe he will fill the Desean Jackson role of last years Eagles offense.

The bottom line in my opinion is the Dolphins paid Wallace a lot of money (although not as much as some people think if they break down the contract and read it correctly) and to never move him around like Sherman did was stupid beyond belief. Wallace. With the speed Wallace has you want to move him around you want to get him into the slot and take advantage of match-up's. And I know a lot of Dolphins fans and so called "experts" say Wallace had a bad season last year just remember he had a career high in receptions with 73 last season. If Bill Lazor does move Wallace around more it could be a big year for Wallace and open up the field for Clay and Hartline to have even bigger years than last year.